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A Case of Cardiac Arrhythmia Solved by the Sensation Method

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Written by Hetal Vasa

: A case with numerous complaints is resolved with a snake remedy, arrived at by the Sensation method.

This is a case of a woman who was 34 years old when she first consulted me for her sore throat. Earlier when I had taken her case she seemed to be Calcarea Sulph and she was actually benefitted to some extent in her sore throat and skin complaints by this remedy.  However, as I saw that she was not overall improving I retook her case and many many thanks to THE SENSATION METHOD that cured her of her palpitations for which she had been advised to have an operation.

Following is the verbatim transcript of the case taken in July 2011. Here you will see that her main complaint was palpitation, but as she was talking about other complaints I didn’t interfere and allowed her to tell her whole story.

VERBATIM: [ 14 JULY 2011]

Dr: Tell me about your complaints.

Pt: First is my palpitation …then… My main problem is my palpitations ….then… as such I don’t have any problems, like everyday there is not a problem but some or the other problem…sometimes neck pain (Touches her neck with hand) as I have spondylitis, sometimes head pain but it doesn’t stay for a long time, mainly related to stomachache; if related to indigestion then there is headache. I don’t get colds easily and get a cough if it gets irritated but it doesn’t remain for a long time; and ever since I have taken your medicine [CALC SULPH] the cough never remains for longer than 2 days. Menses problem: initially when I started [Menarche] I had it for 8 days, after delivery it was 7 days and now it is 6 days and that’s also with your medicine [CALC SULPH] the flow is a bit less. Right now I don’t have any major problem but I get mouth ulcers [Hg: shows her mouth with hand and that too making a circle with her index finger] before periods.

Dr: What complaints do you get before periods?

Pt : [Coughs] Every time I don’t get pain in the same part; sometimes it starts with backache, sometimes I get chest pain, means it feels heavy [ hg : showing with both the hands fingers extended showing as if carrying some load ] , sometimes I have pain in thighs and otherwise nothing and pain in abdomen is okay since these long time it’s okay; we can bear but when I was young I had problem with pain in abdomen; if I would vomit then only I was relieved [Clears throat]. But one thing is there because of this heart problem if I talk much [ left hand showing some weight near chest] I go breathless ‘ Aaaahh ‘ [ exhales loudly] I have to do this, but I can talk as much as I want but [hg : hand showing a linear movement] not constantly for one hour ‘PAK PAK PAK’. I cannot talk that way ; for a second or two I have to do this ( shows with deglutition movement) then only I can talk further [hg : hand moving further ] I don’t know whether this thing has any connection with that ( her palpitations). Otherwise I don’t have any problems [quickly darts her tongue and licks her lips].

Dr: Talk more about it.

Pt: [Touches her forehead above the eyebrow with her index finger] I had migraine ; sun headaches; only half of my head would pain; only one side the mucus would get accumulated. [Bending her head to right side and shows heavy] That decreased gradually. [With some AURVEDIC medicine] It occurs but the severity is not there.


Pt: Yes I had herpes on forehead [Hg: index finger pointing to forehead] . It started from vertex and spread to forehead and around eyes and it touched my retina and that’s why I got spectacles.

Dr: It started from vertex and how did it spread?

Pt: First I had a pimple on vertex and then it spread down from here to there [Shows affected area from head to nose and area around left eye] then it came into my nose.

Dr:  Was it inside your mouth?

Pt: No.

Dr: Only on left side?

Pt: Yes, nothing on right side.

Dr: Was ear affected? Or any pain?

Pt: Ear was not affected but had pain in ear because of cold because of herpes. Our immunity becomes less that’s why. I have got lot of pigmentations on cheeks if your medicine can help… I have one more thing I get swelling on my face…

Dr: Tell about it.

Pt: See right now also it is there [Showing her face with her index finger] means sometimes I get. Because my sleep is less that’s why or because of constipation … I don’t know I go for three times in a day but the morning call should be clear [hg hand moving in forward direction] which is not there. It should be all clean. [Hg] sometimes it is not there sometimes it is there.

Dr: Talk about all clean.

Pt: All clean mean in my mind there is an image…

Dr: Not in your context but in general only explain what you did with your han; do it again and tell.

Pt: [Eyes wide open] Means? [Hg: both the hands moving away from each other.] Feel relaxed and no problem is there and otherwise if my motion is not clear then I feel that my head [Hg: shows as if holding head with her right hand] is paining; giddiness [same hg of right index finger making circles] my stomach is upset [Same hg of hand moving forward] like I don’t feel comfortable.

Dr: Dissociate yourself from all these and only tell me about the word meaning of ALL CLEAN.

Pt: [Putting a hand on her chin and thinking deep] ALL CLEAN means feel like … I feel good.

Dr: Remove ‘YOU’ from that.

Pt: Toxic gets removed no? Nothing remains in your stomach.

Dr: What am I telling? Not in your context.

Pt: I didn’t really get what you want?

Dr: If I tell you to give me the meaning of some word [e.g. all clean] like that.

Pt: For me ALL CLEAN is TO FEEL GOOD. NO PROBLEM; IF EVERYTHING IS REMOVED PROPERLY THEN IT WILL NOT TORTURE YOU [ HG : SAME BOTH THE HANDS SHOWING SOME WEIGHT] and your concentration will be on that particular thing only  because this did not happen…[hg : index finger showing some particular point].

Dr: Talk about “TORTURE”.

Pt: TORTURE means which irritates you very much.[ hg : both the hands showing as if holding her head] and keeps on banging on your mind [ hg : one hand showing hitting of head] that only.

Dr: Talk about “ BANGING”.

Pt: [Looks sideways as if finding something] Aaaan… I cannot… [ coughs] I am that sensitive. If my husband tells me anything then I take it very… [hg: both the hands moving towards chest] immediately it affects my mind…though after one day that is not in my mind even… but that whole night I will not be able to sleep [hg: hands showing denial] I feel GUILTY about myself that what expectations does he have from me that what is being done by me is not liked by him; every times why he is saying the same things ; where I am lacking ? Where am I less that he has to complain?

Dr: Talk about lacking?

Pt: I won’t be able to make him happy if I am lacking somewhere… if I am lacking somewhere; if he’s complaining that means he’s not satisfied.

Dr: I’m not asking you in his context; tell me only about lacking somewhere. What do you mean by that?

Pt: Lacking is I feel that I’m not doing well. Appreciation should be there everywhere right? We are not saying that appreciation should be there but there is one inner satisfaction [hg : touching chest with hand] is also there that I feel that no he’s happy; from his behaviour[hg] there is some behaviour pattern from which we get to know that the other person [hg] is convinced with us or not.

Dr: Talk about that thing.

Pt: Of course if he talks with me very good way, nicely , politely… of course harshly also, but he is communicating with you; talking with you so that satisfaction is there that no he is talking with me ; he’s not keeping quiet with me.

Dr: So how do you feel?

Pt: It makes me feel good.

Dr: Say if he’s not talking to you?

Pt: I just can’t accept that…

Dr: Why not?

Pt: I feel what’s the problem? CLEAR IT OUT NO?

Dr: What is clear it out?

Pt: What’s the problem? You say something and stop in between; I call him ATKELAL!!!! [Meaning: One who has stopped] He would not make it clear that what the problem is.

Dr: What is TO MAKE CLEAR?

Pt : You tell me  what’s the problem… but if you don’t tell only and tell something and stop there only [hg ] you don’t go forward only [ hg : hand moving in forward direction] how I’ll make it out ? That is ATKELAL.

Dr: Tell about this hand gesture of yours. Forget about your husband.

Pt: Repeats the same thing .Why he’s sticking to the same point?


Pt: It is like ok. In the past, I may have done some mistakes but he’ll torture me on that particular point that you did this, you did that. He would say: in past you did this [hg: finger pointing] that’s why I’m telling you like this.

Dr: So, how does it feel?

Pt : it feels guilty… once that matter is cleared out ; I’ve even said sorry and assured that it will not happen again then why he’s not trusting me ?

Dr: What is TRUST?

Pt: Of course to believe: if there is no faith and trust then what’s the meaning of that relation? if I’m blindly believing him that he’s my husband and he cannot do anything bad for me then why can’t he? What am I doing that he cannot have faith on me? [Hg] If after 18 years [of marriage] he still feels that… [Darts tongue quickly]

Dr: Why he can’t have faith on you?

Pt: That‘s what I’m searching for…

Dr: Why one couldn’t trust?

Pt : I don’t know.[hg : ? mark] that’s why only somewhere I’m [hg : both the hands pointing herself] lacking …it’s his nature only; he will not say much but he’ll stick to the same point [hg: hand pointing to something] he will not elaborate.

Dr:  What is sticking to the same point?

Pt:  He’ll repeat the same thing.

Dr: forget him. Just what is sticking to the same point?

Pt: If you repeat one thing on and off; on and off; on and off [hg: of making circles like coil type of movement] it feels very bad.

Dr: Repeat on and off on and off… how does it feel ? Express the feeling.

Pt: It feels very bad; guilty…

Dr: What is guilty?

Pt: It pinches me inside [hg : hand touching chest]…

Dr: What is pinching?

Pt: When I have accepted my mistake in the past…

Dr: Hold. Express the pinch.

Pt: Pinching is: a human could do mistakes; he accepts also and that is cleared out that time he is so fine and I say sorry also and he…today also if we have a fight he keeps on talking he keeps on bubbling but I don’t say a word [actually this is the exact opposite… I even have his husband’s history and he is a NATRUM MUR pt. The poor guy] he’ll talk-talk and talk; I never give back answers [Oh! that’s not true at all] I don’t speak only …sometimes I do [Its only she who speaks and the other person listens only… I know her family and has confirmed from her relatives] I talk also but up to some limit; I just keep on staring what he wants to say? I don’t talk much…ok you talk whatever problem is there is there in your mind you just clear it out …finish it off.[hg]

Dr: What is finishing it off?

Pt: There should be a full stop to the matter no? If you keep on repeating the same thing then it’s no point no? In any relation if something stops then mind remains there only [hg]


Pt : TO STOP means you are not living a smooth life … at the back of your mind one question is there only that now what must be going on in his mind ? Now why he’s not talking with me? Now what has happened? Why he’s behaving like that? that question remains in my mind …I do my work but…the question is there in my mind… it dwells … I am doing my work but it drags me to hell…here or there why it keeps happening to me ? What have I done that I always have to face this with him or somebody else? Why I can’t live a normal life?

Dr: What is a normal life?

Pt: To live happily yaar…everybody else like in TV how they live happily then why me? Life should be easy going…. if we don’t expect from husband then from whom? Every time i have to convince him [then she gives some examples]

Dr: Then how do you feel to convince?

Pt: I never mind to do it because it’s been a routine for me to convince him for everything. Normally he won’t say yes for the first time for anything but if I need it then obviously I’ll have to convince him…but sometimes you expect that they be with us.

[I keep on asking but the same thing comes up then i ask about dreams but nothing significant comes up]

Pt: [Spontaneously] I don’t like violence.

Dr:  Violence?

Pt: If somebody’s fighting i don’t like it [hg] it’s like BANG BANG [hg: hands as if banging head] that I don’t like.

Dr:  Talk about BANG BANG.

[Here, again pt starts narrating incidences with her husband and thereafter with others … she talks about how her husband is attention seeking and how he wants her to take care of her… then she talks about how possessive he is…and about her children and everything … but not going a level deep than EMOTION LEVEL. So here I stop and call her again after some days to my clinic. I did prescribe for her after this case taking and I gave her PYTHON REGIUS 200 one powder dose. And then I called her to my clinic after a week for the follow up.

I prescribed PYTHON REGIUS on following totality:

v    Pt shows repeated darting of tongue in and out; very quickly. This is a strong indication for a snake remedy. [But we should be careful whether pt is licking her lips not due to dryness of lips.]

v    Pt talks about two faces and on one face somebody is saying nice things and behind back he is talking bad about that person.

v    Pt has aversion to tight collars and wants open neck clothes, otherwise she will feel uneasy.

v    Pt does hand gestures of coiling movement and talks about holding on and its opposite relaxing; which reflects the exact energy of a python. A typical python behaviour is: lying still; then as the victim approaches near, suddenly coiling itself around the victim; and then gradually tightening its coils around it with some interval of stopping till the victim succumbs to the pressure of the coil and dies due to respiratory arrest…then python swallows the victim from head to toe whole!

v    And here we can see the glimpse of this pattern in patient’s history and we will also see it clearly in the follow-ups as the pt will become more aware of this pattern. Here pt talks about her husband’s behaviour which shows her own sensitivity to sticking to the same point, holding on, not letting go, stopping in between the talk, keep on dwelling, contracting and releasing movements [with hg] which gives her relief in all her complaints like knee pain, urinary infection etc. This is very true that we can only see or feel the things within our range of sensitivity and other things don’t touch us… in this case we could see how she is sensitive to repeating of the same thing on and on and how she gets irritated to the behaviour of her husband when he stops while talking and not going further or repeating the same thing. This is actually the patient’s sensitivity and the best way to get pt’s sensitivity is by asking her to describe somebody else’s behaviour or nature which affects her.

v    Patient is fond of parties and social gatherings and she puts on a lot of make-up and wears a lot of jewellery and is extravagant by nature. She would exaggerate everything. She is very dramatic.  She loves yellow and green colours. She does popping and locking movements while dancing. She is very fond of dance and loud music and she has a typical habit of dancing with facial expressions and bouncing her head to and fro and side by side while dancing. Imagine a python dancing with its head bouncing to and fro!!! [Pt is my relative so I meet her in many social gatherings.]

v    Python moves by rectilinear movement and this movement is shown by pt while narrating many of her complaints through hand gestures.

v    Patient cannot forgive or forget other’s mistakes and that thing keeps on dwelling in her mind, which she wants to get rid of and have a normal life and relax!!!

Pt got PYTHON REGIUS 200 one powder dose. Right from the day she took the dose she actually had a whole night’s deep sleep; otherwise she had trouble falling to sleep and got up unrefreshed. Her energy level increased and lethargy disappeared. She gradually stopped taking medicine for the cardiac arrhythmia and then was totally on homeopathy.

The pt was given one powder dose of PYTHON REGIUS 200 to take whenever she needed and otherwise she was on placebo for a month. That whole month she did not have any palpitation. Then for a whole year she was given some 4 doses of PYTHON REG. 200 and she did very well with that…her medication [DILZAM 60 mg thrice a day was gradually stopped and then after a year I have taken the following follow up.]


This time patient has come with some urinary infection.

Dr: Tell me about your complaints.

Pt: There is much itching at the place of urination. [hg] not while passing urine but on that place[hg] it burns!

Dr: When does it burn?

Pt: Any time. It is not constant. [Hg] If I splash water on it; it feels good. When I go to pass urine there is irritation like feeling. [Hg]

Dr: What happens?

Pt: There is slight burning while first part of urine is passing then nothing.

Dr: How does it feel?

Pt:  Slight burning. It pains…not pain [hg] it doesn’t feel smooth. This started after horse riding. This is not the first time I’m having it. Then I feel like splashing water on it. I feel like putting something into it. Only this much is there. All the medicine for palpitation is stopped and I’m taking only your medicines. There is no neck pain and sleep was also better.

Dr: Can you wear high neck dresses?

Pt:  No I cannot. It irritates. Mentally I don’t like. I feel like closed [hg] here. [Shows neck] I like it open around my neck. [Both hands moving away from neck] I don’t like to see it even. I have such clothes but I avoid.

Dr: Talk about itching.

Pt: We want to [hg] desperately…

Dr: Describe desperately?

Pt: Cannot control…like this…[hg] feel like doing something.[shows by itching desperately]

Dr: what?

Pt:  I want to rub hard. [hg] I know after that it is going to increase but at that time there is no control. [Hg] after scratching it is going to be double and it will get more irritated…

Dr: What is irritated?

Pt: It’s like getting swelled up and not smooth over there. [hg]

Dr: Describe more.

Pt:  [hg] my attention goes there only. Then I cannot concentrate on anything. My attention goes there only till I splash water there [hg] or until it gets relax. [hg]

Dr: What makes it better?

Pt: If I splash water.

Dr: Hot water or cold?

Pt: Cold because already it is irritated. Whenever I have my periods I splash a lot of water [hg] and that time I need really hot water; even Luke-warm water can’t do. I splash a lot of water and many pieces come out [hg] and I clean it out.

Then patient talks about many vague things and on being asked about dreams she says:

Dr:  Tell me about your dreams.

Pt: I get dreams very rarely but when I get they are never of fantasy but they are always AROUND [hg] my family or AROUND [hg] my friends.

[Generally we would say I get dreams of my family and friends but what she says with her hand gesture of coiling is: I get dreams around my family or around my friends only!!! This description with hand gesture makes it peculiar.]

Further she says:

Pt: I never get dreams of fantasy that I’m a princess of some big state or I got this thing which is not a reality. [hg]

[Whatever is denied spontaneously is also true and she denies the fantasy part and PYTHON is called ROYAL BALL PYTHON. Here I want to add one thing which patient used to say about her daughter when she was born. The patient would say “My husband was very proud that our daughter was born fat and she weighed 4 and a half kg and he proudly said that FOOTBALL LYING OVER THERE IS MINE.”  It is a typical behaviour of a python snake to roll up its body into a ball and I could connect it here, and many a times she would make hand gestures of making a ball while talking which would draw my attention.]

[Then pt talks about herpes which she had a few months back and for which she had taken allopathic and Aurvedic treatment. She has some post herpetic complaints]

Dr: What kind of pain is there in the head?

Pt: I don’t feel good [darts tongue] that kind but not severe pain.

Dr:  How does it occur?

Pt: It doesn’t pain much but it feels like paining slightly and if I bend my head this side [shows by bending head to the left] then it feels good but if I bend it the opposite side then [show by bending head to the right side] then while sleeping I feel like all weight is coming on this side.

Dr: Describe all the weight coming to that side.

Pt: [hg] it’s like pressure. You feel something happening here.[hg]

Dr: Describe pressure.

Pt: Weight.

Dr: Weight?

Pt: [hg] it feels heavy here.

Dr: Heavy?

Pt: [hg] It’s like somebody holding it.

Dr: Now describe only this much; ‘somebody holding it’

Pt: [Pt sitting very still and about to protrude tongue but doesn’t] it feels tight and as if we want to do something else but something stops us that no you cannot go [hg] outside of this!!! [Utter nonsense] that is holding.

Dr: You want to do something else and… [pt interrupts in middle]

Pt: We want to get rid [hg] of it… suppose we want to let go [hg] ok it has happened and we want to let go [hg]… we come out of one thing [hg] and start another thing [hg] and we know that this is not going to work out [hg] there are no hopes [hg] but there is some inner feeling which tells us that no still we can try it out [hg] that is holding on. [Hg] We don’t give up 100% i.e. holding on. [hg] or you can say suppose if we have a fight [hg] and I patch up with you but [hg] mentally it keeps blinking in my mind that no she had done this bad with me. [Itches her neck] That is holding on.

Pt: Basically it won’t let you go forward. [Hg]

Dr: What happens if it holds on?

Pt: If we talk face to face [hg] then leave it [hg] it is over and that topic is closed but till that thing remains inside [hg: making circles] I don’t like it. [Shrugs her shoulders]

Dr: Means? [Here I have to act totally dumb to get more from her.]

Pt: It dwells inside. [Hg: making coils]

Dr: To dwell?

Pt: Then it doesn’t get cleared [hg] of my mind and the same thought keeps repeating in my mind that this had happened and it bangs on and on. [hg]

Dr: What is banging?

Pt: [hg] It’s like we are thinking about something and that thing comes in the centre of our thoughts on and on [hg] and it doesn’t let us forget it. We cannot forget it or leave it or stop thinking about it. [She darts her tongue quickly.]

Dr: What’s that?

Pt:  we do not get full satisfaction that ok now I have forgotten everything but it holds on. [hg] [Shrugs her shoulder as if showing I don’t know]

Dr: Describe holding on; the word-meaning.

Pt: Holding on means not letting go forward and keeping you there only. [hg]

Dr: Not letting go forward and keeping you there only?

Pt: It means you cannot come out [hg] of something. [hg]

Pt: [Pause]

Dr: Then what happens?

Pt: I don’t like it.

Dr: Then what could happen?

Pt: [Hg: coils] there and there itself and feel what is this…when will this end? [hg]

Dr: Do it again [hg] which you did.

Pt: [Laughs loudly… bursts out laughing] I am not doing anything.

Dr: See this is the most important part so you concentrate and tell.

Pt: [hg] We cannot get rid of it and we feel there should be a limit…[hg] that lets leave it; go forward [hg] but it doesn’t let us stop. We cannot put a full stop to it. We don’t put a full stop; instead there is a comma[,] then we go forward again a comma [,] [hg] again we go forward…HOLD ON [HG] HOLD ON [HG] HOLD ON [HG] like that.

Dr: What is holding on then comma then going forward?

Pt:  [Hg: pushing in a coiling movement] one by one it keeps on adding. It’s not like leave it. [Hg] No feeling of leaving. No feeling of letting go.

Dr: Means you cannot forget? [I shouldn’t have asked anything which pt has not mentioned but by mistake I did]

Pt: Hum…cannot forget. We cannot forget 100%. It doesn’t vanish, drain out of my mind. [Hg] till that time I cannot RELAX. Then I fear that it will happen again. [hg: coiling movement]

Dr: what will happen again?

Pt: that same situation if created again then what? Why we can’t be normal? [Hg]  Why we can’t be SMOOTH?

Dr: Smooth?

Pt: SMOOTH means normal. [hg] [very strange] there is no duality in behaviour.[hg]

Dr: What is duality?

Pt: It means one face talking something and the second face talking something else; I don’t like it. [Hg] be normal. Whatever is in your mind talk on face. Don’t keep double feelings. [Hg] you have a double face; one side you talk good about someone and as soon as that person turns then you talk bad about him. [Hg] That is not good. I don’t like it.

Dr:  Tell more about the feeling when holding on?

Pt:  I feel like crying from inside; I don’t like anything that time. I don’t like quarrels.

Dr:  What is the exact feeling when holding on?

Pt:  [Hg] One way I feel good also but when we go inside then again we get a start: what is this? [Hg]

Dr: what does it mean?

Pt: One way I try to come out of it [bends on one side] and I feel that I should come out of it; I don’t want to stay into this and another way I still go inside [bends on the opposite side] the matter and get more and more involved and I try to remain on both the sides that this is not leaving [hg] and I also want to go out of this. So, I just dwell myself that what should I do? [Then she gives an example of sending her daughter out of town for studies and her dilemma about whether she is doing right or not. Again while describing she makes the same hand gestures of coiling.]

Dr: talk about your sleep.

[here pt narrates that she doesn’t get sound sleep and it feels as if she is awake only and just lying down the whole night with eyes closed…and she knows whatever is happening around her. This is typical of snake behaviour as they hibernate. While narrating about her sleep pt gives hand gesture of ‘rectilinear movement’ which is typical of python.]

[Then she again does a hand gesture of a fist and describes it as one cannot do anything else when held like this and has to do the same thing over and over again.]

[Then patient tells about her feelings about her mother and how she misses her after her death and she could share her feelings with her and was a support for her. So her maternal instinct of python is confirmed. And this is how I differentiated it with Boa Constrictor Snake.]

[This case had taken a coil-like structure and it was like repeating the same thing over and over again for me and for the patient also… but I guess this was the energy of python which held us both till it could fully deliver its message!!!! Even writing the verbatim of this case was not easy for me like writing for other cases and I took several STOPS before completing this case.]

[Pt’s favourite colour is green and yellow and we can connect this to the source.]

FOLLOW UP TAKEN ON 24 FEBRUARY 2012: I’m giving only the peculiar points of the follow up

Pt recently had an episode of palpitation so here I ask her to describe it.

Pt: it had become breathless… [One hand resting on another forearm] If we run a long distance then how we get exhausted? I cannot express how it feels. [hg] but it feels uneasy; how would you feel after dancing; [hg: hand making a fist and slowly contracting and releasing] your heartbeats will increase and then it will slow down…it feels like dhad-dhad-dhad-dhad…[hg].

Dr: How do you feel that time?

Pt: As if all the water is drained out from body [hg] and body becomes very loose; [hg] mind doesn’t work; all concentration is there only [hg].

Dr: What is becoming loose?

Pt: To get tired [hg] yes, sensation of great fatigue; no desire to do anything; you don’t have any energy left that you could do something; you don’t have energy even to think.

Dr: Breathless means how do you feel?

Pt: You cannot breathe normally [hg] like usually we do and feel fresh. You have to [strain] apply pressure to breath.

Dr: Pressure?

Pt: Weight.  You have to [breath] forcefully. Normal easy breath is not there. You have to check frequently that whether its slow or fast. [Hg] sometimes it becomes very slow and sometimes very fast; breath means pulse fluctuates. [Hg] Nothing is going to happen inside [my body] but I anticipate that something will happen.

Dr: What could happen?

Pt: I don’t know any medical term but I feel that heart will stop. [Hg]

Dr: If heart stops?

Pt: Then I die. [Hg]

Dr: How?

Pt: I don’t know. I feel that heart is connected with our life. [hg] If heart stops working then some complication will be there inside and when these thought comes I get tensed. [hg] if heart stops then I die.

Dr: How is the experience?

Pt: Only uneasiness. [Hg: as if pumping with hand; hand contracting and releasing] Whenever I’ve had palpitation only the frequency of my pulse has gone up and down.

Dr: only describe this hand gesture. [Hg]

Pt: [hg: of contracting] it means sometimes slow and [hg: releasing fist] sometimes fast. [Repeats] our normal pulse rate is between 72 to 90… But sometimes it suddenly increases to 120 and sometimes decreases to 60-70.

Dr: Tell more about the same hg.

Pt: How our heart beats? [Hg] Sometimes it becomes slow [hg: hand contracting] and sometimes it becomes fast. [Hg: hand releasing] So, when it gets slower and slower I have to breath deep. [pt takes a slow deep breath] and if it becomes fast automatically the breath also becomes fast.

[This is exactly a situation of the victim (rabbit/rat) when a python coils around it and gradually tightens the coils; the victim cannot breathe and circulatory failure occurs and death occurs due to it. But a python would typically tighten its coils around the victim gradually and will take many pauses in between. Here we can correlate this with the pt’s feeling of holding on; doesn’t let us go; not able to forget; not putting a full stop to the matter but instead going forward and again going forward then holding on; holding on.]

Dr: How is the feeling?

Pt: I don’t like it. Uneasy. I want it to get over soon. It should be normal soon.

[Then I ask the pt about motherhood and she gives incidences about how she is very caring to her children and how her own mother was supporting her and python is a snake which takes care of its eggs till hatching, which  differentiates Boas from Pythons. In Boas no parental care is seen. So I select PYTHON REGIUS and pt is at the emotional level, therefore the 200 C potency. But later I have also given her 1M as the state demanded.

In this nearly one year and seven months she has been given around 7 doses of python 200 C in powder form and later water doses of python 1M for three days, thrice.  This medicine has helped the patient every time in a holistic way. Her urinary infection, her shoulder pain, her neck pain, her knee pain, her sleeplessness, her throat infection, even her anger and tendency to argue and prove her point has decreased with the same medicine. I am still following up the patient and she is totally off her all allopathic medication. Even her heavy menses has become normal. I can see that her state is improving and this is really satisfying.]

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Hetal Vasa, B.H.M.S., is a homeopathic practitioner in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, INDIA. She passed her B.H.M.S. in 2003 and is practicing classical homeopathy there. She is familiar with the Sensation method and applies this approach her cases, but also uses the repertorial method. You can contact her at [email protected]


  • Really nice case Dr.Hetal I also use Sensation method. It’s a intresting case of Python.. I never used this remedy but from your case i definitely get a better idea of it’s understanding.


    • Dear Dr Yamini, thank you for your comments. I think sharing our successful cases can increase our experience many a folds. with regards, Hetal.

      • Yes You are absolutely right Dr Hetal. sharing increases our knowledge.. looking forward for more such cases..

  • really very nice case dr.hetal
    i want to learn this sensation method so can you guide me?
    is there any book available?
    thanks a lot for sharing and looking forward for more cases.

  • Its an interesting case, your description about the case is also interesting, can we read more about sensation method, is there any book available on this method.?
    Looking forward for more cases based on sensation method.
    Thanks & regards

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