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Revisiting: Maria’s Nightmare

Revisiting: Maria's Nightmare 1

Did you guess Maria’s scary remedy?

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 OK, how well did we do this month?  Who wants to go first?

 Hi Elaine,

I think the most important (SRP) symptom is her fear of pointed objects.  So I think the remedy is Alumina.

 Linda 🙂

 D’oh!  Linda, I thought you would know this, cuz the remedy is Stramonium!!!!  I didn’t even remember that she had a fear of pointy objects, I’ll have to go back and re-read the case.  OH!  You mean what she said about the sharp teeth?  But, when you see an SRP in a case?  And it’s a keynote of a remedy?  You then have to ask yourself, “Does this remedy fit anything else in the case?”  And I really don’t think it does.  What is this case all about?  The Super-natural:  Monsters, nightmares, vampires, being pursued by them, being followed…just like “Cindy” thought she was “followed” and stalked by strange men who weren’t really there in last month’s quiz.  So, yeah, this has Stramonium stamped all over it!

 Oh look, it’s Wayne from Australia!

 Hi, Elaine, I think the remedy is Stramonium.

 You’re right!!!

 I say this, because in the “Synthesis” , there is one remedy for the rubric “eaten: of being,”  and that is Stramonium.

 In Murphy’s–

 Mind: delusions, murdered, that he would be, that everyone around him is a murderer, he was killed, roasted and eaten–Stramonium (only remedy).

 Delusions, bitten, will be–Belladonna, Hyos., Stramonium

 Then there’s Mind: dreams, bitten by animals, being–Stramonium (among 10 others)

 Stramonium is in play in rubrics like Mind; fear of claustrophobia, Mind: fear of the dark, Mind: delusions sees demons, Mind: fear of being devoured by an animal?

 Yes, I’ve got that one too.  Mind: fear, animals, of, devoured him or her–Hyos., Stram.

 and Mind: fear of being murdered.

Nice to talk with you again.

 Yes, I’m glad you’re back!

 Regards, Wayne


Oh look!  It’s Dr. Salma Afroz!

Hello Elaine and Shana.  Hope you are doing fine.  Is Maria Belladonna?

 You know, Salma, even though Belladonna is listed under “delusions, visions of monsters”… we tend to prescribe Belladonna more on the vast array of physical symptoms it’s known for.  For example, high fevers with dry heat; high fevers with cold hands and feet; sun headaches; throbbing right-sided headaches; congestions with heat, redness and throbbing; sharp pains, worse a “jar”; think of it in something like appendicitis where all the blood has rushed to the area and there is heat, throbbing, redness, any jar results in a sharp pain, patient is screaming.  It’s a rabies remedy, so, you can imagine there can be violent delirium, aversion to water, delusions about dogs, animals ready to strike, patient wants to escape, run away.  You’d be looking for an insane patient to give this remedy to or someone with rabies if you were going to prescribe this on the mentals; though I have to say, I’ve noticed that whenever I have a fever (not too often) and I start to become delirious–even mildly, as in muttering to myself–I go for Belladonna right away.

 Now Salma, the remedy for this month’s quiz is the same as the remedy from last month–Stramonium!  To see last month’s quiz, click below:

 Here’s what I said in last month’s quiz answer that I think bears repeating:

 [Stramonium] is the spooky, scary remedy; the remedy for nightmares and night terrors.  There’s either a fear of the color black or anything dark and somber, or conversely, the person dresses all in black (and in the grandmother’s case, watches horror movies all day!)

 I have a Stramonium Quiz you might like to see where all the children in the house were Stramonium, but each one had a different piece of the remedy:

 Oh!  And I just found another one:

 Thank you very much Elaine.  I still was not able to pick or choose the right rubric, the most saddest thing.  I will surely read both cases.

Salma, rather than trying to find a rubric, it’s enough to know that “night terrors” = Stramonium, just like “accidents” need Arnica, and “ailments from head injury” means Nat-sulph.  We don’t have to think about these things, we just know them.

 Oh look, it’s the gang from Slovakia!

 Hello Elaine and Shana,

 Hi Miroslav and Jitka!

 We are sending short answers to this year’s last quiz.

 Miroslav thinks about the case as follows:

 First of all I was convinced that it was Calc-c.:

 Dreams: horrible, monsters

 Dreams: Monsters

 Well, the description of the horrible scenes, fear of  the dark and the whole intensity of fear led me to a rubric:

 Dreams, Monsters – Stramonium (even though it is only in a small font, I think Mary took this remedy).

 Summary: Miroslav votes for Stramonium

 Jitka says:

 I searched in rubrics Dreams and Nightmares and I expected that the winner would be one of the nightshades remedies.  To my surprise, Calcarea Carb occured more than anything else.  So I vote for this remedy.

 DREAMS: nightmares, monsters about:                    CALC, CARC

 DREAMS: horrible dreams; monsters about ;           CALC,

 Summary : Jitka votes for Calcarea carb.

 Well, Jitka, Miroslav is right!  If I thought that the person having the dreams might be a Calc-carb personality, I would probably give Calc-carb; but, in general, the remedy for “Night Terrors” is Stramonium.


 I think we need to congratulate our winners.  A big shout-out goes to….




Bye, see you again next…year!

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