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Gestational Hypertension

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Written by Rohit Gupta

Dr. Rohit Gupta presents a brief case of gestational hypertension in a woman of 26.

A case of 26yrs old Muslim woman, multigravida, was suffering from gestational hypertension, diagnosed about 180/100 on her 1st antenatal visit on 12 weeks (just completed 1st trimester). She complained of palpitation, sweating and weariness. Also she had a history of Gestational Hypertension during her last pregnancy.

In the beginning of her 3rd trimester, her complaints became worse with anxiety and palpitations and at that time she had visited at my clinic for a regular check-up of her blood pressure every 2-3days. After the second visit she asked if there was any medicine in Homoeopathy which could give her relief. I said yes, and she replied that if homeopathy could give her relief she would completely stop allopathic medicines.  She reported feeling very lethargic after taking the allopathic meds. At that time her BP was about 160-165/90-95mm of hg while on allopathic medicine from a private Gynaecologist.

I gave her Baryt.M 200/2d/OD, followed by Raulf Q/Gtt.10/TD on her 34weeks.

I prescribed her Baryta Mur on the basis of high systolic pressure with comparatively low diastolic tension, and Raulf Q on the basis of high blood pressure without Atheromatous changes (normal Lipid profile).

When she came back after two days for her regular check-up, her B.P. had reduced 135/80.  She stopped taking allopathic meds.  The improvement held for about 4 weeks and then she relapsed. I was afraid to give her 1M potency because of her last trimester, neared to EDD. I prepared a 201c and gave her that in liquid form – 4 doses. Again her BP became normal and she delivered a healthy baby a week later of EDD and her blood pressure was normal after delivery too.

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Rohit Gupta

Dr. Rohit Gupta received his BHMS from Calcutta and is now practicing in Lucknow, U.P.

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