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Answer to: Tell Me Why…

Answer to: Tell Me Why…
Written by Elaine Lewis

Elaine gives the answer to last month’s bonus quiz.

Why did Mr. Lachesis and his wife get divorced?

Basically because Mrs. Lachesis’ abusive, insulting, adulterous, jealous, alcoholic husband wouldn’t look for work because he said it was too restrictive and he squandered all their money; plus, he wouldn’t shut up!

Here’s what two of our readers said:

1. As for why Mr Lachesis (Mr L) divorce his wife,

The following reasons could have caused that,

a) Mr L was annoyed that his wife would always tell him to shut up when he’d begin speaking

coz he’d just go on and on and not stop speaking.

b) Mr L had a firm ‘belief’ that he was being controlled by a ‘spiritual super power’ who was controlling him and all aspects of his life and it was this ‘Super Power’ who advised him to get divorced as his wife posed a threat to him and his business and his worries would only end if he divorced her.

c) Mr L was under the impression that his wife was conspiring against him to injure him or kill/poison him or send him to an asylum for reasons best known to him.

d) Mr L thought he had committed an unpardonable act or misdeed towards his wife and didnt deserve to have her, hence divorce her and set her free.

e) Mr L’s wife would forcibly take him out on long walks in the rainy season or during the spring season, something that Mr L would not like in the least as he preferred to stay home during such times rather than moving out. 

These seem to be some of the ‘imaginary’ reasons that I think would have forced Mr L to leave his wife.


Anirudh J Purswani.


2. I think Mr Lachesis & his wife got divorced because Mr Lachesis will be constantly suspicious of his wife and might be thinking that she poisoned him and might be very jealous & possessive of his wife…


Thanks to all who participated. I think we’ve all learned not to marry this constitutional type. Run for your lives!!!!!!

And by the way, “Tell Me Why” was a song by The Belmonts–but you probably knew that:

The Belmonts

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