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Depression in a Woman of 46

Dr. Maitri M. Sukhadia shares a case of depression in a woman of 46. Scholten’s periodic table approach led to the simillimum.

Abstract– Depression is a chronic feeling of emptiness, sadness, or inability to feel pleasure that may appear to happen for no clear reason. As person’s need, expectations increasing high and high up to the out of the limits. In depression there is serotonin which is known as a happy hormone reduces to release and so that patient feels sad, low spirited, extreme sensitive mood. Homoeopathy works on such type of depressive cases very nicely.[1][2]


A woman of 46, Jain community, consulted me on 21st June 2020.  She presented with the complaint of weeping mood, weeps without any reason, hopelessness, loss of interest in day to day activity, having severe headaches with vomiting.

Sometimes has feeling of suffocation. No desire to live, wants to remain alone, don’t want to go out. Sleeplessness. This all happened with her in the last two months. She took allopathic medicine for it.

Associated complaints included constipation, hyper acidity, itching on body without any eruption.

Personal history

Appetite- very little, no desire to eat. Vomit after eating, nausea in morning.

Thirst- no desire to drink water, thirstless

Sleep- sleeplessness, cannot sleep (sleeps only after taking Alprex at night)

Dreams- Frightful dream of dead father in law.

Perspiration- scanty, only on face.

Past history-  Patient frequently suffered by malaria and was hospitalized two times.

Menstruation- irregular, very scanty and comes for two days only, painful, blood is dark red.

Mentals & Life History

Patient was disturbed mentally after death of her husband which occurred eight months ago. She was completely dependent on him. She has two children. After death of her husband she feels alone, tearful, feels that now everything is gone, there is nothing in life.

No interest in living. Tearful mood, weeps without reason, sad the whole day. She worries about who will take care of them. She is religious, went to “Jain temple” and blames God. Doesn’t like to do household work. She is worried about financial support.


  • tearful mood
  • Sleeplessness
  • Extreme sadness
  • a/f- death of husband
  • great anxiety
  • anxiety with vomiting
  • needs support, guidance
  • Feeling of forsaken
  • Constipation
  • Heartburn
  • Vomiting after eating
  • Vomiting with anxiety
  • Desire for sour things
  • This is a psycho-somatic case

After analyzing the case the first prescription was Natrum Mur 200 (3) doses OD for 3 days and SL 4 pills TDS for 15 days.

First follow up: She feels better in headache, weeping decreases, no more tearful mood, but sadness is there. Anxiety with panic attacks still as it was. Nausea feeling in morning is there, vomiting after eating is present. After further analysis Calcarea Mur 200 three doses OD for 3 days with SL 30 4pills TDS for 15 days prescribed. After 15 days patient feels much better, sleep improved, appetite and thirst improved, no more sadness.

After that I prescribed sac lac and one or two doses of Calc mur for 3 months. Now patient is happy, she started a job in temple, started to become financially independent.


Sr. no. Date Follow up Prescription
1 7/7/20 Headache better, no more weeping mood.

Sadness present, anxiety present, vomiting as it is

Calcarea mur.200 OD 1 dose for 3 days.

Sac lac 30 (4-4-4) for 15


2 30/7/20 Better in complain. Vomiting stops. Sac lac 30 (4-4-4) for 1 month.
3 30/8/20 Better in complain. No any anxiety attack till now. Sac lac 30 (4-4-4) for 1 month
4 30/9/20 No any complain regarding depression. Patient starts to enjoy life. Sac lac 30 (4-4-4) for 3 months
5 31/12/20 Patient is completely healthy and living happy life with her children. No medication need.



Calcarea Muriaticum is a combination of the elements Calcium and Chlorine.

According to Jan Scholtn’s theory of periodic table, Calcium is situated at – “2nd column & 4th row. Calcarea needs security, protection, guidance, support, etc. while the muriatic component is for disappointed love, care, motherhood, nourishment, self -pity, sadness, nurturing, broken relationship.[4]


Homoeopathy and the elements by Jan Scholten

Nature’s Materia Medica by Robin Murphy

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Maitri Sukhadia

Dr. Maitri M. Sukhadia, MD (Hom), Assistant Professor in Materia Medica Department, Vidhyadeep Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Centre. Anita, Kim , Surat, Gujarat.

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