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Shana, what the heck are we doing here, look at the time! Where’s our quiz case?

I don’t know, Mom, nobody got sick this month, except for my heat rash.

Shana, your heat rash is boring.

What about my itchy eye?

Your itchy eye is boring.

What about my runny nose?



No one cares, Shana! Just find me a case!


In my files!

Oh, OK! Here’s the one with the kid who has to take three steps to the left if he takes three steps to the right!

That’s not a case, Shana, that’s the Hokey-Pokey!

The what?

Nevermind. As usual, I have to do everything myself! Shana, you see this? This is what people want to hear, see?

Ohhhhhhh….sprained ankle…….

Yes, exactly, sprained ankle! Now, listen and learn!

I would, Mom, but I’m bored. See ya!


Here’s the case. This email exchange took place May 25, 2008:

Elaine, “Roger” was skating with his friends last night and twisted his ankle.

I hate it when that happens!

I gave him Arnica in water one dose before bed. His ankle looks fine. Its not swollen or discolored and no bones are out of place. My husband looked at it just now. He thinks he sprained it severely. I put ice on it last night as well and elevated his foot on a pillow.

Roger slept well. He tried to get out of bed this morning and he can’t walk.

Ouch! But at least the swelling came down, though.

He can’t put pressure on his foot, its so tender, he can’t move his foot at all without severe pain…..What can we do??

I have Arnica 200c if you think that will help, but I have my remedy kit now as well……do I stay with Arnica or is there a better remedy for his injury???

Since you ask, I would highly recommend __________________.

Later that day….

How is Roger? Anything to report?

Elaine, oh yes of course. Sorry….I had been busy today….Roger had 2 doses of __________ and it did help and my husband got him an ankle brace for support but then he took off to hang out with his friends since 12:00 today and he’s not been home…..He’s with his usual friends….John talked to him earlier by phone and he said he was playing basketball! I guess his ankle is okay now. Its hard to treat him when he’s gone like this…..John just said he’s gonna be home in about an hour…I’ll see how he is then and give another dose if he needs it.

I would NOT have recommended basketball of all things so soon!!!! But, what can you do?


(Just to give you some context, when I was a teenager, I twisted my ankle running up there stairs–on the last step! I couldn’t walk on that foot for two weeks!) Do you know the remedy? Write to me at [email protected], the answer will be in next month’s ezine.

Oh! It may not be Paul Lynde and Dick van Dyke, but click here anyway:

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