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Revisiting: I Couldn’t Sleep At All Last Night!

Our patient needed to get her energy back. Did you guess the right remedy?

Hello everybody, and welcome to the Hpathy Quiz!

Is that you, Shana?

I think so.

OK. Well, that should about do it.

Mom!  We have a quiz to do!

Again?  Didn’t we do one last month?

OK, Mom; again, this is not a good time for your “humor”, because I have very sad news to report.

Uh-oh!  What is it?

We lost the last member of The Marvelettes.

 What?  Oh no!

 We lost Katherine Anderson-Schaffner last month at 79,

apparently it was heart failure.  “Kat” was the tall one, she was with the group from the beginning (1960-1969).  They originally had 4 members but they quickly went down to 3.

The Marvelettes gave Motown its first #1 hit with “Please Mr. Postman” (1961), they were one of many iconic Motown girl groups that made Motown the Powerhouse that it was. 

Now, parenthetically, why do people make such a big fuss over Motown, as in why do we care that the last member of the Marvelettes died?  Because Motown was a black-owned record company with mostly all-black artists, at a time during “Jim Crow” when blacks were pretty much not allowed to succeed at anything—and I realize that no one knows what “Jim Crow” is, but, it’s an expression that refers to the “segregated South”, a place that had separate schools for “colored” children, separate water fountains for “colored people”, separate seating for “colored people”… in fact there’s that infamous speech by Governor George Wallace of Alabama, ending in, “And I say: Segregation Now!  Segregation tomorrow!  And Segregation Forever!!!!” 

What a moron! 

It is under this backdrop of hate and oppression that Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson

Berry Gordy And Smokey Robinson To Be Honored At The 2023 MusiCares Persons Of The Year

start a small record company at 2648 West Grand Blvd. (which is now Berry Gordy Jr. Blvd.) in Detroit, Michigan with a few hundred dollars that Berry borrowed from his sister and parlayed it into a multi-million dollar corporation!

Here are The Supremes, 3 friends from “the projects” (government housing, where poor people lived) in Detroit, standing in front of Motown Records in the mid-’60’s.  They would go on to become the biggest attraction in the entire world! 

Between 1964 and 1969, they had 12 Number-1 hit records!  Yes, that’s right, 12!

Supremes: Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson, Diana Ross

People get confused sometimes because I’ll say that so-and-so was on Motown when, in fact, they were on Tamla or Soul.  The fact is, Motown owned at least 4 subsidiary record labels:

Pin on Vintage Themes

Buy Junior Walker & The All Stars : Shotgun (LP, Album, Mono, RP) Online for a great price –

Girl groups that made the Beatles | Mint

Martha & The Vandellas – Heat Wave (1966, Vinyl) - Discogs

Different labels but it’s all “Motown”.

The Best Known Motown Girl Groups:

The Marvelettes:

Martha and the Vandellas:

The Supremes:

These courageous Motown artists actually brought an end to “Jim Crow” by making adoring fans out of just about all of white America!

Mom, can you name the songs by The Marvelettes?

Did you have to ask?  Ahem!

Please Mr. Postman

Strange I Know

Someday, Someway

Twistin’ Postman


Lockin’ Up My Heart


When You’re Young and In Love

My Baby Must Be A Magician

The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game

Danger and Heartbreak Dead Ahead

Don’t Mess With Bill

Beechwood 4-5789

I’ll Keep On Holding On 

Too Many Fish In The Sea


OK, Mom, that’s enough!

But there’s more!

Yes, I know!  You forgot the most important one of all.


“You’re My Remedy”!

OMG!  You’re right!  How could I have forgotten that one?

Music Notes Sticker - Music Notes - Discover & Share GIFs Don’t give me no headache powders, they don’t do no good for me; there’s nothing I can take when my head starts to ache cuz

You’re My—


Oh baby,

You’re my remedy

(You’re my remedy)

Oh how you soothe me

(Oh how you soothe me)

You can call my name and soothe all my pain

Oh pretty baby

(Oh pretty baby)

You’re My—



Gladys Horton was the original lead singer but then for some reason they changed to the less-raspy, sweeter voice of Wanda Young.  I’m also learning new things, like the fact that Marvin Gaye played drums on “Beechwood 4-5789”.  And he co-wrote that song.

Music Notes Sticker - Music Notes - Discover & Share GIFs  You can have this dance with me, you can hold my hand and whisper in my ear sweet words (words, words) that I want to hear….

Whisper sweet words in my ear ….

Mom!  You can stop bursting into song now!  We’ll never get out of here!  The next thing I learned is apparently there’s a spoken intro by Melvin Franklin of The Temptations on “My Baby Must Be a Magician”.

You are under my power; it is the power of love.

 Yes, we all know it, and unfortunately, we can’t play every song by The Marvelettes today.

We can’t?  I think that’s a big mistake.

We have to move on because I’ve got another death to announce.

Oh no!  Who?

Terry Kirkman of the Association.

You remember “Cherish”, right?  Remember on “Gilmore Girls” when Rory graduated from Chilton?  The ever-pretentious Brad delivers his parting words from the podium when suddenly he breaks into a chorus of “Cherish” as everyone gasps!  I wanted to find the whole thing but this was all that was on Youtube:

Anyway, not meaning to change the subject, Terry Kirkman was 83 and apparently it was also heart failure.  Other songs by The Association you might know: “Never My Love”, “Along Comes Mary”, and “Windy”.

I thought “Windy” was stupid.

That’s nice Mom, now, as I was saying, Terry Kirkman wrote “Cherish”!  It went all the way to #1.  Do you want to hear “Never My Love”?


Wow, it’s gonna be hard to top that!  Do we have a quiz?

We should probably just go home.

We are at home!

Right.  OK, the Quiz!  This is the case of Imelda Markos.

Wasn’t she the Philippine royal with 3,000 pairs of shoes?

Shana, you’re thinking of Imelda Marcos.  This is Imelda Markos!


So here’s her case:


Hi Elaine,

I didn’t sleep well last night and am feeling tired, heavy-headed, and stiff today (especially my upper back/neck and feet/ankles), because we got bad news yesterday that an old family friend had died from a heart attack.  I thought I was doing okay with the shock and sadness by not having an immediate intense visceral reaction and not even crying, but it seems I’m feeling it physically now.

I think you need _______________30C.

I saw your email 15 minutes after you sent it.  I immediately fished ____________ out of my Emergency Kit, dropped a few pellets in a disposable cup of water, took a sip, and lay on my bed in the quiet.  I teared up for our friend and his wife and kids, then my mind and body deeply relaxed with my eyes closed for an hour, almost falling asleep (unusual for me).  I felt light tingling in the skin of my hands, feet, legs, and face, then felt a gentle squeezing and release sensation deep in my back.  After getting up, my stiffness is reduced, and I was drawn to sit for half an hour on the patio in the evening 85 degree heat, feeling mellow and relaxed.  Thank you so much!


Alright folks, that’s it!  Do you know the remedy?  Write to me at [email protected] and tell me what it is.  The answer will be in next month’s ezine.  Speaking of the ezine, did you know that January marks our 20th Anniversary?????  Wow!  And it will be the 19th anniversary of the Quiz.  Do you know how many quizzes that makes?  I don’t know either.  Well, going out….

Music Notes Sticker - Music Notes - Discover & Share GIFs  BEECHWOOD 4-5789; You can call me up and have a date, any old time.  

The Marvelettes!  (with Marvin Gaye on drums)


Rest in peace, Kat Anderson!

See you in November!








OK, we are back!  And let’s see… who is here first today?

Hi Elaine 👋

Well, Pam; what a surprise!!!!

I just finished reading the quiz, and IMMEDIATELY 3 remedies came to mind — which I am sure means that I will once again be INCORRECT.  UGH.  I almost feel like giving up.

Well, good!  OK, moving right along!

BUT I won’t just yet….

I was afraid of that!


Oy vey!

 I will try again if I am wrong.

I just want to know if I am on the right track vs no where near.

My 1st thought was Ignatia because it is for acute grief.

My 2nd thought was Nat Mur, but I think this is for chronic grief….and she had only been upset for 2 days.  BUT then I thought of how tricky the Oct quiz was with the Bryonia answer.  So now I am NOT sure if the Ignatia remedy is correct, as it seems toooooooooo easy.


My 3rd consideration is ACONITE because it is used for shock, and she DOES mention that the news of the loss of her friend was a SHOCK.  YOU said to go by exactly what the patient says, and not to interpret things.

Pam, I’m not sure what you mean.  A lot of times you really do have to interpret things.  How many times have I said that we need to do more than act like court stenographers, taking down everything a person says without the least bit of judgment.

My 4th thought was ARNICA because I read it CAN be used for EMOTIONAL SHOCK, and not only physical shock.

So, WITHOUT GIVING ME THE Quiz ANSWER!! — will you please tell me if one of my picks is correct?  At least then I know I just need to narrow it down, vs look for a totally different remedy.

Your choices make sense; but, unfortunately, none of them are right.  Ailments from grief is not the etiology (though it’s easy to be led in that direction).

Yes.  OK, I know it is NOT ailments from grief….that is why I’m changing my answer to Rhus Tox for the STIFFNESS????  I am so confused!  I have muscle and neck and knee stiffness a lot — or at least I use to, until RHUS TOX!  She doesn’t say whether she is better or worse from movement, so…..?

Ok….NO giving me the answer!  I am going back to figure it out.

Oy vey!


Pam 🌼

PS:   YIPPEE!  Someone at last appreciates my unending questions!


Thank you, Linda S! 😊

Linda Santini?


You’re a great educator, Elaine,

I am?

and I appreciate it!!

OK…AGAIN…DO NOT NOT NOT give me the answer!!

Oy vey!!!!

The case is NOT about grief, you say….

How… about BODY STIFFNESS.??

Would you forget about body stiffness??????  If you have an “ailments from” case, it doesn’t matter what the “ailments” are!

Stiffness, heaviness, fatigue…it doesn’t matter!  It’s just like in an Arnica case: Ailments From blunt trauma; it doesn’t matter what the ailments are!  Isn’t that right???

So, what the heck IS this case about then??





I will keep plodding along until I figure it out.

Dear God!  OK, but when you’ve finally given up, let me know.  Is anybody else here today?


Hi Elaine and Shana!

Hi Maria!!!

My vote goes to Gelsemium (or Ignatia).  If it is not correct I will try again.

Well, Maria, I can see why you think it’s Gelsemium (“ailments from bad news”), it makes perfect sense, and so does Ignatia (“ailments from grief”) but….I guess you will have to try again.

Ok, Nat-m is my next vote, but I will try again if it is not correct 🙂

Don’t look now, but, you have to try again!

Is anybody else here today?


Hi Elaine!

Hi Edina!

I would try Gelsemium first.

Scoring high on ailments from hearing bad news, insomnia, heavy head and pains all over.

I was hesitating between that and ignatia.  Although she is not trembling that you would expect from Gels., I feel like Ign. would be sighing, crying,  grieving.  She was more shocked than aware of her grief.  Hope I’m not too far off.

Hi Edina, thanks for voting!  You’re right in the same ballpark as everyone else; but….it’s not the right remedy.

What about Cocculus?

Yes!  That’s it!!!

I was approaching it from the wrong “ailments/from”.

That’s very easy to do in this case, don’t feel bad!  Who wants to go next?


HI Elaine.

Apologies for the break in solving your quizzes!  Have been traveling a lot.  I am glad to be back this month.

Hi Kalyanee, yes it has been a long time!

Regarding the sleepless case, Ignatia and Natrum Muriaticum first comes to mind from academic training, but not particularly known for stiffness in general, I am thinking.  Wondering, may be it is Natrum Muriaticum.  Decided to check out the rubrics at this point!

Murphy 3rd ed. – Mind; grief, sorrow, general; death, of, loved ones or friends (13)

Murphy 3rd ed. – Mind; grief, sorrow, general; silent, grief (35)

Was happy to see Causticum listed in grade 3 and 2 for these rubrics.  Causticum is known for sadness from disappointments in life, and can be silent as well.

Then added stiffness rubrics for neck, feet and ankle, and, hey, Causticum still stayed strong.

Also seems to be present in sleeplessness with grief, so my choice is going to be Causticum 30C.

However, I don’t know what emergency kit contains Causticum!  That makes me think may be it is Natrum Muriaticum, with heavy head etc.

If I go with my first instincts, confirmed by the rubrics, I would suggest Causticum 30C.

If I am wrong with these two, please let me know and will think harder :< and try again.

Thank you for these brain teasers.  Have a great day.

OK, so a vote for Causticum!  A good guess, but….wrong.


Linda Santini says Ignatia.  Sorry Linda, a good guess but wrong.


Hi Elaine,

Hi, Aruna!

Here is my answer to the October Quiz.  I am thinking the patient was given Ignatia 30C.

A good guess, but wrong.  Everyone is assuming this is an “ailments from grief” case.

Now I see what you are saying.  In that case my guess this time would be Gelsemium 30C.

I know what you’re thinking, “Ailments From Bad News”.  It’s a good guess but still not the right etiology.  Very close, though.  I see the gang from Slovakia is here!


Hello Elaine and Shana,

Hello Miroslav and Jitka!

our answers to what remedies could help Imelda Markos are as follows:

Miroslav votes: Ignatia

I think that the patient needed Ignatia – an acute remedy

for health problems from grief.  If it was a long-term problem, I would go with Nat-m.


Jitka votes: Ignatia

I think that the the most used acute remedy for ailments caused by bad news, sadness and subsequent insomnia is Ignatia.

Best regards


Well, Jitka, do not feel bad, everyone seems to think it’s Ignatia, but, this is more of an “ailments from loss of sleep” case.  I mean, think about it: what is causing the patient to lose energy, have heaviness in the head and tiredness, etc.?  Is it grief?  Or is it loss of sleep?  Don’t we need a sleep loss remedy?

We couldn´t find  rubrics like “ailments from loss of sleep” in our Murphy´s (translations).  From many remedies that could have ailments due to lack of sleep, we decided to answer as follows:
Miroslav: Rhus tox
Jitka: Kali phos.
Jitka, that’s because, once again, the Repertory is not “complete”!  Instead of the rubric being in the Sleep chapter where it belongs, it’s in Generals!  And it’s not under “sleep loss, ailments from”, it’s under:
“Night-Watching, ailments from”! 
The strict meaning is, you’re up with a sick child keeping watch all night, and worrying, and you’ve missed your sleep, and you pay for it the next day with ailments from sleep-loss.  (It could be a headache, it could be heaviness, dizziness, etc.)  
If you go to Generals: night-watching, ailments from, there are only 9 remedies, with 1 in Bold, and 1 in Bold/Underline, and that one remedy is Cocculus.


Hi Elaine,

Hi Dr. Salma Afroz!

How are you doing and Shana?

We are fine, thank you!

I missed you.

We missed you too!

Sorry for the long time I was out of this world.  But I will try to be with you from now on again.  For your information, I got married to a good soul finally and now living in Australia.  Pray for us.

It looks like your prayers have been answered!!

Is the medicine Gelsemium?

I can understand how you came up with Gelsemium—ailments from bad news—but, it’s the wrong etiology.

I will wait for your reply.

I could simply say, “Ailments from loss of sleep–Cocculus”, but there’s more to it than that.  Cocculus is very sympathetic to the suffering of others.  Often, the reason they have lost sleep in the first place is because they are up late holding the hand of a sick child.  Here is what Dr. Sunil Anand wrote in the ezine regarding Cocculus many years ago:

“A very important component of Cocculus is Anxiety about health (Kent, 7). This is pertaining to himself and equally to the health of his relatives (Anxiety about health; anxiety about health of relatives- Kent, 7).  He can be visibly upset by any tragedy or sad situation (Horrible things and sad stories affect profoundly – Kent, 52).  He goes out of his way to be of help to others who are suffering or are in trouble (Cares about others). There are instances where they undergo many sleepless nights to attend to someone who is critically ill or bed-ridden).  They may finally succumb to this pressure themselves and it affects their health (Affects of night watching and loss of sleep – Kent, 1402).”

Now, here is how one of my Cocculus quizzes started out:  Kelly says, “… I am the daughter of two elderly parents whose health is starting to fail.  Consequently, from time to time I suffer from insomnia due to worrying about my family.”

And there you have it!  That’s it!  That sums up Cocculus in a nutshell!  You have the “ailments from loss of sleep”, and you have the susceptibility to lose sleep due to a tendency to worry about the health of loved ones!  It could be idle worrying, like Kelly is doing here; or, actually sitting up with them and watching, as when a parent is up all night with a sick child.

Here’s what Sankaran says about Cocculus in The Soul of Remedies:

“Cocculus persons are very sensitive to the sufferings of others.  Sympathetic, alert and anxious for the feelings and health of others, they can stay awake for nights, anxiously nursing the sick.  ‘Anxiety for the health of others’ and ‘Loss of sleep agg.’ are two leading indications for this remedy.”

So, we see in Cocculus the coming together of two distinct components: 1. ailments from loss of sleep, 2. anxiety or worry over the health of a loved one or hearing bad news about a loved one resulting in worry and consequent inability to sleep.

Shana votes for Cocculus.  Shana knows (because we’ve been through this so many times) that when your biological clock is thrown off, and you miss your nightly sleep time (it could be from illness or jet-lag or whatever…), the result the next day is this awful sleep-loss syndrome: headache, nausea, a feeling of heaviness, dizziness, loss of energy…. and the remedy for this state is Cocculus.

OK, I think it’s time we announced our winner!  And the winner of the Hpathy Quiz is ….  once again… Shana!  

Mom, don’t look now, but, did you know that “I couldn’t sleep at all last night!” is the opening line to “Tossing and Turning” by Bobby Lewis from 1961?

I think that should be the official Cocculus theme song!!!!!

You’re right, Shana!  I was wondering if anyone would notice that the quiz title was the opening line to “Tossin’ and Turnin'”, but, of course, leave it to our little “Shanapedia” …  And here it is now!

                                                                    I couldn’t sleep at all last night!

We need more remedy theme songs!  See you in December!  Good heavens, the holidays are back!  Aaaah!!!!


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