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Revisiting: It’s No Day At the Beach For Toni!

Toni is taken to the beach and had an asthma attack! Did you guess the right remedy?

Mom, can you believe the year is almost over?

No way!  It’s practically time to pay taxes again!

Before you know it, we’ll be writing the December quiz!

You mean we’re not doing that now?

No, Mom, we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet!

I just assumed we were writing the December Quiz.  Then what are we doing?

We’re writing the November Quiz!

Still???  You mean we haven’t done that yet?????  What have we been doing all this time????

We’re running late as always!  All the more reason why I should be allowed to get on with my Announcements!  I have to figure out what I want for Christmas.

That’s your announcement?  What kind of announcement is that?

No, I am here to talk about Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop!

Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop?

Is there an echo in here?  There is a documentary coming out on Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop!

Which one is Shari?

Lots of people grew up watching Shari Lewis and her puppet Lambchop on PBS and I was one of them.  Shari’s daughter, Mallory, is continuing her legacy by being the ventriloquist for Lamb Chop now.

Oh, that’s so wonderful!  Imagine having a daughter who could carry on your work…. I wonder what that’s like????!!!!!!!  Is there a Death Report this month, per chance?

Unfortunately, there is.  Sadly, the other “Jay” from Jay and the Americans died.

The OTHER Jay died?  What does that even mean?????

I’m getting to that!!!  There were two of them.  Jay Traynor who apparently died in 2014, was the first “Jay”,

best known for the hit, “She Cried”.

And when I told her, I didn’t love her anymore… she cried….

OK, Mom, enough already!  But the second Jay is probably the guy most people think of when you say “Jay and the Americans”, namely: Jay Black.  He’s the voice on “Cara Mia”.

Cara Miaaaaaaaaaaaaa why??????  Must we say good-byeeeeeeeeee…..

Mom!!!!!  Oh and quick random fact about the first “Jay” that I just discovered.  The Mystics (the group that sang ‘Hushabye’) changed lead singers a lot.

They did?  Did I mention that “Hushabye” was the first record I ever bought?

I knew you were going to say that!

Though I don’t know…. I remember buying “Dottie” by Danny and the Juniors….

Mom!  No one cares!  Anyway, and one of them was Jay Numero Uno.


The first Jay!  He sang with the Mystics!  Mom, try and keep up.  That lineup did a song called “White Cliffs of Dover” but I don’t think that’s the same one Phil Spector produced for Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans.

It probably was the same song, Shana.  “White Cliffs of Dover” is a “standard”, but, Phil Spector’s doo-wop version puts all the others to shame, in my opinion!  We have to play it!

Well, if we have to, but, it’s not on my schedule…..


Brilliant!  Just Brilliant!

And by the way, Jay Black wasn’t Jay Black’s real name, it was David Blatt.

I should have known.

You should have known what!?  Here it is, folks, Jay Black of Jay and the Americans with a brilliant live performance of “Cara Mia”!


You know, it’s not easy to sing live!  One mistake and everybody knows it!  Good-bye David.  Why must we say good-bye, indeed.


And now for the Quiz!  Who is it this time?

It’s Toni again.  This time she had an asthma attack on the beach.

Toni the dog?  Carly’s dog?  The dog who was afraid to be left alone at night?

Yes!  That dog!

What was she doing on the beach?

I’m not sure……..


Hi Elaine, we’re back from visiting my parents.  The trip was definitely not a waste of time.  I got to see my parents and we had a really nice visit.  Both of them are doing better than we thought.

But Toni had a coughing/asthma attack our first day and it was really scary!  We had taken her for a run at Lake Erie and I heard this weird noise that I thought was the gulls.  Then I realized it was her! The wind was howling and it was really loud, so she must have been scared.  The coughing stopped as soon as I picked her up.  Two days later she stopped eating.  So I gave her a dose of ___________ but a week later she stopped eating again!  So…one more dose of ____________ and it got her to eating a little, but the coughing returned!  Then the next day she started panting and shaking while we were driving.

Luckily, we had Rescue Remedy in the car and it sent her into a deep sleep and she started eating a little again.

However, today she had another coughing fit and I decided OK, that’s enough!!!! _____________ just is not cutting it!  So it was time to start over!  Whatever she had, it came on suddenly.  She’s also been acting like a frightened dog.  I went back over the whole thing from the very beginning, the whole situation, and I finally decided on: ______________.

Oh, right, good thinking!

She ate well tonight.  I slept a little later and my husband fed her.  He said her appetite was “voracious!”  So Toni is doing much better, back to being herself.

Return of appetite is what we expect to see after the right remedy!  OK, I know what happened now. You kept giving her her constitutional remedy, and because it was her constitutional remedy, and it always helped her in the past, you thought it would help again; and actually, it did somewhat help a bit each time, but because it did not match the acute case, Toni kept relapsing; not only that but here’s the interesting thing: clues were thrown at you depicting the real remedy that she needed! Robin Murphy said this would happen, that often the wrong remedy will bring out a clearer picture of the remedy you’re supposed to give, and that certainly was the case here!  So, you went back and analyzed what happened from the beginning and came up with the remedy that covered the acute case, and, Wham!  You nailed it, and she recovered completely!  (Those of you who are looking for the constitutional remedy in every case should be learning a big lesson here!)


Alright, that’s it folks!  Get your answers in!  What remedy do you think cured Toni’s coughing fits and loss of appetite?  Write to me at [email protected] and let me know, the answer will be in the December ezine.  Did I just say December?  OMG!  The Hpathy ezine is about to enter its 18th year! Aaaaah!!!!

See you in December!






Kali phos.




OK, everybody, we are back!  Who wants to go first?

Hi, Elaine.  The remedy may be…..CINCHONA OFFICINALIS.


Hello Cavra, why did you say “hungry without appetite”?  Where does it say that in the quiz?  The dog wasn’t hungry at all, she had lost her appetite until after the remedy was given.  She regained her appetite slightly every time her constitutional remedy or Rescue Remedy was given, but she kept relapsing until finally the correct acute remedy was given and then her appetite returned to normal.  So, no, it wasn’t Cinchona, aka China.  And, does China have hunger without appetite?  I’m not sure what that means.  Where would I find that in the repertory?

In Boericke’s materia medica.

We find under “stomach” …hungry without appetite.

In Murphy’s Repertory, I see, in the Food Chapter, Food: appetite, eat, appetite with inability to” (a convoluted way of saying “appetite with inability to eat”).  The remedies listed are:






OK, but where did you see that in the Quiz?  Or were you simply trying to say that the dog had lost her appetite?  The rubric for that in Murphy’s is:

Food: appetite, loss of

Is that what you meant to say all along?

First of all, what’s at the top of our hierarchy of symptoms?  The etiology, right?  Etiology means the precipitating cause.  If we can find the etiology, it should tell us what the remedy is.  Is there an etiology in this case?  OK, it doesn’t look like Cavra is going to get back to us, so, moving right along then….

I think I see Lori D from NYC!


Hi Elaine,

I may have to come up with a new name-tag for myself.  How’s Lori D from AZ, since I’m moving to Phoenix next week?  Your witty input would be greatly appreciated!!

Oh dear….I’m afraid that, poetically speaking, you’d better stay in New York!

My guess for this month’s quiz on Toni at the beach would be Chamomilla.  It definitely has the coughing fits and asthma affinity, loss of appetite and it seems that this all came about due to the windy day at the beach.  If I’m wrong then I will try again.

You’re wrong so try again!  Oh geez, now we’ve lost Lori D too!  What the heck!

I think I see Yael from Israel, though.

Elaine, I’d go for Aconite.  There’s the suddenness, the fear, etc.

Yes, it is Aconite!


Is anybody else going to try?

Elaine, for “It’s No Day at the Beach for Toni!” my guess is Aconite:

Came on suddenly

Cold wind (worse in cold dry winds/weather) – (wind was howling)




Hope it’s correct.


Mary K.

Yes, Mary K, you got it covered!  Ailments from cold/dry winds, Ailments from fright, Sudden onset and acting scared.  The “coughing” aspect really wouldn’t lead us to a remedy in and of itself.  It only matters in the sense that it’s:

  1. cough from a fright
  2. sudden coughing
  3. cough after exposure to cold/dry winds.

Yes – sudden cough brought on by cold wind and/or fright.  I should have specified.  Thank you for always being in the teaching mode even in your replies.  We attended an outdoor funeral last week and there was a cold dry wind all throughout the service.  In the car on the way home, I gave us all a dose of Aconite 30C.  Just in case.

Good thinking!  Well, don’t look now, but, I think I see Maria from Greece on the horizon!


Hi Elaine and Shana, my vote goes to Aconite.

Sudden onset.

Ailments from fright.

Coughing, from wind (Aconite is in 1st grade there)

Coughing from fright (also in 1st grade)

I have to say that I thought of Ignatia too:

Ailments from fright

Loss of appetite, from fright (is the only remedy in it)

Coughing from fright

But I think Aconite is more appropriate.  If I am wrong I will try again!

You are not wrong so don’t try again!


Hey everybody, Vamsi’s in the house!!!!!

Hi Elaine.

The Quiz Section of the Hpathy ezine is the BEST I have ever seen.  No wonder it makes the ezine more interesting and riveting.

You are absolutely right.  Interesting and Riveting!

And when I read back some of your earlier quizzes, they clear the air of confusion.  (Treasure of knowledge and experience, where on earth can I find this ?) 😊

Have you looked under the bed?

Lovely Shana’s announcements are surely a cherry on the soda, I do read them regularly,

She’ll be happy to know that someone does.

though I am not a fan of music, but do love the write-up and immense knowledge of music she holds in store…

She does have an immense knowledge of music that no one listens to….

Okay, I feel that in this month’s quiz…

1) The Dog was taken to the beach; sea shore aggravates.

No, I don’t think that was it.  Remember Carly said, “The wind was howling and she must have been scared”?

2) Dog wants attention (coughing stopped as soon as it was picked up).

No.  I think it’s wrong to say the “dog wants attention”.  Do you cough because you want attention?  You might cry or whine if you want attention.

3) There was an eating disorder too associated with it.

No, I wouldn’t say the dog had an “eating disorder”.  Losing your appetite when you’re sick is common.  When that happens, we don’t say, “So-and-so has an eating disorder.”  We say, “So-and-so is not well and has lost her appetite.”

I guess it should be IGNATIA!!!

Please let me know!!

No, it’s not Ignatia—a remedy we think of for unstable emotions: usually sobbing vs. holding back tears, or laughing alternating with crying.

What is striking about this case?

Yes The Wind was howling and the dog got scared…the striking one!!

–  Mind : Ailments from Fright

OK, you’re right so far, Ailments From fright; and, don’t we also have “sudden onset”?  I’m quite sure Carly made a point of saying it all came on suddenly.

The Dog wanted sympathy

Sympathy is the wrong word.  The dog was scared, and she kept experiencing fright all through the case, even days or weeks later, she was still shaking from fright, remember?  That’s what was striking about this case—the on-going fright.

– Consolation ameliorates  (it’s not attention but consolation it was looking for)

People want consolation when they’re upset.  But the dog wasn’t upset, she was in a state of fright.

And yes…The changeable emotions also add to it..

Toni, doesn’t have changeable emotions.  She has a fright.  I believe Carly said, “She’s acting scared.”

Yup!!!  It is the Wind Flower, right?  Pulsatilla!!

Crying and sadness is what we expect to see in a Pulsatilla case.  But also, we expect to see that the mood changes easily.  That’s why it’s called the “Wind Flower”.  It’s because they are are so easily “blown over”, to this side or that.  Laughing one minute, crying the next.  That’s why this remedy so easily matches children, because that’s how children are, so easily influenced, their moods change easily.  They might be crying but it doesn’t last long, especially if you console them, they’re back to laughing again in no time.

But this dog can’t be consoled!  She is frightened and she’s not getting over it.  In fact, it’s getting worse.  She keeps relapsing.  “Mind: consolation, inconsolable” might be a good rubric for her.

So we have:

  1. ailments from fright
  2. sudden onset
  3. inconsolable

OMG Elaine!!  Is it our famous remedy ACONITE?  Am I right??


Fear , sudden onset….

The WIND was howling!

How did I miss this?

That’s what I’d like to know…..


The gang from Slovakia is here!

Hello Elaine and Shana,

Hello Miroslav and Jitka!

we send our answers a little earlier, as it is possible that you will have an earlier deadline in the December ezine because of  Christmas.

Miroslav answers: Aconitum

All I can think of right away is Aconite – the symptoms came suddenly, the dog is scared …

I´m not sure if they gave him Arsenicum before (as a constitutional remedy) …

Miroslav, you are right on all counts!!!!!

Jitka answers: Aconite

As soon as I read the quiz, Aconite came to my mind because Aconite suits symptoms with a rapid onset, after the patient has been chilled or exposed to dry cold winds. Those needing Aconite tend to be restless, fearful, and oversensitive to pain.  Aconitum is an important remedy for ailments that begin after shock or fright.  The quiz seemed easy to me, but maybe there’s a catch in it.

No, no catch, it was easy, you are both right!!!!

Rohini guessed Aconite on our facebook page.

And that’s it, folks, that’s all I’ve got for today!  Who are our lucky winners?






Mary K

Congratulations, everybody!  See you again next year!


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