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Revisiting: Stomach Disaster Needs 2 Remedies

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Elaine gives and explains the answer to last month’s quiz.

How many of you remember last month’s quiz?  Let’s see a show of hands.  Either no one remembers, or you’re all double-amputees!  Okay, here it is again:


To read last month’s full case quiz. Visit –  Stomach Disaster Needs 2 Remedies



Rhus tox/Bryonia

Bryonia/Carbo veg.




Hi everybody!  Are all of you back?  How did we do?
Let’s begin by talking to avid quiz-participant and winner, Dr. Diderik Finne
of New York:

The leading remedies are Phosphorus and Bryonia.
You probably gave Bry first, then Phosphorus  I would have begun with Phosphorus

Yes, I gave Bryonia first.  Why would you give Phosphorus first when he didn’t want company and was lying perfectly still–two keynotes of Bryonia?  Movement made everything worse and he was disinclined to answer questions; then, as soon as he got Bryonia, he got up and took a shower. You know, Bryonia and Phosphorus are both very thirsty; but, did you notice the dryness in the case, including constipation?  That goes more for Bryonia. When I saw the mentals change (asking for company) and the amelioration from rubbing, I went for Phosphorus.

I think it was Phos from the start.  He wanted to lie still, yes, but you have to ask yourself why.  In my understanding, it was not an aggravation from movement, or from being disturbed, but lack of energy, the same reason he did not want company.  Phos is bold type under Indifference.  The rapid dehydration and desire for ice cubes were clear Phos keynotes.

I’m not remembering all the things that were worse movement but hiccups was definitely one of them; then, like I said, there was the dryness, dry mucus membranes.  Now, half an hour after Bryonia, he gets up and takes a shower!  Nothing has happened within half an hour to restore his energy other than taking Bryonia!

Now, speaking of “no energy”, who has less energy than the famously weak Arsenicum; but, do they lie still?  Noooooooo! They toss and turn and move from here to there and back again…..

You make some good points, Elaine.  In truth all we can do is speculate.

Remember when I said, “It’s very tempting to give ______________”?  I was referring to Phosphorus!!!!!  But, you know, when your acute case has mental concomitants, they become your first consideration–unless the etiology is compelling and overwhelming!

He does not want company.

He does not want to answer questions.

He wants to lie perfectly still and not move for anything, he doesn’t even want to sit up to throw up!  The materia medica even says, “worse rising up” and he surely demonstrated that!

Between the mentals and the keynotes, I don’t know how you can ignore Bryonia.

Now, I know, you’re saying, “Oh, he was just too weak to ask for company and too weak to move, etc.”  But why then, after he’s given Bryonia, is he suddenly able to ask for company and get up and take a shower?  He suddenly got the energy!  Isn’t that what we want to see after the right remedy?  Patient all of a sudden gets energized?  The other important thing to look for after a remedy is the return of a calm and relaxed nature.  (“I think he looks more relaxed, peaceful,” Mrs. Pants said, after Bryonia.)

So, all I’m saying is, we can’t ignore the mentals–which I’m sure you already knew; but, you were trying to talk yourself out of them! Sure, maybe Phosphorus would have worked–we can’t go back and try it and see what would have happened, as you’ve said; though I sure wish such a thing were possible sometimes.

Do I win a T-shirt or something?



Let’s hear from Maryam of Pakistan:

Hi Elaine! how are you?

I am well, thanks!

This case is too much messy and took a lot of my time and I am not sure of 2nd remedy.

Well, then, let’s just forget about it!

I think the very first remedy needed by the child was Rhus tox…

Yes, yes!  I totally agree!  Too bad he didn’t get it.

… due to striking symptom (extreme restlessness so brother could not sleep) and the etiology– i.e. over-playing and change of temperature (day was hot to begin and turned very cold) but unfortunately he has not gotten the right remedy Rhus Tox in time so symptoms had changed,right?

Yes, absolutely, and the ailments going from hot to freezing cold weather.

So I sum up all the general and characteristic symptoms and repertorized the case, and the remedy who is getting the highest marks and cover almost all the symptoms is Phosphorus!

Wait a minute….  You’re Dr. Diderik Finne in a wig and high-heels!

No, Elaine, wait! I think in this case some very striking symptoms goes towards Bryonia!

Oh!  Well, that’s very different.  Please continue!

I thoroughly read both phos and bry in materia medica and my final decision is to give bryonia first because of key symptoms:

Does not want to move (thus we have the well known Bryonia aggravation from motion, runs throughout the remedy)

Does not want to answer questions

Desire to keep perfectly still

Amelioration by cool air

Great thirst for large quantities of water, esp
cold water

Bryonia pt is subjected to hiccough, to belching, to nausea and vomiting, so that disordered stomach is the general term Bryonia pt with such inflammatory condition of stomach and abdomen be seen lying perfectly quiet in bed with the knees drawn up

And for the second remedy, phos was already in my mind because of previous repertorization and gotten the highest score.  So n this case, after partial cure by bryonia, Sponge Bop showed two more symptoms i.e. desire for company and ask for rubbing the back.

Yes, my thoughts exactly!

So here I have 3 symptoms for repertorization i.e.


Back, rubbing, amel.

Mind,company, desires for

and yessss!!! phos is getting highest marks again (plb too) so I again read materia medica and I think I am not wrong, but not sure.



Maryam from Pakistan

Yay!!!!  Let’s hear it for Maryam from Pakistan!!!!!
You go, girl!

Dr. B, it’s time to congratulate our two winners:
Dr. Diderik Finne and Maryam!

AND….time to make T-shirts, Dr. B!  (“I Was A QUIZ Winner @!”)  What do you think?  Oh, and nice ones too, Dr. B; I need something to wear to my next high school reunion.

See all of you back here in December!


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