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Multiple Sclerosis of 12 Years – Dramatic Reversal of Symptoms

Homeopath Domenic Stanghini reports on a case of multiple sclerosis in a woman of 49. There was a dramatic reversal of symptoms.

I first saw this 49- year-old female for Multiple Sclerosis in Feb/2019. She also had comorbidities of Hashimotos, IBS, Migraines, Allergies, and TN.  Her MS medical history began in 2009 with face tingling, numbness and extreme daily fatigue that evolved later to right leg paralysis. She ignored the fatigue and kept going. By 11/2009 “could not walk correctly with right leg dragging and walking gait was way off with tingling in extremities at times.

She says “I was shifting my body to swing my leg, because I couldn’t lift it. I thought my back must be out and I had never experienced issues with my back. My toes were numb on both feet but I couldn’t move them on my right leg. I had right side foot drop with hand twitching. Numbness in feet and lower calves. I could then shuffle my feet and walk but was so dizzy that I had to hold the wall to steady myself with minor balance issues. I get imbalanced when I look down or squat. Feet have a weird tingling sensation but feels like they are dry. I don’t feel the bottom of my feet and I don’t really feel my calves properly”.

“I went to the ER, they admitted me, and an MRI showed over 50 lesions on my brain with some on my spine.  I did 4 days of IV steroids. I refused Multiple Sclerosis medicine and didn’t tell anyone the diagnosis because I believed if I didn’t say it that it wouldn’t exist.” 

“I changed my diet.  Did meditation etc.  But, I was in a very controlling spiritually abusive Organization. I was always afraid because they stressed that I didn’t have faith to be healed but that I had faith for the sickness. I Thought about that organization a lot.  I got better a little and could walk but couldn’t climb steps without help. High humidity makes me feel heavy. My legs are heavy and I cannot walk properly. I had an MS relapse and couldn’t see past ten feet. I lost the ability to see certain colors and I lost feeling in my left hand. I get anxiety when talking to my landlord.”

“I struggled for all of 2010 and 2011. I left that crazy organization Christmas of 2012. I started MS meds during 2012 and got somewhat better but still struggled. I did Copaxone, Rebif, Tecfidera and then went back to Copaxone. I still struggled walking but could see etc.  Had several MS relapses each year and did steroids. We moved in September 2018. I had another MS relapse in November 2018 and this time it came with TN. Extreme pain in the left side of my face.  MRI showed new lesions and I decided to switch to a new neurologist.  Did even more steroids before I started another MS drug, Ocrevus, in December 2018.”

Heat sensitivity brings serious fatigue, imbalance, numbness in feet and lower calves. During heat her back hurts down the spine and shoulders with horrible pain and her brain becomes fogged. TN facial pain was managed with medicine but didn’t leave. “I think that the TN pain was due to the emotion of grief for my kids that had lots of challenges growing up. That is when the right leg paralysis started when one entered the hospital. They recently moved back in the home and it increased my stress. All these emotions are big triggers for me but I try to remain calm as I deal with these issues.”  

Client also goes on to describe symptoms of OCD, fear, perfectionism, control issues, lots of stress, quiet about feelings, or gets very angry and tries to hide it OR just expresses it then gets angry with self. Migraines about 20x per month with pressure pain in the temporal region.

Starts more on the right side and then moves to the left side of the head. Sometimes left side and then moves to the right. Fruits and processed foods give her migraines. Memory is an issue. Had Shingles in the past. Dramatic stomach issues to berries, watermelon, carbonation and many fresh fruits.

Takes Wellbutrin for depression and anxiety. Concerta for clarity of mind and energy. Cetirizine for migraines and when reacting to allergies, aspirin, dust, and mold. Has IBS and Hashimoto’s. Difficulty concentrating, brain fog, problems with speech sometimes occur with migraines, difficulty learning, moodiness, heat intolerance, sudden weight gain from the steroids, and urgent bladder.

Optic lesions and vision issues with heat + vision impaired with heat. MS relapse can bring back old vision issues, distance issues, and side or color issues. Constipation with muscle twitching sometimes. Minor varicose veins. Strongly likes butter, eggs, meat and really likes fish. Lives next to an ocean. Family history of arthritis and cancer. 

Others describe her as  “Friendly, kind, thoughtful, patient with others but very impatient with self. Natural tendency is to be honest but tries to hide it. Is nice instead of telling the truth. She is blunt, says it how it is, unless you’re trying to spare people’s feelings and then says nothing at all.

You allow things to stress you because you put too much thought into day to day things. Huge issues you handle amazingly.  Gives so much to others that it really wears you down. Holds back her feelings, is quiet about things and then, if so made to, then will talk about it. Swears the F word. Does not know how to handle being ignored.

Very impatient with self. Hurry in a hurry. Time moves too slow for her. Right leg issues, stops working and has to go sit down. Sadness. Could cry talking about her child. Grieving for kids. Always scared that something bad will happen. Feel better by the ocean. Does not get better by the ocean but emotionally by it, just happy.

Was there any major stresses at that time of MS diagnosis?  “2003 first MS attack when 4th child was born. Very excited but at a very bad Christian organization and I knew they didn’t like children but I wasn’t brave enough to walk away from them. 2009 still at that place and our offspring began having issues and was kicked out of the church school that they had gone to from 1st-8th grade.  Our oldest offspring was graduating from high school and was struggling with issues with the church. We lost lots of money with this organization just before this relapse. I was hating that religious cult and wanted to walk away but wouldn’t let myself or help my husband make a decision to leave.”

“One of our offspring blames this on us for raising them in a cult. Wants our help and has let the past go but is in a bad situation with friends. Another offspring stresses me out because they set their own boundaries and I am not stern enough with them. When I’m sick they have to do a lot for me, driving, grocery shopping, and I let them step into a leadership role”. 


I started off with being overwhelmed with the case as there were so many issues going on. I ignored everything and focused on the MS symptoms or more specifically I focused on what was going on at the time of the onset of the MS symptoms.

I looked for themes of what happened at that time, possibly even earlier in life, and what is still occurring now. I follow a philosophy that the Soul is trying to learn a lesson. Therefore, I try to understand the feeling or the attitude of what they are most struggling with and try to turn that into rubrics while trying not to get distracted with the comorbidities.

Themes of grief, dwelling on earlier life situations that were not properly processed kept coming up during the consultation. Emotions were clearly suppressed with lots of sadness. Clear confusion of mind to me always represents fear that is so huge that the client has become accustomed to it and does not realize the need to de-stress.

Difficult concentration with a fear to face life’s difficult challenges. I always place less importance on the physical symptoms but always try to find the ones they struggle with the most.

Natrum Mur clearly covered the most symptoms and the crucial mental emotional “soul state” of the case. Staph did not cover the client dwelling on past disagreeable situations thus it was clearly NOT the predominant “state” of the client.

2/16/2019-I started the case with 1 dose of Natrum Mur 1M only. To be followed  with daily dosing of Natrum Mur 200c in water. Arnica 200c if she needed it from over exercising.

Start learning relaxation and meditation. Continue to identify and solve stress. I always impress upon the client a need to learn how to relax the body and mind while at the same time working on identifying the stress of the moment and solving it. A relaxed mind leads to less physical symptoms.

Follow ups

2/24/2019 – “MS symptoms are better, not sure because the stress is so much better since I changed my approach, could be both not sure.” (All clients are asked to begin a program of learning Relaxation and Meditation + identifying and solving stress) “Not cursing out offspring. Notices setting better limits with my kids. Having compassion so that they can  think for themselves. Giving Husband space as well”.  Continue: present remedy and dosing, learning relaxation, meditation, identifying and solving stress.

2/28/2019– Had stomach pain from sipping the Nat Mur 200c all day long. Paused both Nat mur and Arnica. Stomach ache and multiple bathroom trips, pain in mid back, and upper stomach, aggravating the IBS symptoms. After 3 days take Nat Mur 200c dry dose in the morning and if needed Arnica in the afternoon . Continue learning relaxation and meditation. Continue to identify and solve stress.


3 weeks later the client reports “I get it. It sounds too good to be true and I’d have wanted proof too a few years back. 

“As for homeopathy, I wasn’t sure what to expect. And had Domenic not explained what would happen, the subtlety of it may have escaped me. It’s not a pill that suppresses something. I just felt this calm come over me. My body could breathe. My shoulders came down and rested comfortably. I started to soften. I’m not sure I can do the feeling justice by trying to describe it but I’m just not taking life so seriously any more. I’ve let go of my super fearful grip. I’ve had more productive therapy sessions since starting homeopathy too. I was able to cry in therapy for the first time this week. I allowed it. Sounds silly maybe, but for me it was huge. Those tears have been suppressed for a very long time!” 

“I’ve posted in another group a few things about the parasympathetic nervous system and the vagus nerve which regulates it. I’ve lived the majority of my life since childhood in fight or flight and I feel like that switch has finally been turned off. I’d reached a healing plateau that I knew would only be surpassed if I addressed emotion. I can feel it happening. Things are moving once again. Homeopathy helped me to lighten the load so my body could do more work.”

Continue: present remedy and dosing, learning relaxation, meditation, identifying and solving stress.

3/27/2019-Client reports: “Things are going much better, doing well in many many ways, I’m much better.  I will not list everything as there are so many things that are consistently, slightly better, but slightly better is huge. Urgent need to urinate still there but reduced. I think everything is improving and the new Level of inner peace that I’m learning to cooperate with most of the time”. Continue: present remedy and dosing, learning relaxation, meditation, identifying and solving stress.  

April 9 2019

Client reports:  “It is really amazing how well I was handling all kids AND WORKING so many hours” that was not normal for me. Took a few days break from the remedy, but when I restarted, the remedy kicked back in and I felt the new normal. I created boundaries with kids, studied scripture, walked a lot, and needed to stop stressing. I hate the results of being off the remedy for a week. I am anxious all over again. I re-started the remedy yesterday as I hope it gets into my system. My brain is somewhere else and it’s taking triple the time to work. I feel really sad for no reason but feel like I have so many reasons, thoughts are racing. 7 days on a break from remedy.”

(I usually ask clients to stop taking the remedy for 1 week after 4-6 week daily dosing). Also Arnica Montana 200c in the morning. Meditation once or twice a day. 

“I think that the meditation and homeopathic way is helping me reconnect  with what I loved in the past. No migraine for 3 days. Had a rough day where the bathroom backed up, locked outside, my offspring had court and  I had no headache or migraine + no aggravation of MS symptoms. I was able to respond to and turn away from the migraine almost immediately. I realize I get pain in my head or jaw almost immediately with certain people or situations.  I have  learned not to stifle my words or emotions and I let them out. I am walking again and I am healthy in many ways.  The roots of the sickness were connected to manipulation and guilt. It was awful. I was afraid to step into this but doing it is causing me to reconnect with hope, faith and healing.”    Retook one dose of Nat Mur 1M one dose. Started Nat Mur 200c 2x a day Continue learning relaxation and meditation. Continue to identify and solve stress.

5/4/2019 – TN pain is very strong and I suggested Cham 30c and this did not work. We tried Staph 30c and it greatly reduced the pain. Also instructed the client to focus on expressing their anger more and to stop clenching the teeth. Continue with the Nat Mur 2x a day and Arnica if needed.

Continue: present remedy and dosing, learning relaxation, meditation, identifying and solving stress. 


Client reports “Feeling much better overall. Less MS symptoms. TN is much better. There is big progress physically, mentally, and emotionally since Feb 2019 or 5 months. I’m taking the monthly break from my remedy. All is going well with me. Still progressively seeing improvements.  Slight changes but significant like I can now lift my legs one at a time and cross them or tie a shoe. I say I just oh wow! And that just got easier and easier. NO jaw pain at all now without any medicine. My thoughts are clearer, brain fog is very rare now”.  Continue: present remedy and dosing, learning relaxation, meditation, identifying and solving stress.


Staph really helps with the migraines + TN. Nat Mur is helping her to walk again, less heat intolerance and better stamina. “I have greatly benefited from the homeopathic perspective with Domenic. I have tried many things to improve my health, including diet, exercise, a holistic approach, medication. I received a customized homeopathic remedy and gained the ability to positively deal with stress and negative emotions, which have improved my health and reduced my MS issues”.  

Continue: present remedy and dosing, learning relaxation, meditation, identifying and solving stress.

9/27/2019- 7 months later

I can DO 20 PERFECT JUMPING JACKS at a time:- I’m so excited:-) So, I’m doing 20 several times a day:-)) That’s how I feel :-wow”.

On a percentage. 

  • “Maybe 75% better than in Feb
  • 95% fatigue improvement
  • Walking —85% improvement
  • Peace 95% improvement 
  • Anxiety 80% improved
  • Memory 90% better than Feb
  • Amazing improvements
  • I take the time to relax and recall memories ..and my brain is getting better and better. It’s fun to remember again”

Continue: present remedy and dosing, learning relaxation, meditation, identifying and solving stress.


I haven’t had a relapse and I feel physically great even though we have a complex family issue with our youngest (16 year old). I cried and felt emotionally overwhelmed but I feel better. I took an extra dose of the remedy. Thank you so much for the insight “.

“I know that I couldn’t walk through this one as emotionally mature and physically at the top of my game if it wasn’t for all I’ve learned. Good info. Scanning my body to find stress. Yesterday, it was in my jaw  I’m laughing because I was like oh no I’m not doing this. So, I dumped a pending stress-inducing writing job and asked my partner to leave work early and we went kayaking. My jaw relaxed and I felt better about the situation. And I feel really hopeful today”. 

“Our 16 year old will be fine as they work through a difficult life situation. I was upset.  But it’s not about us it’s about helping them love themselves. So that’s my focus. I do love myself and read books from helpful resources etc.  A therapist is the best help for our child and we will just be a listening support and love them”. “The biggest challenge for me so far is the fear of judgment and rejection from others for our teenager plus extended family. Plus I had to grieve for the future. I’m grateful to be dealing with it so quickly. One family member said wow mom congrats you have evolved so much

Continue: present remedy and dosing, learning relaxation, meditation, identifying and solving stress.

10/16/2021– She took Causticum on her own for bladder issues and ended up “proving” the remedy. Instructed to stop and once proving symptoms went away to continue with the regular Nat Mur dosing schedule and to exert patience with remaining MS symptoms.

Continue the present remedy, Nat mur 200c 2x a day, and dosing. Continue learning relaxation and meditation. Continue to identify and solve stress.

January 9, 2020

Just wanted to say thanks. And to give you an update I’m doing great physically and emotionally. Getting better and better. My family is doing really well and I’ve learned to say what I need to say and to walk away.  I have a house cleaner so that I don’t get angry doing all the cleaning myself. I’ve been working a lot more about 30 hrs a week this past month. I’ve had things to get upset about but I am just learning to let things go that I can’t control and to set boundaries around myself when others do things that I can’t control.

“Since then we have had other challenges as is normal but I’ve handled each without a relapse. Small tingling/numbness issues would spring up but I would relax and take the remedy they left within 48hrs. I love your posts. I’m not on Facebook as much lately. 

Working more hours replaced Facebook lol.  Thanks for everything”  

“I had an Ocrevus treatment yesterday and I could tell the Neurologist was puzzled as to why I had improved so much because it’s not Ocrevus DMDs that can quiet flares and bring some improvements but not to the degree that I am experiencing. I don’t feel like educating him so I just smile on the inside lol. But, as I sat in the infusion room, I saw people arrive with professional drivers/caregivers in wheelchairs and a man with significant walking issues doing steroids etc and I sat there looking healthy and feeling superb”. 

“The lady next to me asked me about what I did and I told her about you and homeopathic approach. She tried to tell me stories but stopped every three sentences to ask what she had been saying and I remembered every time even though I wasn’t listening very intently.

Anyways I am thrilled with my brain’s improvements. I can remember things from childhood now etc. My life is mine again  And it has so much to do with the homeopathic approach. Resting, trusting God, breathing, and moving forward. Because I’m growing, Expanding, I Got lots better progressively”.  Continue: present remedy and dosing, learning relaxation, meditation, identifying and solving stress.

3/13/2020- 1 year later

Wanted to share some more good news. Amazing! My partner and I bought a two seater bike and we rode on the boardwalk for several miles today. The weather was perfect.  It was amazing to ride together with the ocean by our side. Balancing was so easy, and I was able to just leave that up to him. I didn’t have any trouble getting on and off. It was better than I had imagined it would be and it was like a dream come true”.

“I have ridden a regular bike for a few blocks but not really ready to speed confidently off just yet. Riding will strengthen my legs and remind my brain how to balance and I can see myself confidently riding my bike this summer on the boardwalk.  But, I just loved this! Homeopathy is helping me substantially in multiple ways”. 

“The corona virus is of course a concern in our area…but I’m confident that my immune system is ready and I’m certain that my state of mind must remain confident that this too shall pass, and that God is for us and not against us”. 

“Four years ago, I bought a convertible mustang and it was fun and “out of the box.” I felt that it was going to be the best thing for me physically because I was struggling to walk and said ok, if I can’t run, I can drive a cool, fast car”.

“Now, we live at the beach and I can run a bit and I can ride a two seater bike for miles.  I walk to the beach whenever I want and I live in hope rather than fear and regret.  

Keep doing what you’re doing for others.  It’s making a difference in my life and that’s impacting the lives of all those who touch my life….and so it is for each of your other patients …it’s a pattern of wellness”.  (Contagious wellness) 

“Lots of good tips to change my thinking and the pain in my jaw was still an issue 

So you gave me a different remedy, Staphysagria, for the jaw pain and gave me instructions for dealing with anger. The pain in my jaw left. I reduced the medicine and stopped taking it completely within a couple months. I haven’t had that pain since. I learned to recognize warnings of stress and clenching my jaw and it’s been so freeing. My walk improved greatly. Lots and lots of improvements”.

It’s definitely amazing. Riding the two seater is one of my favorite experiences …it’s better than I could have ever expected.  It’s amazing because I love riding a bike and it’s preparing me to run.Getting well has been directly connected to my thought patterns. It wasn’t a guilty shadow of blame like when I was at the spiritual organization that believes similarly but very obviously damaging vs healing. I was scared of trusting you in the beginning. I only did it because another person was excited and I wanted to support them. But you suggested and gave ideas that lead me to explore my emotions in safety. Thanks for taking my “case”. So many helpful things were suggested and they did take bravery to look at. I’m definitely still developing. I’m going to do this thing and I say humbly, Thanks  Domenic:-) I appreciate you very very much.  I’ll keep you posted:-). You can definitely use my journey to encourage others”.  Continue: present remedy and dosing, learning relaxation, meditation, identifying and solving stress.


Finding the correct Similar Homeopathic remedy can do wonders for reducing stress and leaving inner peace in its wake and drastically improving Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health. It is very interesting that Natrum Muriaticum remedy does NOT cover most of the MS paralysis physical symptoms of this case but it had a positively dramatic effect on the physical body once the stress came down and more Peace was felt in day to day living. I believe as one thinks/feels it will be reflected into the body. 

Having someone that is willing to Identify their stress and solve it takes Homeopathy to another level and really accelerates the quick turnaround to better health. Focusing on the Lessons of the moment and nudging them to learn, grow, evolve, to triumph over their challenges, and to make those changes that their Soul is calling for them to make leads to a tremendous positive outcome for the client, the immediate family, everyone they touch and a tremendous sense of Gratitude for the Homeopath that they were part of this positive change.

About the author

Domenic Stanghini

Domenic Stanghini (DiHom(Pract), CGP, C.E.A.S.E (Pract) has been involved with homeopathy since 1994. He received a Homeopathic Practitioner diploma from the British Institute of Homeopathy in 2011.


    • Thank you Dr. Bhatia. I have learned through my wife’s 5 year MS reversal that Arnica has played a central role in her recovery plus her other main Homeopathic remedy. One MS attack left my wife a quadraplegic in 5 days. 14 days later I started Arnica with the thought process that the Myelin was damaged throughout the body and needed repair. Within a couple of months as she was doing more physiotherapy the Arnica I found helped her bounce back quicker from yesterday’s exercises with NO soreness. By the 3rd month she was doing intense physiotherapy re-learning to walk, gym exercises, weights, etc. The Physiotherapists were always astonished to the recovery the next day of her muscles, no soreness, and she rapidly was able to add in new exercises like doing stairs etc and returning to normal adult activities. She walked out of hospital 4 months later. I learned that MS Patients that want to get better will do so much physical exercise because their abilities are dwindling and Arnica will help them with that goal. I have also found that if the Main Homeopathic Constitutional remedy or STATE is NOT found that the Arnica will not help much for the person as they have NOT addressed the SOUL reason this is occurring to them.

    • Thanks. It really depends on the person. When the remedy fits nicely then I go higher if it matches the mental and emotional symptoms. With some people 30c fits better. I have found though i use 200c daily, for months. A 1 week break and then restart, over and over. I usually use once daily but have also found that MS is so pervasive that with some people they need that second dose in the evening. I have also found that three times a day really brings not much better results. With some people when the remedy fits so nicely and they get reduction in symptoms they overdo it and do more and more work, exercise etc. Then it is normal to do another dose and it usually helps them quickly recover and reduce MS symptoms. When the case is clear I go higher, when not so clear I start at 30c.

  • Hi there! Thanks for this beautiful success story for such an otherwise so common remedy!

    I would like to share another amazing MS remedy, very much unknown on the other hand that is : MRSA nosode.
    I discovered it by chance i must say, I had read about Staphylococcinum being useful for autoimmune diseases in Louis Klein Nosodes book, and i thought about it for a patient for different reasons.
    But there was something bugging me so I gave her Staphylococcinum in one hand and MRSA nosode in the other, and the later was all she could see and feel, and it did wonders!

    • Where do I buy what your recommended ? I’ve had ms for 30 years.
      Last 4 years after taking vaccine have been the worst. Help 💜

      • Penny, what vaccine did you get four years ago? It may need to be antidoted by the vaccine “in potency”, as we say. Maybe that can take you back to where you were four years ago. Then your case would have to be taken, meaning your history, mental/emotionals, food desires/aversions and so on. Just because this lady needed Nat-mur doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s your remedy too. The bottom line is, you would have to actually hire a homeopath. Notice I didn’t say “see” because nowadays, a homeopath can take your case online, no need to see him or her in person. But check him or her out very carefully. I cannot recommend even a single homeopath doing the “Banerji Protocols”, which, unfortunately, is one of the latest fads in homeopathy. They prescribe recklessly, multiple remedies at once, in high potency, for arbitrary lengths of time and don’t do timely follow-ups. AND they charge a lot of money. So be careful is all I gotta say.

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