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Mom, Where Are You?

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Well, Shana, it looks like it’s just you and me again! Kelly’s family has been very disappointing lately…. They used to be such a wealth of pathology….

Yes, I know what you mean, but, look on the bright side mom, I had a really bizarre illness last Saturday!

I’ll say you did. You really came through for the ezine! Now, let’s see if we can remember it…. You got up in the morning and you were sniffing.

You gave me Ferrum phos. 30C for that.

Right, because it was the beginning of a cold with no characteristic symptoms, and it worked! Then, later in the day, I said we should have been more aggressive with the cold because the next thing I knew, you were complaining of a headache and leg pains!

You gave me Gelsemium 30C for that.

Right, because it sounded like the flu, and that worked too! And I thought everything was going to be fine after that, until you called me while I was out shopping and you were sounding very distressed: “Mom, where are you?”

I told you that the headache had come back and I was feeling nauseous!

Yeah, I didn’t like where this was heading, so I told you to take Arsenicum 30C on account of the nausea. I broke every speed record getting home, I thought the police were going to stop me at one point, and then when I got home, you were fine!

You walked in and I was sitting at the computer.

I was shocked! Totally shocked! I expected to find you in bed!

Hooray for Arsenicum!

I was surprised it worked that fast! Well, I thought we were home free at that point, and I was quite shocked when later that night in bed you began complaining of a stomach ache–you couldn’t tell if you were having period cramps or what– and you were tossing and turning, back and forth, back and forth and making a complaining noise. Not really moaning, kind of like a whimper, I guess. It sounded like, “Eh?” (Well, it’s hard to spell a “noise”.) And you kept making it, over and over again!

And I kept having to go to the bathroom.

Right, for a bowel movement, but I don’t think it was diarrhea. And it was just before you got up to go the second time that I gave you a remedy in water, ____________200C, and when you came back to bed this time you went right to sleep and it was all over. What a day–and night– that was! Maybe someone else can get sick next time! Anyway, gang, what was the remedy? If you know, write to me at [email protected]. The answer will be in next month’s ezine.


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