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Creeping Sore Throat

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Elaine presents another brain-teaser. Try and guess the remedy!

Shana, holy cow, look at the time!

Mom, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m in college; which means I’m very busy.

Is that sooooooooo……Doing what, scanning the internet for The Rolling Stones?

Mom, you must be positively psychic because look at this!

Do I have to?

Yes, it’s the latest release by The Rolling Stones!

What??? Mama mia! Wait a minute! Are these people releasing a new record every five feet? What is going on here?

Mom, it’s another masterpiece of overall brilliance! I’m not sure which is better, this or “Doom and Gloom”….

Oy vay!

Anyway, here it is, the latest single by The Rolling Stones!!!!!

Well, Shana, that was reeeeeeeally bad!  But, be that as it may, we have to move on. It’s time to do The Death Report!

The song is not bad!!!!!  Did someone die again?

I’m afraid so.

Who is it this time?

Cleve Duncan of The Penguins.  (That’s Dootsie Williams, their manager, in the center.  Cleve is to his right.)

OMG! The group that sang “Earth Angel”?  (Did you say “Dootsie Williams”?  That’s the funniest name I ever heard!)

Yes, it may well be….. Oops!  This just in!  That’s not Dootsie Williams, that’s Johnny Otis!  What’s he doing in this picture?  Anyway, Johnny Otis’ big record was “Willie and the Hand Jive”.  (“I know a cat named Way-Out Willie….”) You got it Shana! “Earth Angel” came out in 1954 (once again putting to rest the myth that Elvis Presley “started” rock ‘n’ roll in 1956!) Anyway, “Earth Angel” is truly an iconic song, everyone knows it! It’s one of the most recognized songs in the world! “Earth Angel” was written by founding member Curtis Williams while he was in the army in Germany with, guess who?


Daddy!  Here’s Daddy in his Army uniform from 1951 (Rick Lewis):

Curtis and Rick were both in the Army together, along with Jesse Belvin…


In fact, Jesse and Curtis co-wrote “Earth Angel”. The three of them, and one other fellow named Gaynel Hodge, were in a gospel group together in the Army called The Swords.  Here’s a very rare photograph of Jesse and Gaynel in a group Gaynel founded called The Turks in 1958:

It just so happens that The Turks did one of my most favorite records of all time called “Father Time”, written by Gaynel Hodge:

Anyway, Curtis was the founding member of The Penguins; BUT, he and Gaynel were both in the Hollywood Flames first. It just so happens that the Hollywood Flames are responsible for my most favorite song of all time and here it is: “Just For You”

Below are The Penguins with Cleve Duncan in front and Curtis Williams all the way in the back:

You know what Jesse Belvin is famous for, right? “Goodnight, My Love”. Every dance used to end with that song. But, I’m digressing. Here are The Penguins from a PBS concert in 1999 with Cleve Duncan on lead singing the iconic “Earth Angel”:

Goodbye, Cleve! Catch ya later!

Do we, by any chance, have a quiz?

I guess so. They don’t pay me to play records around here, unfortunately. Come to think of it, they don’t pay me at all! I’m going to have to ask Dr. B for a raise!

Who’s the patient this month?

That’s a good question, Shana; because I have failed to come up with a fictitious name! Do you want to try? Anymore dorm names you haven’t used yet?

How about the dorm I’m standing in front of….Berks Hall?

Fine! So, this is the case of Berks Hall! So, Miss Hall is 40 years old. She came to me complaining of some sort of virus and I told her to fill out the questionnaire, here it is:

1. Describe the complaint

Very sore throat that’s been creeping up on me since last weekend. Sharp pain when I swallow. Hurts worse when it’s dry. Green solid mucus in nose. As of this morning, I’m also dealing with strong stomach cramps and diarrhea with trembling/fever/chills – that was sudden.

2. Etiology–this means the CAUSE, if you know it.

Maybe travel in damp weather? My roommate is enjoying the exact same health experience right now (although she is dry-coughing and expectorating a lot, I’m not). We went to Block Island last weekend, which was cold and damp (though gorgeous). I spent a lot of the time being motion sick from the ferry in bad weather followed by some car rides on not enough sleep.

3. Sensation–

Throat: Sharp pain in back of throat, lump in throat when I swallow.

Slight constant ache in left ear with left ear tinnitus.

Nose: Dry chunks

Belly: Continual cramps in mid-gut, just…ow. Stool feels like it’s poking me in the anus sharply from the inside out.

4. Appearance–

Well, I don’t look happy, that’s for sure! And my back is very slumpy.

5. Location–where on the body is your complaint located?

Throat, nose, and guts.

6. Modalities–

Throat, better: hot liquids, swallowing food.

Throat, worse: cold liquids feel better in the moment but then increase mucus; dry air

Nose, better: warmth (showering), picking.

Nose, worse: lying on left side (right sinus is slightly congested)

Belly, better: slumping over while sitting, pressure in and toward navel on left side of navel. Belly, worse: uh…life

Everything: better for open air, worse for being in the direct line of the fan

7. Concomitants (other symptoms that are “along for the ride”)–

I think I covered everything so far.

8. Discharges–

Do we need to talk about the hard green mucus again? It’s dry.

9. Generals–

I’m sad and whiny and I want/don’t want comfort.

10. The mentals:

I woke myself up making whiny noises this morning.

11. What have you been saying?

Mostly just things like “mmmmmmffffffffffwheeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh,” and also, “I’ll go make some white rice.”

12. What are you doing?

Moaning and groaning, whining.

13. Describe your thirst and appetite–

I’m thirsty but afraid to drink anything for fear of setting off the angry intestine monsters. Hot mint tea sounds good. Maybe hot rice in a bit. I’m hungry but afraid to eat anything.

14. Fever?

It just happened with the first round of diarrhea but seems to be gone now. Hot feeling, trembly all over, light sweat, especially on my forehead.

15. Sweating?

See #14. No stain.

16. Odors?

I don’t think so but I definitely have morning breath for sure.

17. What is most striking, peculiar or identifying about your condition?

I just feel so whiny.

18. Is there a diagnosis?

It seems like some sort of flu/cold thing.

19. Describe your energy–

Quiet, reluctant to move, sleepy, collapsed, whiny, so whiny…sooooo very whiny and morose.


Try _____________________ 30C in water, 5 succussions before each dose, 4 times a day, if not better by tomorrow, it’s probably not the right remedy. Let me know.

Dear Elaine,

I took a few sips during the night, woke up with a fever and some more free-flowing nasal mucus. The diarrhea is gone.

That’s good!

The sore throat is gone, I feel slightly perkier.

I guess this is a striking improvement then.

My neck glands are swollen, and I feel like I got run over by a truck. But I also feel interested in being out and about, and came to work because I just couldn’t handle the idea of sitting on the couch for one more minute.

OK, keep taking the remedy, you’re not quite over it yet.

I may in fact be rejoining the living. I haven’t re-dosed the __________________ since this morning when the alarm went off (6:45am), and while I’m still wiped out with swollen neck glands and the slightest computer-strain headache, I think I’m slowly on the mend. I’m at about 65 – 70% improvement now.


OK everybody, what’s the remedy? Write to me at and let me know! The answer will be in the December ezine!

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Shana Lewis

Shana spices up the Hpathy Quiz with her timely announcements and reviews on the latest in pop culture. Her vast knowledge of music before her time has inspired the nickname: "Shanapedia"!

About the author

Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
Elaine is a passionate homeopath, helping people offline as well as online. Contact her at
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  • for sorethroat barytacarb with kalimur is the best remedy,if psin is experienced bellodonna is safe.

  • When thinking of ailments from cold and damp, it is usually Rhus tox, Dulc, Calc carb or Nat sulph that come to mind. In this case only Lachesis has the sensation of a lump in the throat on swallowing, and pain in the throat ameliorated by swallowing food. Lach is aggravated by getting cold and wet, is moaning (whining) and morose when in pain, has an affinity for throat and GI tract complaints, better from pressure, greenish mucous secretions, aggravated by draft and (surprise) ameliorated by warm drinks. So I put my dime on Lachesis. And thanks Elaine for reminding me of the Penguins. RIP Cleve

  • Elaine must have prescribed Arsenicum Album, but I can already say that that was not a wise thing to do 😉

  • I would like to go for Lycopodium.
    stomach and throat symptoms better for hot, warm food and drinks, but desire open air ,sensitive to drafts cold.Lycopodium also covers cold and damp weather aggravations.

  • Kaushik,
    As per Elaines principle, just use the following: 1. mind; emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition; unhappy; lamenting, regretting; moaning, groaning; 2. mucus green 3. Throat pain better warm drinks.
    You have your answer 😉 (well, at least it works for quizzes)

  • Hi Elaine,

    I am coming up with Lycopodium. Slow onset of sore throat with digestive problems, better for warm drinks and whiny. Yes? (:

    Mind; complaining
    Nose; discharge; green
    Nose; discharge; hard, dry
    Throat; pain; drinks; warm; amel.
    Stomach; pain; cramping, gripping; bending forward; amel.

    Sandy Seaman

  • I say phytolacca
    I m not quite sure because it doesn’t cover all the traits, but it suits to some 
    of the complaints (ailments from damp weather, sensation of a lump in throat, pain at root of tongue extending to ear…)

    Sent from my iPad



  • I know how tricky these quizzes can be now. So I would also not rule out Nitric Acid because of the odd, sensation of the stool poking from the inside of the rectum. The throat pains also being very sharp.


  • Sandy, you should use “kitchen homeopathy” for this case. For quiz convenience, remedies have been classified into personas. In the restless remedy group that Elaine has prominently outlined for you, there are only three remedies: Rhus tox, arsenicum album and aconite. Choose from the three and you win the quiz 🙂 it all about simple computer logic.

    • SAMUEL KNIGHT : You’re wrong.
      I ask myself: why are you participating if you ‘re so upset and find all of that stupid and predictable: this the second QUIZZ where you do the same thing! Personal vendetta or what?

      It should be more intelligent(maybe….) to go and fight other mills

      And If you were really a knight of SAMUEL you SHOULD be more intelligent than that even if we are disagree with the homeopathic diagnostic at the end: it’s a game in order to learn and find the different useful rubrics in a case

  • Sandra: whiny, groaning moaning…this is the group. Clement, I am making it more interesting by offering my ideas in advance of what Elaine would present in her answers in the discussion. That’s more fun right? Anyway, i am happy you are following my answers ;). Elaine, a’m waiting for your answers and your arguments :).

      • Clement, for my ” precocity, intellectual, introspection, inquisitive, and clairvoyance?” Nah..probably I need Thuja because of my chameleon nature 😉 BTW, (!!!)…

  • I bet on BRYONIA. Sore throat with dryness, amel with warm drinks. Gradual onset of complaints, morning diarrhea and quiet disposition. Lach. has aversion to warm drinks, so away from it.

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