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Revisiting: Like A Headache, But In My Face!

Could this be facial neuralgia? No diagnosis. Did you guess the right remedy? Scroll down for the answer.

Hello everybody, and welcome to the Hpathy Quiz!  Well, Mom, it looks like a slow month for deaths…

Shana, by all rights, that should be good news!

…but last month we lost Cynthia Weil at 82.

Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil

Oh, you’re right!  I forgot all about that!  But, P.S., Shana, no one knows who Cynthia Weil is!

Um… Mom?  I don’t know if you realize it, but, 31 years ago, you gave birth to an encyclopedia, just for moments like these.

An encyclopedia?  No wonder labor was so difficult!  And it was all so you could explain who Cynthia Weil was?  31 years later?

Yes, that is correct.  Cynthia Weil was a Brill Building writer, like Carole King and Neil Sedaka.

It was the place where all the big hits of the pre-Beatles era were written. 

It used to be that professional songwriters wrote hit songs, and that’s what Cynthia Weil was, a professional songwriter, along with her partner, Barry Mann.  You’ll recognize their big hit here:

She wrote “You Lost That Loving Feeling” by the Righteous Brothers?

Bobby Hatfield, Bill Medley


OMG!  She must be cleaning up!  Cleaning up!

Well, make that past tense ….  But Cynthia wrote a lot of famous songs with her husband, Barry Mann; you’ll probably remember “Who Put the Bomp?”  That’s Barry Mann.

I hated that song!

Mom, we have to be nice to Barry Mann, his wife just died!  Now, I think you’ll like this one — “Soul and Inspiration” by The Righteous Brothers:

They wrote that too?  Wow!  They must be cleaning up!  Cleaning up!

Would you stop saying that?  Plus they wrote this solo effort by Righteous Brother, Bill Medley:

Brown Eyed Woman

They wrote “Brown Eyed Woman”?  I love that song!  By the way, in the video (that you have to click on above), you see the back-up singers?  They’re The Blossoms.  Note that Bill Medley says, “The Blossoms are here tonight,” which is so cool because, who introduces background singers?  No one!

The Blossoms: Darlene Love, Fanita James, Jean King


I guess that’s true.

The one on the left, Darlene Love, was Bill Medley’s girlfriend.  She had many hits of her own on Phil Spector’s label, including “Wait ’til My Bobby Gets Home”, “Today I Met The Boy I’m Gonna Marry”, “Not Too Young To Get Married”, “He’s Sure The Boy I Love” and “Christmas”.

But, maybe her biggest hit was a song she never got credit for!  The Blossoms recorded a song for Phil Spector called “He’s A Rebel” that went all the way to number-1.  Can you imagine?

I thought The Crystals did that!

So did I, we all did!

I don’t get it.

Phil wanted The Crystals to record this song but they were on tour!  He knew that Vikki Carr was about to come out with “He’s A Rebel”

so he rushed The Blossoms into the studio to beat out Vikki Carr’s release but he had no intention of crediting them!


Because The Blossoms, as background singers, had no name-recognition!  No one knew who they were!  Everyone knew who The Crystals were.

This was a real blow to Darlene Love whose voice is on the track singing lead!  Imagine, your record is #1, but no one knows it’s you!

Only one entry of this song on Youtube credits The Blossoms:

I had no idea I was about to launch into a side-story about The Blossoms, but then, I also didn’t expect Bill Medley to introduce them, and I didn’t expect to see Darlene Love, of all people, singing background!  Do you know that her song “Christmas” is now a holiday standard?  Before David Letterman retired, every Christmas Eve he invited Darlene Love on his show with what became a Christmas tradition: singing, what he called, “The only Christmas song that really mattered!”  And every year, the production got more and more grand until there would finally be a complete orchestra behind Darlene Love!

Don’t feel bad, Mom, I launch into side stories occasionally myself, and you always say, “No one cares!”  But, speaking of which… Today I learned that the Blossoms were apparently also back-up singers on “Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Pickett (the perennial Halloween song) and “Johnny Angel” by Shelley Fabares.  But back to Cynthia Weil… She also wrote “Here You Come Again” by Dolly Parton.

Trust me, no one cares.

Mom!  I am sure that everyone cares!  In the Netflix sequel to our favorite show, “Gilmore Girls”, “Here You Come Again” played over the credits in one of the episodes.  It’s not a bad song at all but I thought that was interesting since I never knew of the semi-Brill Building connection when I heard it but people might already know Carole King was on “Gilmore Girls” in a cameo and sang the theme song with her daughter, Louise Goffin.  Or if not… well, I just told them.

Carole King and Louise Goffin

Shana, the people you just told dozed off hours ago!

Another Brill Building song is “River Deep Mountain High” by Ike and Tina Turner, produced and written by… what a surprise, Phil Spector.  It was released on his label and the co-writers were also famous Brill Building writers Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry.  The Blossoms apparently also sang backing vocals on this song too.  They also sang backing on Sam Cooke’s “Everybody Loves to Cha Cha Cha” in 1959… which, in case anybody didn’t know, was covered by James Taylor ….


… in 1991.   Also Mom before we start the quiz, I would like to acknowledge something…

Oh dear God….  What is it?

July 27th is the 40th anniversary of Madonna’s debut album.

Shana, I seriously doubt that anyone cares!

Anyway, I seem to remember you liked “Lucky Star”.  Or was it “Holiday”?

I like both of them.

They’re on your cassette tapes that modern cars make impossible to play.  Turns out “Holiday” is on the stolen tape, though.

Yes, when the car was stolen, it was in it.

On another note, June 25th was the 50th annivesary of Chicago VI, apparently their second of five albums to reach number one.

I always say Chicago is nothing without Peter Cetera!

He left them to pursue a solo career sometime in the 1980s and now has apparently retired.  (He’s 78.)  He also cited the amount of travel involved.  Guess he’s one singer I’ll never get to see.  Those are all excellent reasons to retire, but he is so missed.

Oh and speaking of singers that have retired, I must mention this because it really is the end of an era for people who remember this guy.  He’s been around for over 50 years.

Who, Frank Sinatra?

No, Mom, Elton John!

I knew it!  I knew it!  I was wondering if we could get through an entire quiz without mentioning Elton John but I guess we can’t!

Since 2018 Elton John has been on a Farewell Tour, citing that he wants to stop touring….

Well, touring for 5 years is no way to stop touring, I’ll tell ya that!

I went to two Farewell shows.

You see?  He’s been stopping touring for so long that you’ve been able to see him twice!

First was in November 2019 and the second was at the Phillies stadium last year.

When does it end????

He was supposed to retire in 2021 and the only reason it went on so long is because covid restrictions in 2020 caused rescheduling, and then he had “walking pneumonia” and had to postpone a show due to hip replacement surgery….

For the love of God!  Can we start the Quiz now?

It’s the end of an era but I’ve read that apparently he wants to record a new album now.

Oh for heaven’s sake!

He doesn’t want to play “Crocodile Rock” anymore.

And I don’t want to hear it anymore!

It seems appropriate at this time to play “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”.  It was always the last song he played before leaving the stage.

If it will help catapult us into the July Quiz, I’m all for it!

Who’s in the Quiz this month, Mom?

Tina Tamale.


Tina Tamale!  It’s Mexican.

Right……..  What’s wrong with her?

She has a headache in her face.  Maybe I better let Tina explain it.

Yes, maybe you should.


The July Quiz


Hi Elaine,

This morning, my face started aching on the right side, in the area between my lateral eye socket, temple, and TMJ, and even a little into my upper mandible.  This is a regular symptom that I hate because it just wears me down all day.  This is the first time it’s happened since I took my Phosphorus dose in May.  Rarely have I ever gotten it to stop, though at times salt, pulverized bone supplement (calcium & phosphorus), or ice cream have helped it drive me a little less crazy.  Usually I just make it through the day, go to sleep, and wake better the next day.

My jaw pops on both sides when I open my mouth, and my upper/mid- back pops if I bend over, lock my hands behind my head, and relax downward.  My neck and trapezius muscles are stubbornly stiff, especially on my right side, extending to my shoulder and arm.   Stretching can help a little but it’s quite difficult to get things to loosen up and stay loose.

I’m fatigued and can’t accomplish anything.  I’ve never figured out what causes it to happen.  Being hot makes it worse, but heat right on my face helps temporarily.  A/C blowing right on my face makes it worse.  If you want me to try something, I will.

Thanks as always!


I think you should take ____________ 30C for that.


Elaine, it helped.  Thank you!  I also hope my reply doesn’t wake you…just remembered you’re on EST.  The aching is almost gone, I was able to stretch and feel looser, and it made me mellow and sleepy, so off to bed, feeling better.  Many, many thanks.

Is there a diagnosis?

If there’s a name for it, I don’t know it.  This is a thing that started happening after the smart meter injury.  Oh, when I said my face was tense, I only meant my expression was strained from a day of not feeling well and that’s something my mom recognizes.  There’s nothing visibly wrong with my face, in that I don’t have any weakness or drooping, nervous sensation is fine, and no sharp nerve pain or crazy spasms.  It’s just a deep aching like a headache but in my face; popping, crunchy joints, and muscular tension that’s relentless.  I think it’s the muscular tension that causes the face and jaw part.  Yet, trying to stretch the tension out is usually just painful as my muscles won’t give easily.

Next day….

Morning!  Yeah, it helped more quickly than I expected…surprising.  I took it right away, sat on the couch, and my mom saw my face change from tense to relaxed/very sleepy in about 20 minutes.  I also started talking to her more; she had been gone all evening and saw how I was struggling and not talking much.  Anyway, I was able to successfully stretch my neck and used the door jamb to stretch my shoulder girdle.  I missed your email because I went to bed that fast and fell asleep right away even though my parents were up late, which is something that never happens, as noises and light at the bottom of my door typically keep me awake.  My mom said she opened my door at 11 to let the dog in, and I had no idea.  At 1:20 I woke to use the bathroom but then fell asleep again immediately.  Woke again just before 6 needing to use the bathroom again.  Normally I do not do this.  Dozed another hour and half, and now here I am.

The right side of my face feels fine, but I think I’ll do a little stretching of my slightly tense left trap and shoulder area.  It appears you nailed it!  I’m so grateful!

And it seems like ___________30C helped with a number of things right?  So, if they ever come back, be sure to repeat ___________.

Yeah, it relieved the whole constellation of discomfort.  This symptom happens the same way every time, and I’ll definitely remember to take ___________ immediately if it comes back again!  Making a note.  I was such a dingbat not to have emailed you sooner yesterday!  Thank you so much, again; I hope you have a nice Saturday.  🙂

Oh geez, I was supposed to have had a nice Saturday and I forgot!  Well, if you know the remedy, write to me at [email protected], the answer will be in next month’s ezine.

See you then!



Rhus tox



Good heavens!  Apparently this quiz baffled everyone, even Pam didn’t answer!  But at least my 3 most loyal Quiz participants showed up.  Here’s Maria:

Hi Elaine and Shana!

Hi Maria!

For this month my vote goes to Rhus-tox.

Stiffness, heat amel., desire to stretch.

Yeah, she does have a desire to stretch; but, it doesn’t do her any good; in fact, it somewhat hurts because she literally can’t stretch, it’s futile.  And another thing that doesn’t help her?  Talking.  And by talking, I mean moving her jaw up and down; she’s avoiding that.  Her mother knew she was better when she started talking.  Here’s that part:

“I took it right away, sat on the couch, and my mom saw my face change from tense to relaxed/very sleepy in about 20 minutes.  I also started talking to her more; she had been gone all evening and she saw how I was struggling and not talking much.”

So, motion was not making her better, something you’d expect to see in a Rhus tox case, that the more she talked, the less the pain; but, no, she couldn’t talk, wasn’t talking, until after the remedy.

And here’s another problem for Rhus tox: she’s better in the morning after sleep.  Normally, for Rhus tox, morning is the worst time of day because they’ve been still all night.

If I am wrong I will try again 🙂

OK, try again!

Is it Mag-phos?

Yes, it’s Mag-phos!

Well, when I saw heat amel. I thought Rhus and Magnesia phos. 😛

Maria, you simply have to memorize this:

Right-sided facial neuralgia, better heat — Mag-phos.

Left-sided facial neuralgia, better cold — Spigelia.

I once solved a left-sided sciatica, better cold, with Spigelia; so I’m thinking any left-sided complaint with neuralgic pains, better cold, is Spigelia.  And possibly the same can be said for Mag-phos: any right-sided neuralgic pain (like right-sided sciatica), better heat, could be Mag-phos.

Ι would pay for a copy of your remedy notebook!  You know the one that Robin Murphy also wanted 😉

Why don’t you publish it?  It would be amazing!

I don’t know, Maria….  Course notes?  Sounds pretty boring.

Thanks for the tips!

You’re welcome.  Oh look, the gang from Slovakia is here!


Hello Elaine and Shana,

Hello Miroslav and Jitka!

Our solution to the last quiz turned out like this:

Miroslav says:

Facial pain on the right, warm ameliorates, draft aggravates:

Magnesium phosphoricum.

Absolutely!  So well explained!  Right-sided pain, better heat, worse cold.

Jitka says:

Miroslav sent a reply even before I had time to think about it.  Since he revealed the solution to me and I agree with it, I can no longer participate in the quiz because it would not be fair to participate in his victory…:)

That is very admirable of you, Jitka, but, I’m giving you credit anyway!

Alright, that’s it!  The highly coveted Hpathy Gold Star goes to….

Miroslav and Jitka!!!!

Bye, see you again next time!

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