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What is granular pharyngitis? kindly suggest its treatment.

A useful article about What is granular pharyngitis? kindly suggest its treatment..Full details about What is granular pharyngitis? kindly suggest its treatment.

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what is granular pharyngitis. pl let me know which medicine i will take for that i am very upset about that.

Pharyngitis is the painful inflammation of pharynx. About 90% of cases are caused by viral infection, with the remainder caused by bacterial infection and, in rare cases, oral thrush (fungal candidiasis e.g. in AIDS ). Some cases of pharyngitis are caused by irritation from elements such as pollutents or chemical substances. Tonsillitis may occur simultaneously.

Chronic Pharyngitis is a chronic inflammatory condition of pharynx. There are two types of chronic pharyngitis:
Chronic catarrhal pharyngitis
Chronic granular pharyngitis

Severity of symptoms in chronic pharyngitis varies from person to person
Discomfort or pain in the throat, worst in the morning.
Foreign body sensation in the throat
Tiredness of voice


Congestion of pharyngeal wall
Engorgement of vessels
Increased mucus secretion

Thick pharyngeal wall
Congestion of pharynx
Engorgement of vessels
Reddish nodules on the posterior pharyngeal wall
Lateral pharyngeal bands become hypertrophied
Edema of the uvula

There are many medicines in homeopathy that can help patients suffering from chronic pharyngits. Kali-bichrom, Kali-chlor, Cistus are some of the more commonly used remedies. But there are many more and the selection of remedy for a case depends upon the individual presentation of the case. Please consult a homeopath for proper homeopathic treatment.

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  • I have been suffering from reflux and Granular pharyngites and also have foreign body sensation in the portion above throat. Anti allergic and antibodies give me relief for some days. Please suggest a permenant treatment for the disease.

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