And Now For Something Completely Different!

A homeopathy quiz, slightly off the beaten path.

Hi everybody!  If you’re anything like me (and I’m sure most of you are!) you are getting sick and tired of the same old quizzes, month after month, year after year, over and over again!

Mom, does this mean we’ve run out of patients?

Shana, do I look like I’ve run out of patients?

Well, that’s what you said last night…. “Shana, I have just about run out of patients!”

Patience, Shana, Patience!  I’ve run out of patience!

Right!  That’s what I just said!

Oy vay!  Shouldn’t you be watching TV?  Now, as I was saying, we are going to do something different this time.


Shana, TV!!!!!  Now, as I was saying, you know what book I admire?  Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman’s Homeopathic Self-Care.  Do you know why?  Judyth includes a section that I think is very helpful; namely, something she calls, “What They Say”.  In other words, what does the Bryonia patient say?  What does the Kali bichromicum patient say? and so on.  I thought of this because of last month’s quiz, where the solution seemed to be dependent on something Shana said, namely, “I’m afraid to move.”  That statement led us to Bryonia, famous for its aggravation from movement.

So, in that spirit, today I would like you to tell me, what do the following remedies say?  Some remedies might be famous for saying more than one thing, so, use your imagination and come up with whatever might help us recognize these remedies in a sick patient.  OK?  Here we go:

1.  Arnica
2.  Gelsemium
3.  Bryonia
4.  Rhus tox
5.  Belladonna
6.  Arsenicum
7.  Nux vomica
8.  Kali bichromicum
9.  Nat-mur.
10.  Veratrum alb.

Send your answers to me at [email protected] and I’ll see you here next month for the answers.

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
Elaine is a passionate homeopath, helping people offline as well as online. Contact her at [email protected]
Elaine is a graduate of Robin Murphy's Hahnemann Academy of North America and author of many articles on homeopathy including her monthly feature in the Hpathy ezine, "The Quiz". Visit her website at: and


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