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A Young Musician Blushes Often And Suppresses Anger

Written by Maurizio Paolella

Dr. Maurizio Paolella shares a case of a young musician with suppressd anger and gastrointestinal issues. Easy blushing, milk and cheese aggravate, timitidity and suppressed anger were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

Male, age 23
Diagnosis: Recurrent gastritis + vomiting, diarrhea
Pityriasia rosea in mild form

First anamnesis:  4.5.2017

He reports spontaneously:
I’m consulting you for gastrointestinal problems. I frequently suffer with vomiting and diarrhea.  Recently after having had gorgonzola (a strong Italian cheese) I had a very severe crisis with prolonged vomiting and had to use Plasil injections.

I had long time nausea with a feeling as if my neck was squeezed. As if a little piece of food would stay here (indicates throat) with a sensation of reflux and burning. As if I have suddenly a little piece of meat or a little ball inside the throat…it is very unpleasant psychologically, you feel you are loosing control….  It is very limiting, my mental peace is gone at that point.

It all started since I have a girlfriend whose parents love to eat a lot and as a consequence as I go to their house quite often I have lost my eating habits. I have always been a health conscious person in reference to diet and also I was performing much physical exercise, but since a while I have become a couch potato.

All my symptoms gets stimulated and start as soon as I eat too much. Diarrhea and vomiting are never happening together. In the past already I was suffering with a lactose and albumen intolerance.

Besides, in the last 2 years, I do suffer from a difficult relationship with a working partner, she is very problematic. I am sure she is part of all my physical problems.

She had very strong anger towards her parents because they were very much interfering with our artistic life.

And how do you actually feel when you get angry?
I feel exactly that abdominal sensation, a very bad gut feeling. I almost hate those guys.  I cannot find a vent for this anger. I only do it over the phone with a friend of mine, who is a musician as well. He is a very close friend, a sort of mentor for me.  With him I am always able to find solutions to my problems.

The real issue here is that I cannot express my anger at all. With anger I feel my body  temperature rising. It happens also when I feel some timidity. It reaches my face and my intestines.

When I have to meet someone new, I am always very embarassed and blocked.

Since I was a kid my temperament was very shy and I blushed often, almost for no reason.  Now is much better, but in the background it is always there and I know!

Then my voice almost breaks and becomes kind of childish.

When the attention of many people comes on me. it makes me feel very fragile and in discomfort. Embarassment is something I hate. It makes me angry with myself.

Today I can control better my timidity but when I was a child my face was always blushing; the heat in my face was so strong, and people said my face was turning dark red. But my face turns very red also if I have a very strong laugh. My skin is overall very delicate and gets red so easily.

When I was a kid I did often dream of the movie Aladdin (the cartoon) where you can see the magician coming out of the lamp, and suddenly the whole environment became very hot; it looked like Hell and there was a sensastion of peril, something very hostile for me, as if someone was threatening to kill me.

(This paient is under care with dentosophists (a new holistic approach to dentistry)  –they explained that his teeth were forced to get straightened in a mechanical way.)

I was only 10 when I staredt playing, just by instinct, and later I had lessons. Then during my high school days I started as well to study in a professional music Academy.  (Now he plays keyboards in a trio.)

Patient information:

In the past he had plantar warts removed.
He drinks little and has scanty urine.
Thermal: neutral
In his past medical history there is a leftsided varicocele at age 7 that was operated on. Atopic dermatitis at birth, used soymilk as therapy to avoid skin reactions.
Always had skin problems with milk and dairy.

Here is my Rep. (RadarOpus):

I choose to give Pulsatilla 1M plus SAC LAC once a week for 6 weeks

The main reasons for this remedy: the overeating pain along with suppressed anger and blushing with a strong element of timidity since he was a youngster.

19.5.17   phone call
Already the day following the first dose he had complete disappearance of burning pains and discomfort. The morning burning pain in the pit of stomach was gone as well. He drank some milk as an experiment, and encountered no issues.
He is more thirsty and urinates more often.


13.7.17  FOLLOW UP
All seems better. As if this medicine gave me new energy. All anger disappeared so also my impulses of irritability and nervous discomfort.  Feeling overall more free psychologically. Felt better from day one and remained as such.  More sense of serenity; even the rare moments when I feel something in my gut area I don’t feel any anger.

Sleeping pattern much better, especially at falling asleep time  — this was quite problematic before – could take one hour to fall asleep before.  Waking up more relaxed.

(The dental therapists confirmed a significant change: they said he shows more mental flexibility.  He feels a clear improvement on muscle neck tension, and realised this playing the piano.)

All seems gone! I feel worse only if I overeat for many days; abdominal burning pain could show up again.  I tend to have more bowel motions than before.  But those pains in the pit of my stomach disappeared fully.

NO REMEDY, only SAC LAC once a month for 3 months

4.4.17  phone call
He had some food abuses in the last two days, so all his abdominal symptoms reappeared.

PULSATILLA  1M  then SAC LAC once weekly for some time

17.10.17  FOLLOW  UP
Again after the remedy I felt immediately better, lighter, on all levels, especially psychologically.  Also my blushing tendency is reduced.  Had some liquors lately and this made a strong aggravation, especially if mixed with some wine during dinner.

In the meantime his musical group dissolved last summer. so has some anxiety.  “Will I be able to make a living? “ Big uncertainty about his future.

PULSATILLA  1M  one dose

29.11.17  phone call
No more problems in abdomen
Even if sometimes he overate, … no issues
Still an overall anxiety for his future

PULSATILLA 10M  one dose

23.1.18   FOLLOW  UP
Have  to report remedy action was excellent
Stomach is fine
Some episodes of over eating again, although sporadic; had no consequences at all
Sleep much better; falling asleep now is ok

I am just fine
No symptoms

An old symptoms reappeared: a skin rose colored spot diagnosed as pytiriasis rosea 3 years before, showed up again in the last 30 days.

All the rest is very good, all digestion in perfect order
No pain
He describes this as an excellent result
No issues if he drinks a bit more than he should
He moved to a place in the mountains, alone, has a fiancee that spends some time with him.

SAC LAC 2 times a month, for some time

13.9.18   phone call
Pytiriasis spot disappeared completely

29.10.18   FOLLOW  UP
Has been deeply disasppointed by his mentor friend. Felt irritable and anger towards him. He left the mountain home and decided to leave music to make a more concrete in life and began working in a pizza store. He is happy about this decision. Besides, he feels very sure about the quality of his realtionship with his girlfriend. Started practicing martial arts again; it was a thing of the past that enjoys very much.

A couple of times slight stomach cramps resolved on their own without any medications.  Skin is in order.

18.4.19   FOLLOW  UP
New life change: he has become a music teacher, a full time job
Very happy

Stomach/Intestines in perfect order
No more skin issues
Sleep very good, falling asleep immediately

19.10.19   ACUTE
Consults for a laryngitis, voice low, after a cold
Moving to a house with his girlfriend soon
No stomach/intestines issues

Reason to propose this case:

  • Importance of totality of symptoms, to be taken always
  • No gender issues of remedies – Puls, Sep, Ign, Lach can perfectly fit men, same as Nux vom, Lyc for women
  • Minimum dose – this patient has taken literally n.8 little pills as active medication!
  • Not only Lyc. or Staph. are remedies for suppressed anger !
  • When a remedy, at a certain dose, works particularly well, can be given more than the two times that Kent has taught us – in this case it was the 1M potency


Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Eudicots
Order: Ranunculales
Family: Ranunculaceae
Genus: Pulsatilla
Species: P. pratensis

(from Wikipedia english version)

About the author

Maurizio Paolella

Dr. Maurizio Paolella is an M.D. practicing Classical Homeopathy in Rome since 1986. He trained with A.Geukens, M.Mangialavori and Jeremy Sherr (Dynamis Course 200/2002) among others. He also studied at the Clinic of Dr. Dario Spinedi from 2008 until 2014, mostly for Oncology followed by Classical Homeopathy. Dr. Paolella worked for 9 months in 2014 as Assistant Doctor at Clinica Santa Croce (Orselina, Switzerland) directed by Dr.Dario Spinedi. He is available for medical homeopathic consultation in person in Rome and also via Skype (dr.pao) Visit Dr. Paolella at his website

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