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Solution to Dr. Amarsinha Nikam’s Quiz : A Case of Wilson’s Disease

Written by Amarsinha Nikam

Dr. Amarsinha Nikan provides the solutions to his case of Wilson’s Disease from the August issue.

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–    Positive.

–    Anger contradiction from.

–    Dominating.

–    Fastidious.

–    Quarrelsome.

–         Trembling of lower limbs.

–    Hemorrhagic tendency.

–    < Morning (Pain calves).

–    > Lying on sides

–    > Covering.

–    (Lt) to (Rt) complaints.

–    Desire: Meat, Spicy.

–         Thermal: CHILLY.

–    Miasm: SYPHILIS.


Remedy Selected: NUX VOMICA 30.


Response to remedy:


  • I called her for a weekly follow up and also advised her father to observe & note the changes in her condition carefully.
  • Accordingly, after a week, when they came, her father was very happy. He told me that her abdominal pain had decreased on the 2nd day itself.
  • By the end of the 1st week, the swelling on the legs had disappeared.
  • The bleeding ceased totally and she started feeling strength in her lower limbs.
  • The calves stopped paining. At the end of 3 months she put on 5 Kg weight. (Wt. on 14.10.05 = 39 kg. & on 26.09.06 = 47 kg. to 8 kg wt. gain in a year’s time.)

Follow up reports


The investigation reports after 3 months were:

HB         : 9.8 gm%

WBC      : 9,000/mm3

Platelets  : Adequate. Her gait also improved & for the next follow-up she easily climbed 20 steps in my hospital.


  • D/D:

MERC-SOL: Also represents this terrific irreversible pathology & fast progressing condition.

  • She had bloody stool too. But < hanging limbs, < waking in the morning, pain in the abdomen >lying on sides, > bending double are the peculiar modalities of NUX VOMICA.
  • Nux is thermally more chilly than MERC.  NUX VOMICA is > covering & more fastidious than Mercurius
  • Mentally NUX VOMICA is intelligent, fastidious, ambitious, censorious & quarrelsome.
  • But they can be submissive & yielding because of their consciousness of health. NUX VOMICA is good mannered though quarrelsome.

MERC is not such an intelligent drug.


You can read the original quiz here:


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Dr. Amarsinha Nikam is a renowned homeopath who runs Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital and Healing Centre in Pune. He started his career as R.M.O. at Lokmanya Hospital Pune, Homoeopathy Division and subsequently practiced as the consultant Homoeopath for 14 years at various places such as Beed, Khopoli, Chakan, Kate – Pimple, Pimple – Gurav and Pimpri Gaon, Pune. Dr. Nikam teaches students to understand the depth of homeopathic treatment and differentiate it from other pathies. He instructs them in his method of practice, but also inspires them to innovate and explore.

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