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I want to get homeopathic medicine online. Please tell me how can I get homeopathy medicines online?

I want to get homeopathic medicine online. Please tell me how can I get homeopathy medicines online?

Question by: Zahid

Dear Zahid,

I am not sure what you mean by getting homeopathic medicine online. Do you want to BUY homeopathy medicines through an online website or do you wish to get online homeopathy treatment for your health problems?

If you wish to buy homeopathy medicines, then you can look at the websites of many companies like Willmar Schwabe India, B Jain, St George, SBL, etc. Many of them sell medicines through their websites. Some of the remedies may require a prescription and not all companies sell all the medicines online.

That will work if you are in India. If you are outside India, you can check website of Helios too.

If you are looking for online homeopathy treatment, then you can first search for a homeopathy doctor whom you would like to consult online and then ask them if they provide online consultation. You can visit my clinic website at

Best wishes,

Dr. Manish Bhatia

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  • I am suffering from severe depression that isn’t responding to medication. (Western) I have been trying to get well for 16 months.
    I recently stumbled upon a story of a woman in a similar situation. She was prescribed Aurum Metallicum and recovered quickly.
    I’m wondering if it would work for me? I’m new to homeopathic remedies. We don’t have any practitioners in our immediate area. I’m thinking of trying this remedy. Is it safe?

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