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A Promethium Case

Homeopath Katharina Riedener treats a 29 year old male for allergies. A Lanthanide remedy fit his auto-immune symptoms, his love for animals and his feeling comfortable on his own.

Oct. 16. 2009

Male age 29,

(His Color choice re Ulrich Welte’s color schema was C 17 (same colour at all consultations).

Presenting complaints:

Allergies < spring, grass and hay, on Anti Histamines starting early in the spring, all the way through summer and fall. Also uses nasal spray and eye drops every day. It feels like a cold, runny nose with clear discharge, itchy eyes. I also get the same symptoms from cats and some dogs.

Eczema < oranges, hands, arms and legs < winter, spring and fall

Acne like a teenager (his words)


I love animals, definitely and animal person, always had a dog. I am also into nature, watching nature shows on TV, Planet Earth series. I love camping, I like water if I could be, I would like to be a duck. It would easy to move around and you could just fly; seems like a duck has a nice life, calm and quiet. I am not that social when that many people are around. Not a big fan with a lot of people being around, I am more on the edge. I like it better when it is quiet.I am very happy with my married life, absolutely love my wife and my little son.


I was kind of a surprise to my parents and I was born 10 weeks early, as well as my older sister. I was only 3 pounds and 15 ounces but I was able to breathe on my own. They kept me in the hospital for a month everything was fine. Where my parents live now is where I grew up. My grandparents lived across the field so I go to visit them quite a bit. We have big families on both sides and all the relatives live in the same area. I have mainly good memories. When I was 11, I started to play hockey and that was fun. I absolutely loved it. I was quite comfortable in school. I wasn’t in a hurry to get out into the work force because you can’t go back again.

I was really shy, quiet, liked to keep to myself more I guess. I would hike into a tree and read a book for the afternoon and take my dog with me. I was quite okay with my own company. I had one best friend that lived down the road and we would hang out together. I had trouble with allergies all the time, I would get really bad in the spring, the last doctor said I was more allergic to grass, hay is really bad, which didn’t know in the beginning. One summer I had viral pneumonia was sick for 2 months in the summer, I was starting to get really sick every spring and then we figured out that it was allergies, had taken allergy meds since and I wasn’t as sick in the spring. After high school between 18-25,  I had 10 different jobs, jumped so many jobs because you have to figure out what you like to do.

I always liked to read, still, now it is mostly work related. I am apprenticing for 2 trades, instrument technician and electrician. I like to do both because that’s what my job is right now.  I do instrumentation and electrical work for the oil field, for a small company. I also took a course in criminal justice, I tried to get into the police force, I tried that for 3 years, wrote my exams and I wasn’t high enough.

But then I  became a bailiff instead, that job helped me to get over my shyness I guess. It was interested in that, it was still some kind of law enforcement.

So then I moved to the city to take a position, which was kind of need, because 90% of people were actually really nice and you could talk to them. The other thing I had to do was to chase after people that didn’t pay their rent, it was good in theory but it didn’t work, that was a hard one, walking into people’s comfort zone and financially it wasn’t worth it. In the year I did it, I figured I had done close to 1000 and only removed property from 3 of them, so I would mainly just talk to people and they would pay and get on with their life’s. I have too big of a heart for that kind of a job. Didn’t like being at that end of things, was threatened, probably only 3-4 x times I was threatened, but never got physically attacked.

Spiritual beliefs?

I don’t know. I will find out when I get there. I think there has to be a God or something. But I don’t know what to believe in, too many different choices I will find out when I get there. I took a year of psychology, took a history class there too, hearing the history of religion in the Lord’s name.

I have no other complains than these allergies.

Current medication:

Anti-histamine daily

Nasal spray

Eye drops

No food allergies that I am aware off. Oranges will bring out my eczema a bit more. If I get stressed out it will get worse, increased responsibility at work. I am trying to do the best I can, I always want to do that, my best and a little more, I tend to push myself.  I still have acne like a teenager.


I love steak and lots of fresh vegetables, we eat a very broad spectrum of food.

No particular cravings.

Sleep: like a log, cannot remember my dreams

Fears: a little paranoid about spiders under things (esp. brown recluse)

I have overcome my fear of heights.


This case to me was a clear case for a Lanthanide remedy. The allergies are auto-immune, the patient’s personality, his love for animals, being comfortable on his own, preferring it often, his feelings towards humanity and his outlook on spirituality all confirmed that.

Stage 7, Promethium:

The desire to learn and train.  He had not much desire to leave school because as he said you can’t go back once you are out of high school, so he really enjoyed being in that environment and he didn’t want to leave it. Even as a child he would sit on a tree and read a book by himself for a whole afternoon. It seems that his struggle is to get out of this stage and move on and apply what he has learnt, rather than keep on learning. He had many different jobs in his younger years because he needed to figure out what he liked. All the different studies he undertook, criminology, psychology, history, etc. But so far he hasn’t really applied any of it in his work life. Right now he is doing 2 apprenticeships at the same time.

Acne like a teenager

Presc. Promethium Mur. 1 m

Follow up Feb. 6. 2010:

I have been pretty good, since you sent me the remedy, I only got allergies once since. We were at, at a friends’ house, they have cats and I was fine, had a little bit of runny nose, aside from the usual swelling I would get.

With my parent’s dogs I noticed too, that has much been much better.

My eczema still goes nuts, but I think it is related to weather and stress levels. I actually have noticed that it had gotten a lot better,  it just gets so dry.

I have been eating oranges all through Christmas and they didn’t really aggravate too much. I have a little bit of eczema on my legs, not nearly as bad this year, small patches a little bit irritating, nothing like it was.

I am excited about camping this year, will not have to be stuffed with Kleenex in my pockets.


Actually it has been a lot better. I used to get those big lumpy kind of things on the back of my neck, but I haven’t had that for a few months. I still get a few on my forehead but wearing my hard hat 12 hours at the time.

Work is good and as busy as always, lots of people in the same field of work, I don’t have that much work. I am still working on both apprentices, I will have to take some time off to study some more.

(His  wife also confirms that his skin is much better overall, and he doesn’t have any body acne anymore.)

Presc. Promethium Mur. 1 m

May 31.2010:

I have not taken an allergy pill yet this year, my allergies have been awesome. My eczema flared up a little before a holiday in Mexico. Compare to before we started Homeopathy it has improved about 75 %, I still get itchy, but before I would have pretty much liked to have ripped my skin off.

Cat reaction:

Once I had a reaction to a cat inside of the house, the cat was right in front of my face, I got scratchy eyes for a bit, stepped out of the house for 10 minutes and it was over again, before I used to have allergies for a few days after I was exposed to the cat.

Being around hay and stuff my eyes would swell up shut, and this year the pollen have been horrible and I have not reacted much at all. Literally the whole skin would be turning yellow (from the pollen in the air), and I haven’t gotten a reaction from that at all.

You wouldn’t believe how happy I am, I can breathe at work now, it’s great, some of the meds was like was over $100.– a month. The Kleenex bill has gone down quite a bit too.

A little bit of acne on my forehead, but I wear a hard heat, I had a little bit of breakout on the body but not bad at all.

Presc. Promethium Mur. 1 m

Oct. 1.10:

Good, I haven’t had any allergies, I found out that the body wash I used I was allergic too. Then I took the remedy the same day, and it cleared it up within 2 days. I am apparently allergic to aluminum because whenever I get something with it I get a rash.  Other than that my skin has been really good.

I maybe use the eczema cream twice a week, as supposed to twice a day.

I have so many more quality days without allergies, my eyes would shut down with allergies. Now I can run around with the little one in the yard which last year I couldn’t.


No reaction I was doing some electrical work for my landlords in the city and played with their cat and nothing happened.

Presc. Promethium Mur. 1 m

March 7.11:

I haven’t had any allergies,  I can’t remember last time I had anything.

I have been around cats, these are cats that usually would cause problems and I had no reactions.


They are still giving me quite a bit of grief, I still get some eczema especially in the cold weather. I get a little bit on my legs too, but I wear insulated underwear, it happens sometimes a few little spots when it gets really cold, when I have to wear layers. But we are basically down to the little bit of eczema on my hands.

(This part of Canada can be extremely cold in the winter and the temperatures go down as low as -45o Celsius.)


Actually it has been a lot better.

I will go to school in April, I have given my notice at work I will be done by the end of March.  I want to move onto something bigger and better. I haven’t really decided whether if we would stay in the area, we have talked about moving to BC it is hard to find jobs so far away.

If we stay there I know that I am going to do the same thing for the rest of my life, I feel too young for that I want some more excitement. I have actually applied for a job with BC hydro.

Back to school in April?

That will be my last year of instrument training. I know I am not going to do my electrical for a while, see how it goes. I will have one trade anyway.

July 2014:

Occasional doses of Prom. Mur. 1 m cleared up the hands and the patient no longer has allergies.

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Katharina Riedener-Brunner (DHom, RCS Hom, HMC) was born and raised in Switzerland, where her family used Homeopathy as their choice of medicine. Katharina has been practising Classical Homeopathy for 20 years in the Okanagan and Central Alberta. Katharina continues to study with teachers such as: Louis Klein, Jan Scholten, Jeremy Sherr, Massimo Mangialavori and others. She is also a teacher herself, educating homeopathy students at the LA School of Homeopathy, In her general family practice she treats a lot of allergies and auto-immune conditions. For further info please go to or call Katharina at 250 485-8333.


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