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A Case of ADHD – Part 1

Written by Ziad Salloum

Dr. Ziad Salloum presents a case of ADHD in a boy of 12.  The boy’s fear of darkness, stammering, fear of running water on his head/face during the shower helped confirmed the simillimum. He was subsequently able to concentrate and showed a positive development mentally.


Nowadays we see a greater tendency towards emotional and mental disturbances in children. One possible reason is the ever-increasing number of vaccinations at an ever-earlier age, suppressing the immune system and forcing the defense mechanism to produce symptoms in deeper areas of the organism, the mental and emotional plane. Our defense mechanism has to make a tremendous effort to overcome these artificial interventions, making it more and more difficult to resist the genetic predisposition and to keep the disturbance on more superficial levels.

First consultation: March 07 2016

A 12 year old male child presented with:

  • Repetitive behavior and tantrums
  • No eye contact and lack of communication
  • Indifference towards everything even to his possessions
  • Hyperactive, during the consultation he was always moving around and

couldn’t stay in one place.

  • Since 2014 he was under a special diet and supplements because he had

leaky gut. He improved a little but there was no further improvement.

  • The problem began at the age of 8 months

Diagnosis:  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Personal medical history:

  • Took all vaccinations
  • During pregnancy his mother was traumatized she was abused physically

and verbally

  • Before the age of 6 moths he had facial eczema which went away.
  • Acute infectious diseases with high fever (400 C), tonsillitis at age 6 months,

was hospitalized and took antibiotics intravenously. At age 8 months had an

ear infection took augmentin.

  • Abuse of Panadol
  • Had high fever twice in April 2015, tonsillitis, but his parent gave him



  • amelioration in sea water (3)
  • amelioration in nature (3)
  • amelioration in windy weather and thunderstorms.Will standstill and look

at the stormy windy weather; he becomes calmer ( 3)

  • Offensive stools and urine
  • Warm blooded child
  • Scanty perspiration
  • Sleep: knee – chest position
  • Desires vegetables (3)
  • Desires fruits (3)
  • Desires rice (3)
  • Desires pasta(3)
  • Aversion eggs(2)

 Mental and emotional symptoms:

  • Repetitive behavior/repeating words/hyperactive
  • Attention span is short/can’t fix his attention during study
  • Mixing words when he speaks and stammering(2)
  • Distracted mind
  • Fear of darkness/fear of running water on his face(3)
  • Violent and destructive(3)
  • Fastidious(3)
  • Fear of cats(2)
  • Desires to travel(2)
  • Aversion to water when it touches his head/face during the shower(3)
  • Curious/Sensitive/Obstinate
  • Desires thunderstorms especially the windy weather(3)
  • Lack of concentration and communication(3)
  • Shameless

Important note regarding this case:

The frequent acutes in level 5 and level 6 are the organism’s consecutive efforts to reestablish order, to cure itself by high fever, accompanied by other relevant symptoms. The intervention of antibiotics actually counteracts these efforts, and in many cases the whole acute condition is suppressed. After repeated interventions with antibiotics, the immune system gives in and allows the inflammatory process to continue on a deeper level, agitating a deeper organ or system (Prof George Vithoulkas)

Family medical history

  • Heart complaints and high blood pressure in father; h/o gonorrheal infection.
  • History of cancer in both parents’ families
  • History of diabetes and asthma from the mother’s side


Depth of the disturbance –

This is a case in which the disturbance settled in the mental and emotional plane. The mental plane is stimulated and the emotional plane is weakened. The balance is lost.The main complaint is on the mental plane.Learning disabilities, lack of communication and concentration are however on the lower part of the mental plane. Physically we see the gastro-intestinal tract affected, which is not high on the physical plane.

Analysis and Conclusion

The boy’s organism, before taking the vaccination was developing acutes with high fever and he had eczema on his face, which indicates he was born with a high level of health with minimal miasmatic influences (predisposition), but the abuse of the allopathic drugs and the vaccination undermined his defense mechanism and lowered his levels of health. Even then there are still mild acutes and physical suffering along with the mental emotional issues, indicating that the level is still not very bad. This is a good prognostic indicator for a homeopath.

Repertorization (With Vithoulkas Compass)

Choice of the remedy

Stramonium is selected by analysis on essence and keynotes (fear of darkness, stammering, and the running water on his head/face during the shower). It is confirmed by materiamedica study and totality.

Prescription: Stramonium 200C one dose a day for 3 days

First Follow-up: June 23 2016

There was a large improvement at all levels – around 70% of improvement and appearance of new symptoms indicating the next remedy.

The aggravation (lack of concentration, absent mindedness, oppositional behavior, saying useless words, stammering, being more aggressive and violent, hitting himself) was on the mental level and they subsided in a week. The boy also started sweating on his scalp and would wet the pillow in sleep.

Symptoms that have been ameliorated

  • Concentration/Comprehension
  • Behavior, less hyperactive(calmer) and his violent aggression is less
  • Stammering
  • Fear of darkness

Symptoms that have remained or got worse after the remedy

  • Running water on his face/head during the shower still the same, he panics

New symptoms that might have appeared in the last months

  • Boring his nose
  • Walks and look behind and speaks with himself
  • Becoming affectionate and desires to be touched
  • Desires unripe fruits with intensity 8/10
  • Sour and salt with intensity 10/10
  • Ice-cubes with intensity 10/10
  • Icy cold water with intensity 10/10
  • Ice-creams with intensity 9/10
  • Aversion to eggs increased with intensity 10/10
  • Fear of cats and dogs with intensity 7/10

On June 11 2016 he had a dry cough with high fever 400 C with nasal discharges, white watery discharges, took Belladonna 30c and within a few days the acute subsided.When the immune system is considerably compromised, susceptibility to acute disease ceases. If these patients are treated correctly with homeopathy, however, they may begin to develop acute conditions again with high fever, indicating that the treatment has been successful (Prof George Vithoulkas)


The reaction of the organism to Stramonium 200C is favourable. Stramonium acted deeply and it may restore the health of the child. The child was able to concentrate better on his studies. As his mother stated he showed a positive development mentally. There was a mental improvement regarding his behavior and in his learning abilities. The first prescription lasted for 6 months, another dose of Stramonium was repeated but with higher potency – 1M in August 2016.

In part 2 I will present the follow-ups and how the course of the cure proceeded.


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About the author

Ziad Salloum

Dr Ziad K. Salloum, Prosthodontist had been practicing classical homeopathy since 2008. His undergraduate studies were from London International College of Homeopathy 2005-08 and from St. Joseph University-Beirut. 2009-11. He received certifications in homeopathic detoxification for autism and modern diseases in Gezondheid in Beweging-Netherlands/School of homeopathic detoxification-Netherlands (2012-2013). Dr. Salloum has continued postgraduate studies at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Greece since 2012. He is a CEASE Therapist and Member of CEASE-Therapy-Netherlands, as well as a Coordinator and Facilitator of the Group E-Learning Program in Classical Homeopathy by Prof. Vithoulkas’ International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (IACH) in Lebanon and the Middle East. Dr. Salloum also serves as Vice President of the Lotus Society for Complementary Medicine in Lebanon.

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