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COVID Again: Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory!

Written by Elaine Lewis

When being cured isn’t enough! (Try and guess the remedy.)

Hi Mom. 

Hello, little Shana.

Mom, for your information, I am almost 30!  I will be 30 next month!

No way!  Say it isn’t so!  (You don’t have any announcements to make, do you?)

I have 2 very important deaths to announce….

Oh geez….

In the beginning of the year (January) Peter Robbins (the original voice of Charlie Brown, at the age of 9, in the 1960’s) tragically died by committing suicide at the age of 65. 

OMG!  How awful!  And apropos, I suppose, given how depressed Charlie Brown was.

Apparently he had a lifelong battle with mental illness.  Yeah, not the greatest news to start off with, but he will always be remembered as the voice of a cultural icon.

In honor of Peter, here’s a scene from the iconic 1965 Christmas special that some of us will always remember. 

It’s when Charlie Brown’s baby sister, Sally, asks him to write a letter to Santa Claus for her.

“All I want is my fair share, all I want is what I have coming to me.”

“A Charlie Brown Christmas” has been a Christmas staple for decades.  RIP, Peter Robbins. 

Hear, hear!

 Next on the Death Report, it is with great sadness that I must announce the death of the lead singer of Procol Harum, Gary Brooker, at 78.  He died in February, apparently of cancer.

I never knew his name before but heard his soulful voice many times on the 1967 classic, “A Whiter Shade of Pale.”  Interestingly, he was sued 17 years ago by band-member and organist Matthew Fisher over the royalties for that song.  It’s a complicated story that only Daddy would understand, but basically, Matthew felt he was entitled to a share of the writer’s royalties due to the fact that HE was the one who came up with the haunting organ riff that the song is known for.  He waited 38 years too long, though.

Meaning the Statute of Limitations had expired?

Yeah, whatever; so, in the beginning, the British Courts didn’t find in his favor—because of what you said, and the royalties remained with the lead singer.

Gary.  And there’s another writer too, Keith Reid.

However, Matthew was allowed to appeal the decision and on July 30, 2009, the House of Lords awarded him 40% of the writer’s royalties going forward.  Gary Brooker was not in favor of the decision, saying the song was written before Matthew was even in the band and that the ruling would stifle creativity in the studio.  What do you think, Mom?  


Anyway, now that I’ve tried my best to explain that weird little piece of music trivia, here’s their iconic song which, I have heard, is the most-played record of all time.  Shame it turned out to be their only hit.  I mean, Procol Harum did apparently have other songs but nobody, not even me, ever heard them.  Oh, wait, I do know another one because Styx…


covered it; and what’s wrong with Styx?

Shana, you know how I feel about the lead singer’s creepy voice!

Mom, for your information, Dennis DeYoung was no longer with Styx at the time they covered the Procol Harum song, and P.S., have you ever heard “Lady”?   

Alright, I guess “Lady” is OK; even if a bit grandiose.

Mom, you are so judgmental!  Anyway, getting back to the song that caused a royalty dispute…

And is the most-played record of all time….

here it is, “A Whiter Shade Of Pale”.  RIP, Gary.  Oh, and just one more thing, this live performance sounds exactly like the record!  Which is very unusual; usually live performances are pretty disappointing.


On a lighter note, but first I’m going to put up a Spoiler Alert since it involves the ending of “Arthur”….


Are we still talking about Arthur????

 …the show I grew up with.  It aired its final episode on February 21st.  I’m honestly still a little in disbelief because “Arthur” was on for my whole childhood; so, it’s “baby steps” for me (like Dr. Leo Marvin’s “book”).

Shana, no one knows what you’re talking about!!!!

Mom, we did an article on “What About Bob”, remember???  It’s called “Elaine and Mati Sort Out Arsenicum alb. and Argent-nit”.  That was the article about Dr. Leo Marvin and his book “Baby Steps”!

That article came out 90 years ago!

It did not!  And as I was saying…

No one remembers it!

If I can be allowed to finish….  It’s “baby steps” for me from now on, meaning: getting used to the idea of “Arthur” no longer being on the air will take one baby step at a time. 

So, what you’re desperately trying to say is, it will be a long time before you’re over “Arthur”.  OK, fine.  Can we possibly move on to the Quiz now?

However, the show made it to season 25 which is a pretty big accomplishment.

(Apparently not.) 

We can move on to the Quiz if you’ll stop interrupting for five minutes.

5 minutes?  You plan to go on talking for another five minutes????

Mom, that’s an estimate!  It could be 6 minutes!  Now, as I was saying… I bet some people didn’t know that the Arthur book series is older.

Oh geez, here comes the Parade of Trivia!

 “Arthur’s Nose” was published in 1976 and that was back when the Read Family looked more like real Aardvarks. 

Oy vey.

 Alright, now the ending.

The ending of what?

Mom, if you were paying attention to the last five seconds, you would know that I am referring to the final episode of “Arthur”!

I thought you might, possibly, be referring to your stint here at The Hpathy Quiz.

By the way, that is Marc Brown, in animated form, at the beginning of the video.  I literally owe him my childhood.

Really?  What about me and Daddy????  Don’t you owe us anything?

And who is Marc Brown?

Mom!  You’re only prolonging my announcements by pretending to be stupid!  Of course I owe you and daddy something.

You owe us $50,000.00

I don’t have $50,000.

Have you even looked?

Mom; right now we are remembering Marc Brown, whom we all owe for creating “Arthur”.  That’s what he did for me and lots of other people my age—which, again, is almost 30— but anyway… the character’s original voice actor, Michael Yarmush, came back to voice adult-Arthur, which I thought was pretty cool.  He used to be kid-Arthur until his voice changed. 

This couldn’t possibly be more fascinating!  Can we start the Quiz now?

I’m almost done!  The franchise is still going to exist in other media forms such as internet shorts, a podcast …

No one cares, Shana!

Ok, now the quiz.

You’re sure you’re finished.  OK!  We have a guest presenter with us today!  Let’s give a big, warm Welcome to the one and only… Maria from Greece!!!!!


Hi Elaine and Shana!  And thanks for letting me present my sister-in-law’s COVID case today, my brother’s wife.

She tested positive last week and was in quarantine.
She didn’t call me at first but after some days of not getting any better my brother emailed me with her symptoms:
High fever (38-39 Celsius)
Rattling cough/worse lying down
No appetite
Loss of taste
Loss of smell
Sleeplessness due to symptoms
Better cold room-temperature
At first I thought of ___________________30c but thought better of it when I realized the modalities didn’t seem to match.
So I went for ___________________ 30c instead.
She took it and after 15 minutes she noticed the headache was gone, the fever dropped and her energy boosted greatly. 
Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  Ding!!!!  You nailed it, Maria!
And then her sister, who is a doctor…
Uh-oh, I don’t like where this is going….
called her and told her to immediately take antibiotics.  And she did!
My brother warned her: your symptoms will come back…
After 10 minutes, the headache was back, the fever was back and her energy dropped again.
My brother’s response: I told you so!
So he took the bottle with the _________________ in it and redosed her.
After half an hour, all symptoms went away and she was able to sleep deeply after a week of insomnia. 
Wow!  You know what they say about “repeatability”?  Your hypothesis is true if your experiment can be repeated with the same result.  Well, there ya go!
However, Elaine, I hate to tell you this, but….
Her sister, the doctor, called and said she had to finish the whole bottle of antibiotics, so she did.
In spite of her remedy working wonderfully…  she took the antibiotics all over again!  Can you imagine???
No.  Did she relapse again?  A second time?
Yes.  My brother is furious with her and he told her that she is on her own now.  He is tired of this magnitude of stupidity.
PS, by the way, I am not gonna give her any remedies ever again.  I am tired of this stupidity too.
I’m really speechless!  Well, everybody, it’s your turn now, what remedy cured this case, twice—before insanity set in?  Write to me at [email protected] and let me know, the answer will be in next month’s ezine.  Happy Birthday, Shana!

Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

Elaine takes online cases. Write to her at [email protected]

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