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My Path to Homeopathy

Homeopath Lynne Shrubb describes her path to homeopathy and the healing of her son through homeopathy

When my youngest child was born he cried day and night for 3 months from colic and during his first year he failed to thrive and developed a swollen belly and had green nappies in spite of the fact he was breastfed. At age 4months he developed an allergic ‘red indian’ reaction to penicillin given for Impetigo and at 12 months he developed anaphylaxis to peanuts. At age 2 his behaviour radically altered and to say he was literally climbing the walls of our cottage was no understatement. When he was aged 3 we were offered Ritalin for his so called ADHD condition and after rejecting this offer we embarked on a journey to find our son’s potential.

After trying various ‘alternative’ approaches (which somewhat depleted our bank balance) some years later I found myself sitting in front of a homeopath as someone had recommended this might prove fruitful for my son’s chlorine intollerance. After answering a myriad of questions, many of which I could see no reason for asking, the homeopath carefully looked through her books and made up a prescription for my son. I believe she gave him Chloram 200c and we soon found that the difficult behaviour we were seeing in our son whilst swimming came to an end and was never repeated.

Not long after that and in spite of the fact that I had owned cats all my life, I developed anaphylaxis-type symptoms (wheezing, swelling in my mouth and throat) to a new cat we had taken from the cat’s protection league. Immediately I parked the cat back whence she came and visited the homeopath again. After one pill of Cats Hair 30c I was able to visit the cattery again and retrieve my new cat without any ill effects and have had three cats since.

As time went by I came to the realisation that I wanted a career change to a field where I could help others and I was torn between Naturopathy (because I’ve always loved herbs) and Homeopathy (because of our amazing experiences) and after carefully comparing the two and also preferring the taster experience at the Homeopathy College in Birmingham, I chose the latter, not least because I wanted to help others obtain the outcomes we had experienced.

Not long after I began my homeopathic training, I took my son to receive homeopathic treatment from one of the recent graduates of the college who gave me the impression she was practical and pragmatic and one day my son and I had a practical demonstration of this. It was a day after school when my son was on a ‘high’ on arriving at her home clinic. He was giggly and behaving stupidly as emphasised by behaviour which included jumping on and off the settee in her beautiful lounge. I was mortified but the homeopath, without judgement, asked me to hold on to him whilst she went to her pharmacy next door for a remedy that would help. On her return she popped a high potency Hyoscyamus into his mouth and within a few minutes his bouncy larger than life behaviour completely dissipated. Before then I had no idea that homeopathic remedies could impact on behaviour in this way.

Not long after this in the July of 2007 our home was comprehensively flooded and on the day of the floods I remember wading through the school car park only to be told by our son’s senior school head that he felt there was no future for our son at his school and directed us to enrol him into a local special school where there was no chance of even GCSEs. Rather fortunately and because of the floods we were forced temporarily (or so we thought) to move to an adjacent town and this coincided with the local council offering our son tangible support at school which enabled us to enrol him in an excellent state senior school who worked closely with us and also provided a truly supportive mentor and together with homeopathic treatment for a leaky gut our son went on to achieve excellent GCSEs and then attend 6th form (by which time he no longer needed extra support) where he achieved 4 high grade A levels. Needless to say we stayed put to see our son through his school education.


Our son is now 22yrs of age and close to finishing a 4 year Masters at a top UK University. He is a great son and enjoys a long term relationship and a good friendship group. He no longer experiences behavioural changes after chemicals.

Our sincerest thanks go to the excellent and supportive work of the teachers at our son’s Cheltenham senior school and to the help of insightful homeopaths as well as to the brilliance of Hahnemann and his brain-child homeopathy for the wonderful positive changes it can bring about.

After 6 years of clinical practise I continue to be amazed at the amazing health changes homeopathy can bring about and my clinic is going from strength to strength as a growing numbers of my patients recommend me to their friends and family.

About the author

Lynee Shrubb

Lynne Shrubb, LCH, MARH, RHom : I ran my own Nanny Agency for 16yrs until 2009 when I completed successfully my homeopath training. I am the happy wife of a man who is very supportive and interested in my homeopathic career and a proud mother of three children and grandmother to three grandchildren and we live with our beloved sheepdog pets in a beautiful rural location in Glos. Training to become a homeopath at Homeopathy College in Birmingham was one of the best decisions I have ever made as day by day I continue to grow my practise, born out of the growing list of positive outcomes in a wide range of both acute and chronic health problems. I am also a CEASE therapist (which is not surprising when you read my article) and a big supporter of MDITI Infra-red Breast Screening and for the last 5 years have been arranging Safe Breast Screening Clinics for the women (and men) of Gloucestershire in my Homeopathic Clinic in Coombe Hill.,

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