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Varicocele 4th Grade Cured with Homeopathy

Written by Ravi Singh

Dr. Ravi Singh treats a boy for varicocele using hair transmission to convey the remedy frequency. Reproaching self, thirstless and cautious were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

Keywords: Varicocele, Infertility, Medicine transmission Through hair, Sahni effect, Homoeopathic Treatment of varicocele


Let me share the story of a man of 22 from Delhi. He suffered from a not uncommon but so-called incurable disease, varicocele. He also suffered from genital warts and painful corns at the feet sole. Varicocele is the condition where the valvular mechanism of the testicular veins fails and blood returns in the veins due to gravity.

This cause enlargement of the veins. The scrotum in the male contains the two testes, which are there for sperm production. The testes must remain outside the body because the production of sperm requires a slightly lower temperature than the body temperature. The temperature in the testes in the scrotum remains about 3 degrees lower than body temperature.

Testes are supplied by the testicular artery, testicular veins and lymphatic vessels. As the name indicates, the pressure in the testicular artery remains high compared to the very low pressure of testicular veins. The blood must ascend in the testicular vein against gravity to prevent backflow, and they have a valvular mechanism. Failure of this valvular mechanism causes engorgement of blood in these veins leading to swelling, pain and loss of the temperature regulation mechanism.

The symptoms of varicocele include pain which varies from sharp to dull discomfort. This pain may increase with standing or physical exertion, especially over long periods. The pain may worsen over a day and may be relieved by lying on the back.

Symptoms vary according to the grade of varicocele. Many patients present with male infertility, and a varicocele may be found on examination. Varicocele cases may present with atrophied testes. Valsalva manure is often diagnostic to varicocele, and high-resolution ultrasonography confirms the diagnosis. The treatment is not required in mild cases, and severe cases may require surgical intervention.

Unfortunately, surgery is also not very successful except with some advanced treatments using microsurgery. Chances of damage to the testicular artery and veins are high in surgical procedures. Homoeopathy offers individual symptom-based treatment in such cases.

Case History

This patient suffered from varicocele since Dec 2019. He experiences a dull pain in the left testes. He also suffered from genital warts. He visited a dermatologist who suggested ultrasonography. The USG of the scrotum revealed a 4th Grade varicocele.

Symptoms: He had pain at the testes, which extended to the left leg from thighs to the toes. The pains were aggravated by prolonged standing, prolonged sitting and after a spicy or heavy meal. The pains got better with rest and raising the leg upwards. He told me the pains are always better in the lithotomy position.

He also complained of many genital warts present at the glans penis, prepuce, and scrotum.

He also suffered from a fungal infection in the groin area (tine cruris).

Past History: Nothing specific except he suffered from chickenpox nine months ago.

Family history: Mother- frozen shoulder. His father died of a heart attack.

No abnormality was detected in vision, hearing, taste or smell.

In general, he was sensitive to the sun, which caused itching in the body. He does not feel comfortable with tight clothing.

Thirst was as expected and he was a hot patient. He loves sweets and banana. Spicy food agg.

Sleep was normal, and no specific dreams.

Stool and urine normal

He reported corns on his feet, and they were painful when stepping.

Mental Symptoms and life history:  He is a reserved personality type, but in anger, he becomes violent and even becomes physical. By nature, he is secretive, even with close friends. At his workplace, he is very responsible and never leaves his task incomplete. Even being at the job, he is continuing his study.

He left studies earlier due to the sudden demise of his father. In the critical situation, he became nervous. He is a religious person and trusts in God. He said he asks for help from his friends without testing their genuineness.

In his life situation, he made physical contact with many girls. Genital warts were troubling him. He has some guilt in breaching a girl’s trust after being physical with her. He said he felt disgusted with himself for many months due to his sexual activity.

I analyzed his case and selected the following rubrics.

GENERALS – FOOD AND DRINKS – sweets – desire
MIND – ANGER – beside oneself; being
MIND – RESPONSIBILITY – taking responsibility too seriously

Lycopodium was selected and transmitted with the hair of the patient in 0/1 potency from our centre.   

Follow up: At our first follow up call from the clinic on 13 Jan 2020, he said there was slight relief in the genital warts. Pain in the varicocele was also better.

At his follow up on 30 Jan 2020, he said the warts reduced in size.

Corns: pain is the same, varicocele is painful sometimes, and from tinea there is  mild relief.

At the subsequent follow up of 17 Feb 2020 he reported warts were almost gone. The overlying layer is there and feels like a projection.

Tinea is still present, although less than earlier.

Corns – reduced. Varicocele has relief. It is less than before.

On 2 Jun 2020, he is underwent rescan of the scrotum and the varicocele was  reduced to grade 3. Genital warts were cured by this time.

Treatment continued for months, and he made a gradual recovery in the conditions of genital warts, corn, tinea cruris and varicocele. His final ultrasonography of the scrotum was done on 12/05/2021, which was done by the same sonologist who had diagnosed the varicocele as grade four.  He eventually found no sign of the previous varicocele.


This case is a classic example where a grade 4 varicocele became normal. The reports are verified by the same sonologist, who diagnosed this case earlier as Varicocele 4th grade. Only a single remedy, Lycopodium used in the entire period of treatment. We gave a change in the transmission set from time to time as required.

The first and Subsequent follow-up of the case can be watched on Youtube at

This case was treated by the method of medicine transmission through hair. It is a new homoeopathic treatment model, where one of the patient’s hairs is kept in a medicated vial. The patient will start getting the medication’s effect in their body irrespective of the distance. Dynamic energy medicine is reaching the patient’s body without taking it orally.


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About the author

Ravi Singh

Dr. Ravi Singh (MD Hom) is a leading homeopathic practitioner in Lucknow, India, and a nationally known homeopathic doctor and teacher. He is a graduate of Foster Developments Homoeopathic Medical College Aurangabad, Maharashtra and Sri Sai Nath Post Graduate Institute of Homeopathy Allahabad. He has studied homeopathy intensively for eight years (5 and half year undergraduate and post graduate in pediatrics with homeopathic specialty). Over the years he has conducted seminars and workshops for practitioners and students in India. He is also a visiting lecturer at various post graduate institutes of homeopathy in India.


  • Not sure I understand the mode of transmission . Was the hair removed from the body and kept in the vial containing the Lyco? Where was the vial kept? On the person the whole time as in a pocket? This was not made clear. What does 0/1 mean?

    • Hi Rochelle,
      0/1 means LM 1. Hair transmission refers to placing a hair of the patient into a bottle of the water potency of the remedy.The bottle is kept on premises of the homeopath. The remedy frequency is automatically transmitted to the patient. It’s a way to treat at a distance. The remedy is selected with careful case taking and repertorization as usual. Improbable as it may seem, Dr. Ravi Singh is an accomplished homeopath who has been getting excellent results with this method for many years. It makes one wonder about true nature of the universe.

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