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A Dark and Lonely Night in February

Try to guess the remedy–another thrilling and chilling Hpathy Quiz!

Shana, hold still while I take your picture!

Mom, do you have to take a picture of me every five feet?

OK, listen everybody, I suggest you stop here and click below, so that you can read the quiz along with the answer:

Revisiting: A Dark and Lonely Night in February

And I thought you were going to post a picture of food like you usually do!

OMG! You’re right! Where’s my Krabby Patty? Oh, here it is.

Let me explain: That’s a whole wheat hamburger bun. The hamburger is made from grass-fed beef and there are mushrooms, minced garlic and fried onions on top.

Mom, don’t give away the Krabby Patty secret recipe.

You mean I can’t tell our readers how I mix the hamburger together with raw milk, an organic egg, ketchup, chopped onions and salt and pepper?


OK, then I won’t.

Whose case do we have this month?


When were you ever sick?

Well, Shana, thanks to homeopathy, I was sick for so short a time, you’ve forgotten all about it! It was a dark and lonely night in February….

OK, OK, we’ve heard the preview, now get to the feature….

Don’t you remember? I was COLD! Sooooooooo COLD! And then the next thing I knew, I was starting to feel feverish and achy with kind of a dull left-sided headache. I came and got into bed with you. I was so COLD!

Yes, I remember how cold your hands and feet were!

I felt so much better when I got under the covers, and all I wanted to do was sleep–which I did. When I got up I said, “OMG, I have the flu!” I took _________________200C and the next morning I was fine. The end.

What an interesting case.

Yes, wasn’t it.

OK, if you know what remedy my mom took, write to her at [email protected]

The answer will be in next month’s ezine. Where’s my Krabby Patty? Oh, here it is…

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