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A Toothache Royale!

Written by Elaine Lewis

The worst dental debacle ever! What’s the remedy?

Shana, here it is, once again, December; another joyous holiday season is upon us!

If you say so….

It brings back fond memories….

It does?

…of this morning….watching you load the car.  Carrying those big, heavy bags, making four trips back and forth from your dorm room to the parking lot!

Yeah, thanks for helping, Mom!

You’re welcome.  Is it my fault if I don’t have a parking permit?  What if I got a ticket?  What if they towed our car away?  And now, for our salad!

Remind me again why we’re posting pictures of salads?

Because, Shana, people come to homeopaths, like me, with ailments that could easily have been prevented or cured, just by eating a salad!  People are sick because of what they’re eating; I know it’s hard to believe!  This is what dinner should look like; and people, you’re going to have to make it yourself, with real ingredients.

Sounds like it’s back to the ’50’s.

It IS like back to the ’50’s; and that’s what we’re going to have to do if we want to stay healthy.

At least we’d be going back to better music! 

There ya go! 

And now for our quiz.  Shana, we have a VERY special quiz this month, an old friend of the Quiz has dropped by, none other than Kelly Young, herself!!!!

She looks horrible.

She has a toothache.

And she needs a shave!

It’s not an exact rendering.

So, OK, I’m getting the idea that we have, yet, another toothache case!

It’s what the Quiz has become famous for, Shana; the specialty of the house, so to speak!  And now, I give you, from beautiful downtown…Place… the exciting and attractive….  Miss Kellyyyyy Youuuuuuuuung!!!!!!!

Hi Elaine!  It’s so good to be back here in my old stomping grounds!  Here’s my story…
I had a little discomfort after dinner Friday night in an upper right molar (well the tooth actually broke off a few years ago but has never given me trouble).  It worsened during the day Saturday into pressure and outright pain of a throbbing sort.

Ouch! I don’t like where this is going!

We had Avery’s Make a Wish party that night.  I began to run a low grade fever and generally felt yucky.  Belladonna, Hepar, Mercurius and Silica did nothing.  It totally wrecked a really nice night for me.

Sunday was absolutely miserable!  My right cheek was painfully swollen.

This is getting worser and worser!

I had pain all along the gum line and my right jaw hurt.  I also had a swollen gland below my jaw that hurt too.

Dear God!  A fever?  Swollen cheek?  Swollen gland?  Jaw pain?  What else can go wrong?

There’s more.

Are you kidding?

The low grade fever continued and my right hip began to ache.

Tooth pain extending to hip????  This is crazy!

I hadn’t eaten since Friday night but I tried to keep hydrated with tea/manuka honey and water.

I used a baking soda/salt paste on a cotton ball placed on the painful gum which did draw out some of the infection and reduced the pain, but not enough to resolve the whole thing.  I tried your beloved Pyrogen with no success.


I moved on to Causticum (jaw pain) and was headed to Phosphorus next.

I got in to see my dentist on Monday who confirmed an abscess and remarked that it was indeed draining but likely into my sinuses!  “Ah-ha!” I thought. “That’s what all the green goo in my nose was about!”

Your nose too?????  Sinuses?  OMG!

Home I went to start the antibiotic.

Oh boy, here it goes….

Monday was not so good (antibiotics make me very ill) but Tuesday was a little better.  Still I had a painfully swollen cheek/gum and green discharge from my nose.  I don’t believe the antibiotic was helping a whole lot.

Wednesday morning I decided to try ___________________30C in water.

Half hour later everything started to change.  The pressure was lowering and I generally felt a little better.

Yay!!!!  Homeopathy does it again!

My nose started discharging the most hideous smelling green-brown slime with what looked like shredded bits of something.

As you know, we do expect discharging after a remedy.

It was rather alarming not to mention stinky!  I could barely stand myself.  Worse yet, this stuff started to run down the back of my throat!  I kinda felt like a volcano erupting!  Very intense and dramatic!
I used my Nettie Pot to lavage my sinuses and rinsed my mouth with salt water.  These helped a bit.  Then it all stopped and the pressure in my face started to ramp up again.

Oops, wasn’t expecting that!

Needless to say I was a little hesitant to repeat the remedy worrying about what other nasty stuff would come pouring out!  Courageous as I am, I repeated it.  Instead of an ocean of nastiness it all started to dry up this time.  The swelling in both cheek and gum is gone, the face pain is gone, the jaw pain is almost gone as is the swollen gland.  I still have some dried green gunk when I blow my nose but nothing in comparison to what happened earlier in the day!  I may repeat if there’s any backtracking or if the last two issues stall out.

What a bizarre experience this was but at least we now have another remedy to try for these darned tooth problems!!

Amazing!  Well, thanks for remembering us, Kelly; do stop by again after your next dental debacle!  Hey, gang, write to me at [email protected] and let me know what remedy Kelly took.  The answer will be in next month’s ezine–or should I say next year’s?  Ha-ha!  Well, hold on, this just in…the quiz answer is ready now, click below:

Revisiting: A Toothache Royale!

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