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Revisiting: A Toothache Royale!

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Revisiting: A Toothache Royale!. Elaine gives the answer to last month’s quiz.

Does anyone, by any chance, remember last month’s quiz? Kelly had another one of her famous toothaches. Here it is again. Shana, roll tape!



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Hekla lava-3


Hepar sulph.-2





Hi Elaine! I haven’t got a repertory in my laptop to confirm the symptoms, but it
looks like Hekla Lava to me.

OMG! You’re right!

Abcsess, jaw, hip. Of course, I will be wrong

No, actually, you won’t be!

and I will have to open my old PC eventually to check the repertory, and I haven’t got a clue for second guess 😛 Thankfully I have a wild imagination! You really should consider wearing a helmet when you read our funny guesses 😛

Luckily, I just got my winter helmet out of the cleaner’s!

Did you say I was right??????????????????

Yes I did.

OMG! I ‘ve got to go party for this!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!

Yours truly,


Thank you Maria. Maria is starring in our Quiz this month, be sure to check her out. And here’s our other right answer:

Hekla lava

1- Affinity towards upper jaw
2- Gum boil
3- with sinus caused by necrosis (after dental surgery probably)
4- neuralgic pain
5- Mercurius & phosphorus failed

Dr. Mrinal from India

Thank you, Dr. Mrinal from India. Actually, I don’t believe Kelly had tried Phosphorus though she was planning to. Well, the rubric, “Mouth: Abscess, mouth, gums” has 14 remedies, three in bold, 2 in italics. One of the 2 in italics is Hekla Lava. What do we know about this remedy? It’s the lava from Mount Hekla in Iceland. The sheep who grazed on Mr. Hekla were subject to jaw deformities; hence, whenever I hear “jaw”, I think of Hekla Lava!

In Murphy’s Materia Medica, I found this:

Marked action upon the jaws.

The glands are affected almost as much as the bones….

Didn’t Kelly have a swollen gland? I rest my case!

Of great use in exostosis , gum abscess, toothaches, difficult teething. Nodosities, decay of bone, etc. Tumors in general. Bone necrosis. Necrosis and sinus after mastoid operation. Facial neuralgia from carious teeth and after extraction.

Severe continuous pain in lower limbs. Hip disease.

Isn’t it strange that Kelly mentioned pain in her hip? Well, OK, I think we’ve heard enough! I even saw the word “sinus” somewhere. Anyway, there you have it people, Hekla Lava! Jaw and bones in general; a lot of decay and pain in this remedy, worse touch and pressure. Congratulations to our two winners, Maria and Dr. Mrinal from India!  

Oh, wait, stop the presses!  Another correct answer just poured in!  It’s from:

Sebastiano Di Salvo, MD from Italy

Congratulations to all three of our winners! 

And now, as Shana and I said earlier, the music was a lot better in the ’50’s! (and so was the food!) Here to sing us out are The Mello Kings with “Tonight Tonight”.  Click on the song title below. See you in February!

Revisiting: A Toothache Royale! 1

                     Tonight Tonight



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