Clinical Cases

Case of Recurrent Pancreatitis

Case of Recurrent Pancreatitis. To begin with this patient narrates lots of facts about his illness and describes many local sensations, words like pull, twist, cramps, stretch etc. His action is to hold something very tightly. He is doing the same thing that is happening within him. This is the reaction to the local sensation.

[In bracket – author’s explanations]

Mr. N. S., a 24 year old male, who was diagnosed as suffering from Acute Recurrent Pancreatitis,
consulted me on 27.01.04.

D: Tell me what is happening.

P: When I eat some fatty food or heavy food, my stomach hurts – in the middle of the stomach (junction). The junction of my stomach hurts. There is a lot of irritation there and at times I feel that I am suffering from acidity or gas but after taking some medicines for that the problem doesn t get solved for that point of time. My uncle is a doctor. He gave me some painkiller stuff. I was not able to take it overly and I just threw it up and he had to give me saline.

D: So what exactly is happening with you?

P: it s kind of this like if I eat outside like in some hotel and if I feel that, that substance is having some cream or butter or some cheese in it, at that point of time, even before eating it, I feel that if I eat that food, it will hurt my stomach. Last time, say couple of 3 days back I had lunch with my family members. I ate butter roti (bread) and after seeing that butter on that roti, I felt that after eating this stuff, it will hurt my stomach because I have experienced the same thing, like first time,
the first attack which hurt my stomach was a year back. Say a year and a two, couple of months more. And it was quite a bit serious because I ate
some corn chips and the corn chips had some cheesy powder on it. I ate them, I think, I had some soda on it and I just went to bed and say 2 o clock or 3 o clock in night, my stomach started hurting badly and I was immediately transferred to some emergency room there, in the hospital.

[Up till now he has talked about the name and the fact regarding his chief complaint. We need to understand it in detail in regards to the local feeling, delusion and sensation.]

D: What happens to you at that moment of time when this comes?

P: It hurts. It pains badly right in the middle of the stomach over here. After giving me some painkillers, the first time when it hurt, it was right in the middle of the stomach and after looking at the reports, doctors said that it s at the junction of stomach, pancreas and intestinal track. So there is lot of irritation over there. The second time my doctor purposely put some chips in my diet like she gave some diet chart and she did not put doyetose chips. When she did not put any doyetose chips, I was fine.
And suddenly one morning she said that today evening you can have some doyetose chips. So I just had them and it came back. So the third time, at that point of time my doctor realized that it s all
because of those doyetose chips, so I just stopped it. So she said that it must be because of the corns and I got an attack. 3rd time it was real severe. My doctor realized that it is all because of cheese and fatty food that I have.

[I asked him what happens to him at that point in time. But he still gives me the facts about when and how it happens.]

D: But what happens to you that time? When it comes, this pain, what is this pain like?
Tell me little bit more

P: It s a kind of say, I am having a twist in my stomach. Someone is There are lots of cramps,
lot of irritation. I feel that it must be because of acidity but

D: Describe it little bit more.

P: I feel like my stomach is a bit twisted not a bit, quite twisted. I suffer from lot of cramps lots of time and I really need to hold something tight in my hands when it hurts over here.

[This is the sensation related to his part local sensation. This sensation makes him
hold something very tight the reaction to the local sensation.]

D: Just describe that twist, and you did something, describe it little bit more.

P: I was with my aunt in Virginia when this first attack came. It was hurting in the middle and it was very painful. I really needed to hold something tight in my hand because it was hurting the whole pain was at that point of time I wasn t feeling any twist in the stomach but the whole pain was all because of cramps.

[It hurts; pains and I need to hold something. Here I need to understand this whole process together. Sensation cannot be described merely by words. But the whole phenomenon of hurt, twist, cramp will give us the clue to the vital sensation, if this local sensation generalizes, and is vital.]

D: Just describe that cramps and twisting happening in your stomach.

P: Cramps?

D: Whatever which was happening deep within, use your words, don t worry about the medical terms, just use your terms.

P: I feel someone is (H/G: Taking away both the fists apart) holding my stomach from inside and it s pulling me. It s like I would say that it is cramps. It is something like there is lot of irritation and I can feel it, I can feel it on my stomach.

D: Little bit more about someone is holding my stomach. You said like

P: Ya (Same H/G)

D: Just describe it little bit more.

P: Recently when I suffered from an attack when I came back in India, when it was my stomach, I was like feeling one of my nerves should I say or what I don t know what is there over here. Like it was quite a bit hard over here, so I can really feel it. So at that point of time, I was feeling that someone was like I would say  Poking from inside

D: Just describe this someone was you said something like this, you know Just describe it.

P: I mean someone was really like… you know it was as good as someone is picking up a needle and putting it through my stomach from inside and the pain was so much that it was like from here to here like the pain was shifting from here to here and from each and every part of my stomach.

D: Just describe little bit more about someone was holding it and you did like this right? So tell more about this that someone is holding

[Somebody is holding, poking, and putting a needle inside. As he is describing more, lot of new words are coming. These are all sensation words at local area.]

P: Ya, I mean you hold the things you hold something in your hand and you are just trying to pull it apart. (H/G taking both his tight fists away from each other.)

It was like that kind of feeling. I mean someone is holding my stomach from inside and he is going to tear it, I mean he is going really to have some elastic movements over there, something like that. (Same H/G)

D: Just describe this process little bit more.

P: I will describe you what happened second time.

[There are many words like poking, hurt, twist, cramp etc. Words can mislead us but understanding the whole process of what is happening within can give better clarity.]

D: Describe this entireprocess of somebody is holding it and somebody stretches something Describe it.

P: I was really feeling that my stomach is suffering from elasticity (Same H/G) because I thought that someone is holding my stomach, stretching and pulling it apart and just picking a needle through it. This time recently when it happened, it was all kinds of pains someone is poking a needle inside through my stomach, someone is pulling apart, somebody is going to tear it apart, say it was very harsh.

D: Describe this process a little bit more somebody is pulling, stretching apart, elasticity etc. Just that whatever comes in your mind, describe what is happening.

P: What exactly happens at that point of time is that during the means what I was describing was about the recent attack the recent attack when I came back and at that point of
time it was so nasty that I was in a (H/G as if gripping something in hand.) Say during this time I was holding some plastic rod or something in my hand and it was so severe that I just You know I was feeling it and so I was doing the same thing, which I was feeling in my stomach. I was like somebody is holding it inside and it has gone twisted, turn it around and shattered into pieces and same thing

[What’s important is he is that doing the same thing what was happening inside him. Outside he was holding plastic rod. Twisted, stretched, shattered these are just words. You have to see the whole process and where is the energy expressed.]

D: So you were doing outside also the same thing?

P: Yes I was doing the same thing

D: Just describe this whole process what is happening?

P: I was doing like this (H/G stretching the fists tightly, turning them and then twisting both the fists
at one axis.)
like. Both of my fists were I mean airtight and I was like this (Same H/G) and I really needed something badly to hold in my hand because I was doing the same movements. Like, see I do it like this and you know it s unbearable like this.

[He is describing exactly what is happening within the body.]

D: I did not understand. Just show me.

P: (Same H/G). I was turning my wrist around like this like this like this.

D: You told me that you did the same action what was happening deep within you, right? What you did with holding this plastic rod?

[Action at local level is to hold something tightly in hand. Here the action to the sensation is coming up very intensely. The action and reaction are equal and opposite. The action done in the form of gesture is an expression of the sensation that is coming up again and again. This is the whole process that we need to understand along with the pattern.]

P: I was just holding it tight. Say, after doing that both of my this part was really was hurting hard, so I had to like move it around like this you know like if I hold these two things, then I will move it here like this. And then I used to feel better. If I do this, I mean if I keep on doing this, it s lowering down, it s lowering down but say at one point of time it goes to its lowest level and then it rises or it shoots up again.

D: How many attacks you have got up till now?

P: I have to hold something like this and do like this and this (H/G – Stretching both the hands tightly.) At one time of that it goes down and shoots up again This was the fourth one.

[This indicates the intermittency.]

D: This was the fourth one. In these four attacks which was the common experience you had?

[The objective of asking this question is to know the vital sensation that should run throughout all the attacks. A physical sensation can change in different episodes of attack but the vital sensation will remain the same.]

P: Holding it tight.

D: Holding it tight?

P: Ya, and I would say poking a needle and then twisting, there was pretty much similar.

D: Just describe that process again something is holding and doing this, you said something like this, just describe this gesture, which you did.

[I am trying to ask about the whole process of what is happening. Vital sensation is the whole process happening deep within you beyond your body and mind. Vital sensation is not just a word or action per se, rather it is the whole process happening that is expressed through the energy pattern gestures.]

P: Oh, like this? I mean if you are holding a thing, I feel that someone is holding my stomach; I wont say stomach but whatever part is there in this part of your body. I feel that someone is holding it and pulling it right apart. It s doing it in a harsh way. I don t want to do it but it s doing it. And I am trying to keep it low but . It’s just pulling it apart.

D: Describe this pulling. What is it? What does it feels like?

P: It slowly increases. Like it must be over here and again it goes to some distance apart, apart, apart and far away from each other. I feel that kind of thing.

[Gradually the whole process and the pattern of the sensation is becoming more vivid.]

D: Describe this pulling. What does this pulling feel like?

P: It s kind of like this . It s like something is entangling . like my fingers are entangling in each other and I am just trying to pull it apart but they are not getting apart because it has a support over here and this hand has a support over here so it s not getting apart. And it is just trying to pull it apart.

D: So what do you feel when this pulling is there? What is the sensation?

P: It s a kind of It s coming out. It s coming out of the stomach.

D: Describe this pulling a little bit more.

P: I would say that the same thing It s entangled in each other, It is trying to get apart but something is not allowing them to get apart.

D: So how does it feel like that something is getting apart, something is pulling apart and that something is there? So how does that something feel like?

P: The same thing I told you like it s it hurts right in middle of this and it s like it is going to come out now but something is there which is not allowing it to come out. That is what I feel. But it badly wants to come out, you know.

D: And something you said . twisting and stretching?

P: That thing happens simultaneously.

D: Describe that whole process.

P: I mean it s holding the stomach I mean (H/G tight fists pulling it apart, stretching and then twisting both the hands on one axis.) someone is holding my stomach and pulling it apart and twisting it in a harsh way. They are really twisting it in whatever direction like say this or this, it doesn’t matter but it is just twisting in and say, while twisting it, it isvpulling apart, it s pulling apart, it’s twisting. It s pulling apart, it s twisting.

D: So this pulling apart, twisting and stretching?

P: Ya, all of these things happen simultaneously at the same time.

[This is the complete sensation expressed at the local area. Now my aim is to see whether this local sensation becomes the general sensation of this patient or not; if this whole process of the sensation is general for him, then the same thing should come up in other areas that I explore.]

D: So this whatever you have described can you give me the parallel example of it?

P: I would say parallel to a rubber band and you are pulling that rubber band apart and twisting it, then just pulling it apart and twisting it and when it reaches to its highest level, it will break. I don t know what is the highest level but at certain point of time I really feel that it has reached to its maximum, I mean it can go up, it can go further.

[He is giving an image to the local sensation.]

D: How does that maximum feel like?

P: It is the same thing, which I described to you but it, has a higher frequency the twisting, the pulling apart thing, it s really obnoxious. Say, I am holding some rubber band stuff in my hand and just pulling it (H/G palms gradually getting away from each other, far away stretched and then a twisting movement of hand at the same axis.) like this, like this.. like this like this then you will pull just apart like this and then just twisting it.

[Here, he is describing the process of the sensation at a imaginary level perception; making it general.]

D: What s your reaction when this phenomenon is happening? What was your reaction? One reaction is you want to hold something tight

P: Yes .yes or else (H/G holding his hands tightly.)

[I need to understand the reaction to this sensation at the general level also.]

D: Just describe that holding process. You did something like this with your hand.

P: I mean I can hold anything say a cloth or say whatever comes in my hand. I was holding it tight and I was doing the same thing which I showed you like twisting it and getting it apart and doing this the same thing going all the way round my hands and my eyes

[What action he is taking outside is exactly the same to what is happening within him and it is the direct reaction to the sensation.]

D: Tell me what incident had a deep impact on you?

[Now I am exploring the subconscious areas and if the same sensation comes up, then it will become vital.]

P: I was in New York for say a year. My parents and my family members, they all wanted me to transfer Virginia. So I just did that process. So at that point of time, I was really having the feeling that I won t be able to adjust myself to that atmosphere and this happened during the last summer. And I suffered from the attack right after say in the middle of that summer I think.

D: What thing had bothered you the most at that time?

P: I would say, my mental stress.

D: What was the stress?

P: Yes, one more thing bothered me is that . I was feeling, say at times, being apart from my home, I was feeling very lonely and very insecure and you know . nobody is there to take care of me…

D: What was bothering you the most that time?

P: My loneliness.

D: Describe your loneliness
little bit.

P: Yes. So that point of time I was feeling quite
lonely because I was missing my sister a lot, my Mom and my Dad.
And I was feeling that nobody is there for me at that point of time
and even if I want to consult somebody I mean, even if I want to
talk to somebody, there is nobody there to talk with me, even though
I had lots of my friends and lots of relatives and all kind of stuff.

D: How does it feel to not
have anybody around you?

P: It was a feeling of insecurity. All my roommates
they were senior to me, they were really taking good care of me
but at certain point of time I used to feel that there are certain
things I can t talk to them about which I really need to, I mean
badly need to talk with my family.

[These are all common
emotions. We need to understand it still deeper.]

D: How does it feel
like to be all alone, lonely and insecure? How does that feel deep
within you?

P: A kind of obnoxious feeling

D: Just describe that
obnoxious feeling.

P: I would say that loneliness thing that bothered
me I mean it beat the hell out of me.

D: How does that obnoxious
feeling and loneliness feeling feel like?

P: The same thing that I told you like I have
lost interest because .

D: Not the thoughts.
How does that obnoxious feeling in the loneliness feel like?

P: It was a kind of you know
something is coming out of my stomach.

D: Just describe what
was the bodily sensation there?

P: I would say like a kind of giddy feeling
in the lower part of my stomach.

D: Just describe that
bodily experience. When all these things are happening, what is
the bodily sensation for you?

P: A kind of get nervous . when I get nervous,
I have a tendency to look down all the time and concentrate at only
one point and sitting all alone.
I don t want anybody besides
me. If somebody is there besides me, I will just scream on them
or just talk things, which are not even there in my mind.

D: How does it feel?

P: It hurts. I feel bad. See, I don t realize
when I talk things but after getting the whole stuff in my mind…
like whatever I had talked and kind of stuff, I feel bad that why
did I do that?

D: You said that you
look at one object, one point, what is it?

P: When I get really tensed, I fold my legs and
sit on sofa or some bed and if I am looking down and . I generally
hold my hands like this while looking down. (H/G bringing both
the palms close to each other, folding it; giving hard pressure
from top and twisting it.)
I try to recollect the things
what has happened to me.

D: Hold your hand like

P: Yes and as things start bothering me, both
of my hands come like this like tight, tight, tighter, tighter
and this is the maximum I do. It s tight as this.

D: Just describe this

P: See, I do it like this kind of a I am sitting
like this and doing this. I am sitting quiet and cool and at certain
point of time, I realize that these things are happened to me and
I am just looking down and then I am out of my world like only
those things are in my mind that what has happened to me, if I will
think about it. Then I go like that . ok these things are happened
to me, these things are happened to me, and these things are happened
to me (H/G firmly tightening both hands and giving pressure
from up.)
this is the tightest I go. And
say, if I don t have any more space to hold my hands, I would do
like you know sh*ts!
(H/G fist banging on the table.) Why did I do it?
If there is some bed or say some stuff over here like table, I slam
my hand over it.

D: Just describe this
process, only this process.

P: Ok. I will do like this… like this like
this (Same H/G) and at that point of time I am
doing this because I am feeling something in my stomach.
I feel
it in my stomach.

[This is the same thing
happening in his stomach. The same thing is coming up in the stressful
situation (Subconscious area). So it becomes vital.]

D: Just describe what
you are feeling.

P: It doesn t hurt me in my stomach but whatever
I am doing it over here in my hands, it hurts me. I mean I
am doing the same thing whatever happens inside my stomach.

And when I realize that this is the tighter that I can go.
I realize that something is there in my stomach and it s really
bothering me. I can talk to somebody about it; I can talk to anybody
about it.

D: That s the thought.
See you said you are doing it, doing it like this and the same thing
you do what is happening in your stomach, right? Tell about it.
Just do it again and see what s happening in your stomach.

P: I would say it is a kind of a something like
a vacuum is created in my stomach . As if the things
are floating and if I go like this like the tightest, my stomach
and my back are coming closer towards each other and they are just
attracted towards each other.

D: I did not understand.

P: See, if you do like this, this part of my stomach
goes in. It goes inside like to the max it can reach and at that
point of time I realize that this is the max that my stomach can
go in.

D: Little bit more
about it. You said that the same thing happens in your stomach,

P: Ya

D: So what are you
doing? Just little bit again.

P: The same thing happens in my stomach What
I mean to say is .

D: Just this process.

P: Yes, I mean like thinking about some things
this goes tight, tight and tighter and tightest and at the max
and at that point of time, I realize that something is going
on in my stomach .

D: How you do it? What s

P: It s like this, it s like this. (Same H/G)
And yes at this point of time, I am sitting somewhere and realize
that ok this is the max I can hold my hands tightly. So at that
point of time I realize it. My stomach has gone inside it has gone
inside completely, you know? And if I keep holding my hands like
this, it will start hurting me.

D: You said that the
same thing is happening in the stomach, right? What happens?

P: A kind of like this I mean someone is holding
it tight from inside but I don t feel the twist at that time.

(Same H/G)

[Here he says that
he does not feel the twist, but he is doing the movement that shows
the twist.]

Somebody is just holding
it tight. It s holding it tight, it s tight, it s tight and it reaches
at the max and I can feel it in the stomach that my stomach has
gone inside at the max it can reach. And this happens when I am
damning, real lonely and I have no one to talk to. I have no one
to understand me seems helpless. That time I need my parents but
my parents are in India
and I am in U.S.
so Then I talk to my mom s relatives, my aunty, my uncle but you
know at times I feel no I don t want to talk all these things
to them. And my sister is really close to me and I miss her a lot.

D: Which dream which you
still remember, which you had in the past or which is recurrent
or which had a deep impact on you?

exploring the other subconscious area to confirm the sensation.]

P: I feel that my family members e.g. my grand
father, my grand mother, my cousin grandfather and their family,
they all are selfish frankly speaking. I think they haven t really
done enough for my parents that they are supposed to do and they
have not given their attention equally to all their sons, to all
their kids. I feel .

D: What dreams ?

P: Ya, ya that only that I had one dream and that has really you
know a kind of a .

D: What you saw?

P: I just saw the same thing, which I told you. And
see even if I had that thing at the back of my mind when I was leaving
from here, I was feeling that my Dad is damn lonely like he doesn t
have anybody to talk with him. So I just went there and say after
4 or 5 months, say after I completed my 4th semester
I was really like thinking like I was badly thinking about this
stuff that my family members . Like the rest of the family members
they are not supporting my parents equally, so they are suffering
a lot and at certain point of time when they need me really, you
know close to them, I am not there for them.

D: Which part of the
dream was most important according to you?

P: According to me, like talking about a specific
person like my grandfather was partial to my Dad.

D: How does it feel
like when you see this grandfather is partial to dad?

P: I don t feel anything. Like it was all like
a dream and I was sleeping at that point of time. I don t feel anything
over here. (H/G – One hand immediately going
on the stomach.)
But same my head it really pains
after getting up from the sleep and it will get hurt. That thing
bothers me.

D: What sort of pain
is that?

P: A kind of say, all my nerves is pulling

[This becomes very
important when the same sensation is coming up again – pulling out.]

D: Just talk about
it that nerves are pulling out.

P: I would say that when I am seeing that dream,
at that point of time like I see that my grandfather is selfish
to my Dad, I don t say selfish but partial to my Dad. It just bothers
me and at that point of time I realize that something is bursting
in my mind.
And at that point of time I feel something bad for
my father that .

D: Describe this sensation
of pulling and bursting.

P: It hurts really in this part on the top of

D: Describe the sensation
whatever you described.

P: The nerves are getting apart and they are
coming out.

D: Describe this nerves
are getting apart and coming out.

P: The same thing like this but at this point
of time I don t feel any twist, don t feel any poking thing but .

D: The same thing means?

P: The same thing is that the pulling thing. It s
just (H/G Stretching
both the hands away from each other.)

D: Show how it happens.

P: It has just come apart like this. (H/G pulling apart.) And I have realized one thing
that after getting lot of mental stress, it slowly goes down to
my stomach and I can really feel it say after 3 or 4 days or a week
and I get the attack.

D: Now we will do some
other exercise. Just when you do like this, what comes to your mind?
Just do it and see what comes in your mind?

P: It is like a ..say some sticky material
is there in between my palms. If I am stretching it and stretching
it, a thin film forms between my palms and this is the maximum I
I can go further, you know this is the max and this
part of my finger hurts. When it is really stretching

[This is the vibrational
pattern of the source expressed in the language that is very peculiar
to the source.]

D: It s .

P: It s stretching.

D: Stretching?

P: Ya. At this point
of time I feel that, I mean this part of my fingers, say my knuckles,
they are really paining hard.

D: When you think of
stretching and this twisting, what comes in your mind?

P: It is going to break apart.

D: So at that point
where it is going to break apart, you said that stretching to a
point where it can ?

P: It can stand still, if it
twists, it is going to break apart
but at times I can say that
I have a double feel, say you said do it like this and then twist
it, I will see that it will resist it. By times I feel that it is
going to break apart. At times I feel that it will really resist
the attack.

[Once the vital sensation
is clear, my next aim is to search the exact vibrational
pattern of the source. So, we need to find a substance from the
universe that has a similar vibrational
pattern where the complete process of pulled apart, stretch, twist
is characteristic.]

D: Tell me right now
when you are talking to me, what are you feeling deep within yourself?

P: Frankly speaking, say when you ask me about
my emotional thing and kind of stuff, I had a feeling that hopefully
the whole thing will be confidential like my parents won t come
to know about this stuff. At the second moment I felt that No, you
know, I am talking to you, so the things are going to be secured.

D: When these thoughts
were going on, what was happening deep within your body?

P: When I was talking to you and when I was having
that feeling of insecurity like my parents will come to know about
this stuff, they will feel bad, that kind of stuff. I was a kind
of Ya, I had like kind of . You know when I said that thing
that something is holding me but not like as tight as I described

D: Describe what is

P: Something is like . Kind of holding
me, just gently holding me
and say after I felt that whatever
I am talking will be the secured, it has just released it and I
am back to normal.

D: What s the effect
of pressure ?

P: I mean right now I feel if I get some pressure
on my you mean to say some physical pressure? I mean, it doesn t
hurt that much.

D: No. When there is
this severe pain and this pressure is there, what is the effect?

P: I tried it doing it says with my fingers like
this, and it was a kind of say, suppressed at that point of time.

D: Suppressed that
time when you do this?

P: Yes.

D: So whenever there
is severe pain, you do this no?

P: I do like this.

D: And what s the effect
of stretching on this? Stretching your body?

P: At that point of time when it really hurts, at that
point of time, I will go out of control say my aunt she was trying
to control me.

D: What is out of control?

P: Say, I go like haywire you know like at one
point of time I would sit like this and at another moment I would
holding something tight in my hand and say, at the other point of
time I will be like Getting both of my hands off my stomach and
holding it like this at the back.

D: How was your back
bending double?

P: It gives me some relief, not that much. I
don t realize it.

Understanding of the

To begin with this patient narrates lots of facts about his illness
and describes many local sensations, words like pull, twist, cramps,
stretch etc. His action is to hold something very tightly. He is
doing the same thing that is happening within him. This is the reaction
to the local sensation. Now if this sensation is the vital one,
then it should come up in every area that we explore. So my aim
was to go to the other areaS and see whether this sensation is running
throughout all the conscious and the subconscious areas or not.
Hence I choose to generalize it by asking him to give a parallel
example to that. He gives an image about a rubber band getting pulled
and stretched. After making it generalized, I explored the other
areas like incidentS that had a deep impact on him and his dreams.
In both the areas, he describes the very same sensation of pulling
apart and twisting, with the same energy pattern and thus making
this sensation vital. At the end when I ask him to dissociate himself
and just describe the gesture, he comes up with some words like
‘elastic material…’; ‘thin film getting
formed…’ etc. This is the language of the source that
gives peculiar, qualifying, individualizing features of the vibrational
pattern of the substance itself.

In all the areas, the
action that he takes is holding something very tightly.

He is very well in touch with
the form of energy viz. sensation. Hence at all the three areas
he is able to express the sensation very vividly.

The way in which he gets
the attack is very intermittently indicating the coping up mechanism.

Here the whole process
of pull, stretch and twist is experienced as a pure sensation. This
suggests that the vibrational pattern is very much like that of the PLANTS.
And there are no other issues like that of the vibrational
pattern of animals, minerals or any other sources.

This vibrational
pattern of stretching to its maximum and then twisting is very much
similar to that of the vibrational pattern
seen in the plant family viz. Dioscoriaceae
(Yam family).

The proposed Sensation
of this family is as follows.









More about Dioscoriaceae (Yam family) –

True Yam plants are twining climbing vines arising from underground tubers or rhizomes.

The plant itself has no solid bark to support itself. So its thin vines twine and twist itself around the bark of other plants in a spiral coiling manner in order to get support to climb upwards and that’s how it grows.

If one observes a yam’s vine closely, in its twining movement, it coils itself around the bark in spiral manner and there is a stretch / pull upwards with every twine/coil in order to climb upwards.

(It’s as if one is pulling a coiled structure up holding it from one end down in order to increase its height further up)

Dictionary meaning of the word Twine is – Coil, twist, twist strand together to form cord, form by interlacing, wreathe, wind.

The Stretch here is because of the alignment of the innermost particle in such a fashion as to form a climbing twining, spiral coil, twisting itself around.

There is no flexibility. It breaks on folding.

The question that came up was, what about the “forced out” sensation that was there in this case?

Further study of this family gave an insight that Dioscoriaceae belongs to the higher order Liliales. Liliales has the sensation of being forced out .

The very presence of this expression of being force out (in this case) gives the glimpse of the higher order.

1 M/1 dose

In this process, we are able to appreciate each component of this person s core.

Core = { Plant family Dioscoriaceae
+ Energy Pattern of Pull, stretch, twist + Sensation of being pulled,
stretched and twist + Image of a rubber band + Feeling of irritation
+ Reaction to hold something very tightly + intermittently coping
up + hurt in stomach with < by cheese, butter, chips}

Lab Reports: (Before Treatment) (15.01.04)

Serum Amylase: 147.30 IU/ml (0-96 IU/ml)

Serum Cholesterol: 209.40 mg/dl (150-250 mg/dl)

Serum HDL: 45 mg/dl (30-70 mg/dl)

Serum Triglycerides: 118 mg/dl (Up to 170 mg/dl)

Serum LDL: 140 mg/dl (70-160 mg/dl)

CT Scan Abdomen: Minimal Pelvic Ascities.


3 weeks form the start

My pain has subsided. No need to take painkillers.

That sensation that I got during the interview has gone.

I saw a dream that my body is being completely stretched and twisted.

I ate some cheese balls but there was no pain.

Energy wise I am very good.

No dreams afterwards.

Lab Reports: (After Treatment) (After 7 days of treatment)

Serum Amylase: 80 IU/ml (0-96 IU/ml)

CT Scan Abdomen: No signs of Ascities.

Plan: Sac Lac

One month later (By Mail)

I have not got the pain since then, few days back I had cheese biscuits but nothing happened.

I have not got that sensation again.

Energy level is good.

Do I need to continue the treatment?

Plan: Sac Lac

4 months later (By mail)

P: I have not got any pain since then.

I have done my cheese sensitivity test and there was no aggravation after that, they told me that the test is negative.

My energy level is much better.

Thanks for all you help.

D: How is your sensation?

P: I have not got since then. I guess it must have settled within me.

Can I stop your medicine now? When to take these SOS powders?

Plan: Sac Lac

A year later (By mail)

It’s nice to hear from you after a long time. Well I am doing absolutely fine and I have had no pancreatic pains after coming back from India. I think I am growing out of it. Well if you don t mind then I am willing to meet you when I come to India. I am reaching India on 25th.Thank you for the concern you showed towards my health.

Plan: Sac Lac

Case Ends.

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