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Revisiting: Sneezy and the Two-Dose Wonder!

Written by Elaine Lewis

Allergic to the basement. Did you guess the right remedy?

As you know, this is the part of the ezine where we discuss the answer to last month’s quiz.  Here’s the case again for those of you who missed it:


Hey, Elaine, I’m starting to think I may actually understand this homeopathy!

Could you explain it to me then?

This is my greatest success story yet, Elaine. Wait till you hear it!  Ahem!  I’ll just start then, shall I?  “My Daughter Sneezy’s Allergy”.

Whoa!  Whoa!  Wait a minute!  Excuse me, I hate to interrupt, but, isn’t Sneezy one of the 7 Dwarfs?

Yes.  So?

Don’t you see, Kelly?  This could cause our audience to become disoriented!

You mean that can actually happen?  Homeopathy is so tricky!

I told you!  What about “Sneezie”?

Oh for heaven’s sake!  Fine!!!!  OK!  So, my daughter, “Sneezie”, is allergic to something in the basement!  It started acting up again last night.  She had a friend over and they were in the basement playing.  I could hear her snuffling and making this weird clicking or clucking sound in her throat because of it itching.

Knowing that we’ve not had much success in coming up with a remedy for this in the past, Sneezie came upstairs begging for Benedryl!

Not being a fan of Benedryl, I replied, “Wait! Let me see if I can figure this out!”  So, I said to myself, OK, Kelly, think: she has itching in the ears, her eyes are running and itchy, they’re red, lachrymation is bland, nose is running clear with a burning discharge and frequent sneezing.  Her throat’s itching, and she’s got red blotches on her face especially under her nose.

I quickly gave her ____________.   A half hour later, I caught up with her (no small feat!) and noticed immediately that she was symptom-free!!  Usually this allergy progresses until she has to leave the basement and then is miserable for hours. Not this time!!  She and her friend spent the night in the basement without any discomfort at all! (or any sleep either, it appears!)

Late the next morning I heard her sneezing again followed by the weird throat-itching clucking sound.  I re-dosed with __________ and the symptoms went away and this time did not come back.  This was the first time I was able to successfully treat one of her allergy episodes which have been tormenting her for years!!


Give yourselves a round of applause, everybody, because most of you came up with the right answer! Out of 16 votes cast, 10 of you said Allium Cepa!  In fact, the first six votes that came in all said Allium cepa and I thought, Oh my God, it’s going to be a clean sweep!  Well, almost.  I’ve never seen so much agreement in all the time I’ve been doing the Quiz!  Ten winners!

Here’s what our winners had to say:

1. I came up with Allium Cepa.  There were a few others with similar symptoms but I ruled them out and Allium Cepa with its burning nose discharge and bland tears, but also the sneezing and throat itching were probably the most important symptoms and even though they weren’t real strong symptoms of Allium Cepa, they were still present.

Tara Maue

2. Dear Elaine, Here the remedy seems to be Allium Cepa – The red and watering eyes, the sneezing are just the indications for this.

Please let me know if I am right.


Jayashree Kanoi

3. I will like to give a dose of Allium Cepa IM.


4. Dear Elaine,

The remedy that seems indicated for this month’s quiz is Allium Cepa.

It has the grand keynote of this remedy viz. ‘acrid or burning discharge from the nose’ but ‘bland discharge from the eyes’. Euphrasia in comparison has ‘acrid discharge from the eyes’.

The runny nose and eyes, itching in the ears and throat, the constant sneezing etc. are all covered by this remedy and the keynote that i mentioned for which i think it is the only remedy clinches the case in its favour.

With warm regards,


5. hi elaine!

firstly, thanks once again for helping to produce this most amazing ezine – it is such an invaluable resource to me;

as for this month’s quiz…i think the remedy kelly gave was allium cepa.

it fits all of the symptoms of kelly’s daughter’s allergic reaction.

  • – itchy throat, needs to clear it
  • – bland eye lachrymation
  • – eyes red and itchy
  • – itching in the ears due to an allergy
  • – profuse nose discharge, clear and burning
  • – redness of the skin
  • – a good remedy for allergies

(info taken from murphy’s homeopathic remedy guide).

as to the potency i think kelly gave a 30c, as she had to repeat the dose. i probably would have given a 200c as this was an acute case that needed something to work straight away, and 200c has the strong male energy to do this. plus the remedy is very well indicated. also, children can cope well with high potencies and respond very well to them.

merry christmas.

kind regards,

rebecca hill

6. Dear Elaine, the bland lachrymation from the eyes belong only to a few remedies; Euphrasia has respiratory and skin symptoms. Pulsatilla, although it has violent, frequent sneezing, but does not have the burning discharge in the case text.  In my own opinion All-c is the remedy for the case.


7. Hello Elaine,

I think the answer is Allium cepa mostly because “lachrymation is bland, nose is running clear with a burning discharge” and sneezing.  We can refer to the basement as a closed, warm room like modality of aggravation?  Allium cepa is worse inside, better outside in fresh air.

All the best,

Anca Ticu

8. Hi there,

Here is the answer – Allium cepa 30

Looking forward to hearing from you,






10. Elaine, everything seems to fit, at least when I turned to Murphy’s Remedy Guide after a lackluster attempt at Kent’s Rep.

I know that Allium is noted for the combination of bland lacrymation and excoriating nasal discharge, but I didn’t know it was also associated with frequent sneezing, itchy ears, red itchy eyes, itchy throat (Murphy says the Allium cough is caused by tickling in the larynx, creating a constant inclination to hack in order to relieve it).

What has me nervous is the following comment: “we’ve not had much success in coming up with a remedy for this in the past”. There’s always some kicker in your write-ups, that’s why they’re such great lessons, LOL.

Katie “Brooks” Durham


Katie gives me too much credit!  So, yes, everyone seemed to know what Rajiv said best, that there’s a GRAND KEYNOTE of a remedy here: the famous bland discharge from the eyes and the burning acrid discharge from the nose of Allium Cepa.  Robin Murphy says, when you see a grand keynote of a remedy, give the remedy!

So, let’s congratulate all our winners: Katie Durham, Dr. Padma Gupta, Soniya, Anca Ticu, Tony, Rebecca Hill, Dr.S.C.Kursija, Rajiv, Jayashree Kanoi and Tara Maue.  

Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom.

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