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A Case of Chronic Pelvic Cellulitis

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Dr. P. Chopra Singh presents a case of chronic pelvic cellulitis in a woman of 45.

This case involves a chronic inflammation and low grade infection of the pelvic cellular tissues. Cellular tissues are the deep structures, which have no nerve supply, of course.

In December 2015 a lady age 45 years visited my clinic with a history of some acute inflammation that in the past was diagnosed as cervicitis.


She complained about insomnia for about 7 months due to domestic problems. She was always worried about it and used to feel restless at night and nervous with a helpless feeling.

  • She had pain in the inguinal and iliac regions on pressure.
  • Dysmenorrhea i.e. painful menstruation due to congestion of the uterus.
  • Leucorrhoea is generally present due to infection and inflammation in the generative organs.
  • Dyspareunia i.e. painful coition was also there due to the inflammation of the surrounding tissues.
  • On P.V. examination:
  1. Uterus is immobile (probably due to adhesions)
  2. Solid masses are felt in the lateral fornices.
  3. Movement of the cervix causes pain when it is moved on the affected side.
  4. Cervical erosion was present and that was the primary focus.

The suitable medicines that emerged with repertorisation were Calc. Carb., Conium, Graphites, Lachesis, Apis. Phosphorus.

Then my focus was on getting the exact symptoms for one single remedy. 

  • She complained of distressing aching soreness of abdomen which will tolerate no pressure.
  • Sudden knife like stabs through abdomen.
  • Urine scanty, dark, albuminous
  • Absence of thirst or drinks little water and often.
  • I observed oedematous puffing of face.
  • And when asked about her sleep, she explained that she is sleepy but cannot sleep from nervousness and fidgetiness or restlessness.

All S/S indicated Apis Mellifica…..

First prescription in December 2015 –  I prescribed Apis 200/1 dose daily for 4 days and sac-lac/BD for 3 weeks.

First follow up after 25 days:

Her sleep improved a lot after 1 week and lecuorrhoea and pain in abdomen was also less. Apis 200/1 dose and sac-lac/BD for 4 weeks was prescribed a second time.

February 2016 follow-up

Patient appeared quite happy and confident. Her oedema was almost unnoticeable.

She said she sleeps quite comfortably but white discharge is still there and also cutting pain through abdomen once in a while.

PV Examination revealed: Mild congestion in uterus

Apis 200/BD for 2 days and sac-lac/BD for 4 weeks was prescribed second time.

March 2016, Follow-up

No more restless feelings.  Mentally and physically no more problems and now sleeping peacefully. No swelling was noticed on her face or legs.

Sac Lac was given for 10 days

Followup : April 25, 2016   

Patient : “Doctor I don’t have any more problems. I am able to sleep at night without any restlessness.” Tests revealed no infection and no pain in abdomen and she is able to do few exercises too.

Urine is normal and she feels thirsty and drinks almost 1 glass of water at one time. No pain in abdomen

About the author

P Chopra Singh

Dr. P. Chopra Singh (DHMS, NHMC) finished her Homeopathic Doctorate in 1986 from NHMC, New Delhi. After working with Dr. Jugal Kishore she then worked at Shriram PolyClinic and later Mina Seth Clinic before moving to Canada in 2002, where she became a member of the Ontario Homeopathic Association. Dr. Singh is now practicing Homeopathy in Canada and as well as in India. She also does volunteer work in Canada, especially in the local Hospital as a facilitator visitor. She enjoys spending time with nature, gardening and reading.


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