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A Case of Spindle Cell Tumour

Written by Amarsinha Nikam

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A small boy just 11 months old was brought to me by his South Indian parents. They looked very worried, panicky and requested me to take up and complete the case as soon as possible. The boy already had a history of Febrile-convulsions; but this was not the cause for concern. His father tried to express his feelings in Hindi but the mother who didn’t know Hindi, wanted to talk to me in Malayalam. She knew very well that the doctor sitting in front of her didn’t understand her language so she expressed her feelings through uncontrolled weeping (that is human body language which speaks above words!)

This boy was operated on for SPINDLE CELL TUMOUR twice on the (Rt) leg (at the age of 6 months and 9 months) The swelling which was soft and movable like a cyst was first noticed when he was 4 months old. The surgeons found fibromatosis in the swelling with malignant tendency and decided to operate.


Sarcomas mostly occur in the 1st and 2nd decade of life… differing from carcinomas, they grow rapidly and dissemination occurs earlier through the blood stream. (They have a rich, fibrous and vascular tissue due to which the thin walled veins may burst disseminating the malignant cells directly into the blood stream favouring easy metastasis.) Fibro sarcoma occurs in muscle sheaths and scars and is present as elastic, slowly growing swelling with dilated veins over the tumour. The treatment is extensive excision followed by radiotherapy but some cases may even require amputation.

Accordingly it was excised along with a large surrounding healthy tissue. But the surgeon warned the parents that there were chances of recurrence and there was also a risk of the Metastasis.

This boy was given all his routine vaccination. After the second operation, the scar was still raw and an acrid honey-like discharge was oozing from the scar. There was intense itching making him cry loudly trying to scratch the part continuously!

15 days ago, he had high fever with febrile convulsions with twitching of the whole body.

His complaints were:

– car on the (Rt) leg which was operated twice for the spindle cell tumour

– Itching (Wants to scratch continuously).

– Acrid, honey like discharge (making edges raw) oozing from operated site.

– No other specific complaint.

Past History:

– L.S.C.S. baby (large birth weight.)

– H/o Recurrent coryza, taken allopathic treatment

– (suppression).

– H/o Vaccination given.

– H/o Febrile convulsion 15 days back.

Personal History:

  • Appetite : Increased, Wants to feed multiple times.
  • Desire : Milk, Mother’s Milk, Sweets++, Boiled eggs.
  • Aversion : Pungent.
  • Thirst : Small quantity at small intervals – thirsty.
  • Perspiration : Profuse on head.
  • Urine and stool : No complaint.
  • Ears : Itching+.
  • Sleep : 9:00 pm to 5:00 am. Very irritable if woken up in the half-sleep.

Mouth open during sleep.

Daytime sleep 10 am —2 pm.

  • Thermal : TOWARDS CHILLY.

As the baby was too young, the case history was given by his parents:

How is his nature? What can you tell me about him?

He is our younger son. His elder sister is very mild as compared to him. He beats her if she takes his toys. He is a very angry child.

How do you know that he is angry?

When he is angry, he groans loudly and threatens with closed fists as if he would beat the person who has taken his things. He is restless and never remains in one place for long time.

Have you noticed any particular habit or trait?

Oh Yes! He likes to bite everything which is within his reach. We thought that it was due to his teething process but he bites more than other normal children. He likes to be taken for a round in the open air and also likes to watch T.V. a lot. He is happy when fast music is on!

Anything that he fears?

He is afraid of the dark. He is careful while playing. He is very cautious that he does not fall or get hurt in any way.

How does he behave with strangers?

He is very adamant and will not go to any unknown person. If somebody tries to carry him forcefully he shouts and kicks with his whole strength so that nobody dares to do it again.

Anything else?

He requires much sleep. He gets very angry if we try to wake him up. If he wakes up on his own, he is calm. Even in the afternoon when he sleeps we have to take care that nobody makes a loud noise to disturb him, or else he cries for an entire hour!


I observed the behaviour of the baby. He was trying to scratch different parts of his body, a number of times. I captured this typical body language and activities.

I felt that the boy was very hyperactive and restless and even wanted to be carried by family members. Another thing that I observed was that he was not only weeping but also screaming loudly. His parents tried to calm him and he did so at a gradual pace. I was astonished seeing the patient’s behaviour just while sitting on his father’s lap. He was stretching his arms to get hold of anything that was on the table. Once he picked up the receiver and tried to stretch the telephone wire. I was observing his actions. A few moments later, he suddenly turned back and happily looked at a flower – garland on Lord Ganpati’s photo- frame. The next moment, he stretched out to hold that garland! He reached it and pulled it. His parents watched helplessly and smiled.


– Discharges acrid.

– Itching at raw area.

– Scratching himself.

– Anger – irrascibility.

– Biting things.

– Irritable.

– Restless.

– Excitable.

– Shrieking, screaming, shouting, and violent.

– Gesture makes – picks at raw areas.

– Gestures – grasping / reaching at something.



Remedy Selected :

It wasn’t an easy prescription, many remedies like CINA were possible but I decided to give ARUM TRIPHYLLUM- 30, which covers the totality.


I told them to report back after 15 days. When he returned the wound was nearly healed with no discharge at all! The itching had reduced considerably and the baby was sleeping very well. I warned the parents against using any local creams or powders and asked them to keep regular follow up.

On the next follow-up, the wound healed completely within a month, with total disappearance of itching. Five years have passed and now he is a chubby, healthy boy studying in 1St standard doing all the vigorous activities like running, playing cricket and without any pain in the leg. The swelling never recurred and the boy has become quite calm in nature, much to the delight of his parents!

D/D :

CINA : Is also similar in these itching symptoms! It is equally irritable, restless but more cranky! The obstinacy is of a higher grade, not satisfied by anything. CINA is towards hot remedy and has < open and cold air and does not have such acrid discharges!

* NOTE :

ARUM TRIPHYLLUM : In Clarke Materia Medica:


– Excitable and irritable in mind and body.

– Scarlatina of malignant type.

– Raw, bloody surfaces with itching! Picks itching areas until they bleed.

– All discharges are acrid.

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