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Revisiting: Jay-Fee and the Sunshine Band


Elaine fills you in on the answer to last month’s quiz.

You didn’t miss last month’s quiz, did you?  God forbid!  Because that would have been a monumental tragedy!  For you late-comers, here it is again.


To read last month’s full case quiz. Visit – Jay-Fee and the Sunshine Band


So, how did we do? Well, we got a lot of winners this time! Yes, the remedy was Capsicum! Here’s why I like this case–and our previous case too (Inez’s tonsillitis case–the first one). Both these cases show how pointless it is to give nothing but the standard medical information to a homeopath! The latter case was solved based on Inez’s eating butter off the stick during her illness, and this case was solved based on Jayfee asking for the very hot and spicy Jalapeno chips, which he normally doesn’t like, to help himself feel better!

This is why I always say, no matter how much information you’ve given me, you still have to fill out the questionnaire! If I can’t pick up one of these odd-ball clues in your case, well, heaven help me! If all I’ve got is: dry cough, loss of energy, cold cheeks and worse during the day, how many remedies is this going to fit? Ten? Twenty? Thirty? It’s all too general, too common! And to make it worse, what if the remedy we need is an under-proved/under-utilized remedy about which we know next to nothing? Is Capsicum even under “dry cough”? I have no idea! And what if it is? It’s such a huge rubric, what good would it do us anyway? So, we absolutely depend on these unusual, peculiar symptoms to lead us to a remedy.

As soon as I heard about the hot and spicy jalapeno chips, I thought, “I simply must pursue this!” I asked the $100,000,000 question: “Are his cheeks red?” I got not only a yes but a YES in capital letters! That emboldened me to go ahead and ask the $64,000 question, “Is he homesick?” I got such a resounding yes to this question; it was almost too good to be true! I sent the Capsicum materia medica to Jayfee’s father and asked him to tell me to what extent his son fit any of the characteristics of this remedy and lo and behold, it was just one big YES after the other! He even said Yes to the shivering! But the homesickness was severe, what with him not even being able to spend more than half an hour after school at the house of a friend!

So, as you can see, we had an acute remedy that fit the constitutional case! So what does this mean?  It means we expect the remedy to totally transform this patient and guess what?  It did! Not only is the cough gone but so is the homesickness and, well, here’s the report I just got from Jayfee’s father:


I was about to tell you about him but I forgot. Here it goes: I gave him a plussed 200C, he took a sip ten days ago or maybe 12, no cough, no rosy cheeks, and everything went back to normal. I have noticed now that he is more jocular, doesn’t get into fights with his siblings, and is more of a comedian. Good energy and more easy-going personality.

I should point out that Capsicum feels easily insulted and, so, frequently gets into fights and arguments. Jayfee’s father knows to tell me about strange/rare and peculiar symptoms in a case, but, if he hadn’t, I’d have found out about the Jalapeno Chips in the “food desires” question; so, I can’t say enough times how important the questionnaire is!

Here’s what some of our winners had to say:

Hi Elaine, I think the remedy for Jay-Fee is Capsicum. The red but cool cheeks, the extreme homesickness, and the desire for jalapeno chips (spicy food) are among the listed rubrics for this Rx. Capsicum is also listed in bold under “nervous cough” in Kent.

Best wishes.


Thanks Carole, but be careful; he wasn’t diagnosed with a “nervous cough”; in fact, the doctor said there was nothing wrong with him; yeah, that’s reassuring!

Hi There,
I’m a student at the HCH in Ottawa, Ont., Canada.

I happened to come across your website and ezine and really enjoyed reading the current issue. I think this case, as well as last month’s case is great for those of us that are students.

In Jay-Fee’s case what led me to choosing Capsicum is his homesickness, red cheeks, offensive perspiration, pain in vertex, and cold/chilliness. When I repertorized homesickness capsicum was bold and was also the only remedy for with red cheeks–so bingo–that is my answer. I then went to Morrison’s and looked up Capsicum, Phos-ac, Carbo-an and all the symptoms were in Capsicum only. Thanks for the great lesson!

Pam Lomack


Hi Elaine

Thanks for the competition, very humorous and interesting!

The obvious suggestion is Capsicum.


Affinities: mucous membranes, mastoid, burning

Stomach, desires pungent

Cough, dry

Face, discolouration, red, cough with

Stomach, desires pungent

Averse cold drinks


Drinks cold <

Uncovering <

Mind, homesick (constitutional, not cough)

Mind, homesick with red cheeks, Caps only

Mind, offended easily (constitutional, not cough)

Mind, jesting (constitutional, not cough)

Does not have:

Eye, lachrymation with cough

Cough, > open air

Head, pain, vertex, coughing on: *SRP *

Persp. odour bitter: *SRP * (Veratrum only)

There are some other less obvious possibilities, but I am sure I would have given Capsicum first.


Affinities: Mucous membranes, nose, lachrymal glands

< cold drinks

< uncovering

> air

Stomach, desires radishes

Face, discolouration, red, cough with

Eye, lachrymation with cough

Head, pain, vertex, coughing on: *SRP*


Shivering as concomitant


Affinities: Nerves and muscles, bladder, larynx, weakness and paralysis

Stomach, desires pungent

Head, pain, vertex, coughing on: *SRP*


Lots of cough symptoms though usually larynx

Cough > sips of water

Mind, homesick (constitutional, not cough)

Re general case description: please allow me to add, desires spicy is not the same as better spicy. I think there is no evidence the jalapeno chips helped the cough?

I look forward to the result!

Helen Swan RSHom


The remedy is Capsicum (cayenne pepper)

ailments from change of residence, school, or country
easily feels homesick
extremely sensitive and touchy, so love to be home all the time
jocular and sings, yet angry at slightest cause

glowing redness of face with cough
cold to touch but red cheeks
throat pain worse when not swallowing
thirst for small quantity of water, craves pepper, spicey food
tendency to catch cold, worse cold air, cold things


OK! So, congratulations to: Helen Swan, Dr. Bhavika Gor, Elisabeth, Zdenka Adasevic, Carole, Pam Lomack and Anonymous 1 & 2.

And P.S., just to allay any confusion, some of you will recognize Capsicum as Cayenne Pepper; but, this is NOT herbal treatment!  We did not give Jayfee cayenne pepper, we gave him Capsicum 30C, it’s a homeopathic remedy made out of capsicum (cayenne pepper).

Capsicum 30C

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