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Precocious Puberty in a 6 Year Old Girl

precocious puberty

Dr. Devendra Pal Singh Jadoun presents a case of precocious puberty in a 6 year old girl.

This patient is a 6 year old girl who was brought to our clinic by her mother from Delhi, on 6th September 2017. The main complaints were increasing weight, stunted growth, development of breasts in childhood, tendency to take cold and recurrent tonsillitis.

On 1st my observation the patient was small for her age, height of just 2.5 feet. (See our Height Calculator)

She was obese at 30 kgs in weight.

Rubrics selected just on observation

  • Generals obesity
  • Generals obesity in children
  • Generals dwarfism

Now when I said “hello baby what’s your problem?”, she said nothing and just avoided eye contact. I tried several times but she didn’t reply.

Her mother said “Doctor this is our 1st visit and you are a stranger to her, so she will not interact with you so easily. It’s her behavior with every stranger she meets.”

When I was talking to her mother the girl got up from the chair and went to the next chair so that she could avoid eye contact.  When I looked at her she started changing her position as if she was hiding behind her mother.

From this behavior I choose some more rubrics

  • Mind Aversion to strangers
  • Mind hiding himself behind mother.
  • Mind hiding himself from strangers.

The mother reported that the girl had been on hormonal treatment.  Her follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone were increased. As her growth had been stopped, her weight was increasing day by day and her breasts started to develop. She suffers from recurrent tonsillitis as soon as she takes some cold drinks, sour foods etc. She has recurrent colic and every 15 days the mother had to consult doctors as the girl catches colds very easily. The child regularly complains of a dull colic every 2 or 3 days but needs no medication for it.

So some more rubrics came to my mind

  • Abdomen pain in children.
  • Generals personal history of recurrent tonsillitis.
  • Generals tendency to take cold.
  • Generals tendency to take cold in children.
  • Generals food and drink cold drinks aggravation.
  • Generals food and drink sour food acids aggravation.

Her mother reported that the girl is a dull child, poor in physical activities, weak in studies and in her academics. Whatever is taught goes over her head. She is slow in working, slow in comprehension. All the time she is very lethargic and complains of being tired.


  • Mind dullness in children
  • Mind studying difficult
  • Mind concentration difficult in studying.
  • Mind laziness in children.
  • Generals weakness in children.
  • Generals weariness in children.

The child is she is fond of rice, which she can eat three times a day. She doesn’t eat sweets, milk or green vegetables. Except for rice, she always says she is not hungry. She is thirsty all the time and likes to drink very frequently.


  • Stomach thirst frequent.
  • Generals food and drinks rice desire +++
  • Generals food and drinks milk aversion
  • Generals food and drinks vegetables aversion.

She likes to dance and sing. It’s her favorite activity.


  • Mind dancing.
  • Mind dancing in children.
  • Mind singing.

Whenever she rides in a car or bus for a long time she complains of nausea and she vomits. This thing has been going on from is the beginning.


  • Stomach nausea riding in carriage aggravation
  • Stomach vomiting riding in carriage aggravation.

Mother – her maternal grandfather died of brain hemorrhage. Her grandmother suffers from rheumatism. Her tonsils are inflamed chronically.

Family history of apoplexy.

  • Generals family history of rheumatism.
  • Throat swelling of tonsils in children.

The child’s hormonal tests showed:

Follice Stimlating Hormone   – 6.13 Miu/ Ml

Leutenizing Hormone   – 10.20 Miu/ Ml

Both were on higher phase


When we prescribe any remedy we should keep Kent’s 12 observations in mind. After your first dose you will observe any one of them in the patient.

In this case the patient was badly treated by allopathic medicine for tonsillitis, fever, cough, cold and the whole symptom scenario today is the result of that abuse.

I told the mother that after my medicine the child may suffer from her previous ailments like tonsillitis fever and some acutes but she didn’t have to worry as those symptoms would all go away. I said that she should not intervene with allopathy during this phase. And if during the reappearance of old symptoms the patient is again managed by allopathy the disease process will go back towards chronicity. That is the reverse of Herings law.

During this phase patient may need the same medicine given as constitutional or may require a small short acting one according to the symptoms that develop.

I advised the mother to indulge the child in some physical activity like dancing, karate class. etc.

Avoid all fatty food, fast food. I suggested a healthy organic staple diet of low calories.

RX:  Sept 6 – Baryta carb 200 on the basis of totality of symptoms. One dose followed boy plain sac lac TID for one month.

Follow Up  – Symptom are the same

Rx: Baryta carb 200 and sac lac repeated for one month.

Follow Up

At the beginning of winter the mother said her daughter was suffering from severe throat pain, her tonsils swollen and red and she couldn’t swallow anything. I said give her two doses of Baryta carb in five minutes and wait for 24 hrs. The next day the girl was much relieved but the tonsils were still swollen. The swelling disappeared after two more days.

After two weeks

During winter season: The girl developed a fever of 103 F., inflamed tonsils, throat pain, chills and body ache.  This was a fever in winter, sore bruised pain all over, physically restless and changing positions, chill, thirst decreased.

Rx: Rhus.tox 200 Q3h.  I advised rest and light diet.

She took medicines for two days and the fever and cough abated.

Follow Up 25 October

No swelling of tonsils. Behavior of patient changed and she was more friendly with me now. Her mother said she goes for dancing every day, and cycling for one hour every day. She eats no fast food, no oily food.

Her weight was also reduced about 2 kgs.

The mother reported : The child is much relieved but her breast size didn’t reduce, her height is still same , and she still doesn’t study with interest and avoids mental labor. However, now she is active physically.

Rx: Baryta carb in 1M potency one dose and sac lac for one month.

Follow Up  Nov 2017

Her height has increased about 1.5 cm but still she don’t study, and her breast size is still the same.

Rx: I prescribed Baryta Carb 1M and Saclac

Follow Up  – 6th Jan 2018

No recurrent colds, no tonsillitis, no fever. She is active now, lost about 4 kgs since September. All things are fine except her academics and breast size.

Rx: Baryta carb 1m and sac lac for one month.

I advised the mother to get hormone tests done from the same laboratory.

Follow Up   On 7th Feb 2018  – Lab test results:

Follice Stimulating Hormone – 1.06 Miu/ Ml

Leutenizing Hormone  – 0.27 Miu/Ml

The mother stated: I cannot express how happy I am! Now she is doing well in her studies, her height increased about 2.5 cm during the treatment and she lost weight about 4 kgs.

This time no medicine was given and I advised the patient to continue a healthy lifestyle.  Her breast size will come back to normal with time.

Message to all fellow homeopaths:

Don’t send your patients for allopathic treatment during the acute phase, because this will spoil the action of your medicine, and it also degrades the health of the patient. You can treat a 106 fever, a heart disease, a kidney failure, a cancer if you study hard and you have dedication to homoeopathy. The patient will not leave you if he experiences confidence in your voice and gestures. During the acute phase you just have to keep your mind calm and prescribe correctly as needed. If the patient believes you lack confidence, he will leave you surely.

Before treatment


After treatment

After treatment

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Devendra Pal Singh Jadoun

Dr Devendra Pal Singh Jadoun completed his BHMS from Swasthya Kalyan Homeopathic Medical College 2004-05 and passed out in 2010.
He started his clinic during the internship period. He knew that in homeopathic practice the first few years are a struggle. During this phase he also trained under his guru Dr L.C.Sharma. He has had his clinic for eight years and practices in Jaipur (Rajasthan). He is writing several books which he hopes to publish in the near future. Dr. Jadoun understands that homeopathy requires dedication, faith and hard work. His father is also a homeopath, as is his sister and wife.


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