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Creeping Sore Throat

Elaine presents another brain-teaser. Try and guess the remedy!

Shana, holy cow, look at the time!

Mom, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m in college; which means I’m very busy.

Is that sooooooooo……Listen, Shana; the Quiz answer is IN!  Click below:

Revisiting: Creeping Sore Throat


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  • for sorethroat barytacarb with kalimur is the best remedy,if psin is experienced bellodonna is safe.

  • When thinking of ailments from cold and damp, it is usually Rhus tox, Dulc, Calc carb or Nat sulph that come to mind. In this case only Lachesis has the sensation of a lump in the throat on swallowing, and pain in the throat ameliorated by swallowing food. Lach is aggravated by getting cold and wet, is moaning (whining) and morose when in pain, has an affinity for throat and GI tract complaints, better from pressure, greenish mucous secretions, aggravated by draft and (surprise) ameliorated by warm drinks. So I put my dime on Lachesis. And thanks Elaine for reminding me of the Penguins. RIP Cleve

  • Elaine must have prescribed Arsenicum Album, but I can already say that that was not a wise thing to do 😉

  • I would like to go for Lycopodium.
    stomach and throat symptoms better for hot, warm food and drinks, but desire open air ,sensitive to drafts cold.Lycopodium also covers cold and damp weather aggravations.

  • Kaushik,
    As per Elaines principle, just use the following: 1. mind; emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition; unhappy; lamenting, regretting; moaning, groaning; 2. mucus green 3. Throat pain better warm drinks.
    You have your answer 😉 (well, at least it works for quizzes)

  • Hi Elaine,

    I am coming up with Lycopodium. Slow onset of sore throat with digestive problems, better for warm drinks and whiny. Yes? (:

    Mind; complaining
    Nose; discharge; green
    Nose; discharge; hard, dry
    Throat; pain; drinks; warm; amel.
    Stomach; pain; cramping, gripping; bending forward; amel.

    Sandy Seaman

  • I say phytolacca
    I m not quite sure because it doesn’t cover all the traits, but it suits to some 
    of the complaints (ailments from damp weather, sensation of a lump in throat, pain at root of tongue extending to ear…)

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  • I know how tricky these quizzes can be now. So I would also not rule out Nitric Acid because of the odd, sensation of the stool poking from the inside of the rectum. The throat pains also being very sharp.


  • Sandy, you should use “kitchen homeopathy” for this case. For quiz convenience, remedies have been classified into personas. In the restless remedy group that Elaine has prominently outlined for you, there are only three remedies: Rhus tox, arsenicum album and aconite. Choose from the three and you win the quiz 🙂 it all about simple computer logic.

    • SAMUEL KNIGHT : You’re wrong.
      I ask myself: why are you participating if you ‘re so upset and find all of that stupid and predictable: this the second QUIZZ where you do the same thing! Personal vendetta or what?

      It should be more intelligent(maybe….) to go and fight other mills

      And If you were really a knight of SAMUEL you SHOULD be more intelligent than that even if we are disagree with the homeopathic diagnostic at the end: it’s a game in order to learn and find the different useful rubrics in a case

  • Sandra: whiny, groaning moaning…this is the group. Clement, I am making it more interesting by offering my ideas in advance of what Elaine would present in her answers in the discussion. That’s more fun right? Anyway, i am happy you are following my answers ;). Elaine, a’m waiting for your answers and your arguments :).

      • Clement, for my ” precocity, intellectual, introspection, inquisitive, and clairvoyance?” Nah..probably I need Thuja because of my chameleon nature 😉 BTW, (!!!)…

  • I bet on BRYONIA. Sore throat with dryness, amel with warm drinks. Gradual onset of complaints, morning diarrhea and quiet disposition. Lach. has aversion to warm drinks, so away from it.

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