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Susan Goes Into A State!

Try and figure out the answer to this month’s quiz.

Mom, You’re never going to believe it!!!

Why do I get the feeling that I will!?

It’s time for the quiz!!

That’s what I’m never going to believe?

Also …

Oh, there’s an “also”.

…you’re never going to believe the amazing announcements I have!

Are you sure?

Announcement the first.  The Rolling Stones…

I knew it! I knew it!!!!!

…are apparently going to start work on a new album which I imagine will come out at some point in 2016.  This is not a drill.

No one cares, Shana!

I still wish I could see the Rolling Stones perform live but we all know how expensive their tickets are.

Not to mention that, luckily…

Not luckily…

…they are always sold out within seconds of going on sale!

I know; I mean, for as much as I talk about them,

Really?  I hadn’t noticed.

you’d think I’d be able to see them at least once when they tour the area.

At least once???  Is that what you said????  At least once????  You mean you have the expectation of seeing them again and again and again?????

Mom, don’t you know what “at least” means?  Also next year Bon Jovi is putting out a new album.

More thrilling news that no one cares about.

I read somewhere he plans to tour with the new album and I really want to see Bon Jovi.

Shana!  He’s just another pretty face!

A pretty face who’s also a humanitarian!  

That’s right, rub my face in it!

Anyway, next year is the usual Grammy Awards that normally I couldn’t care less about because it’s all today’s singers. However, James Taylor…

Aaaaaaah!!!!!!  Again with James Taylor????

His new album, “Before This World”, got nominated for “Best Pop Vocal album”!!!

Good grief.

So I gotta watch.  I can’t even remember the last time James Taylor was nominated for a Grammy.

I think it was yesterday.

It might have been for “Hourglass” according to a clip I saw on youtube.  I love youtube. There are so many great old clips there.  I found old stuff from VH1 and MTV about the Rolling Stones.

Oh geez…..

Remember when VH1’s slogan used to be “Music First?”

Uh….. no.

It’s not so much anymore unless you watch VH1 Classic.  I wish they would air the older “Behind the Music” episodes and the show “Legends”.  Anyway, the point is that I was born in the wrong generation.

Well I am soooo sorrrrry but Daddy and I were busy when you wanted to be born!  Actually, we were touring!  (something you should be familiar with!)

Anyone know where I can find a DeLorean that’s a real Time Machine?

Shana, I’m guessing it’s out of our price range.  But maybe you can get one used on Amazon.

Next year apparently the Eagles are going to be at the Kennedy Center.  They were supposed to be honored in December with Carole King and a bunch of other people but then Glenn Frey had health issues which apparently required major surgery so the band had to reschedule their appearance.

I’m sure everyone found that fascinating, but, why don’t you tell people about the concert we’re going to at the Kimmel Center in January?

We’re going to see Jerry Blavat’s Salute To Street Corner Harmony, starring The Chantels, The Jive Five, The Skyliners, The Marcels, Billy and the Essentials…

Finally, a real announcement!  I’m dying to see The Chantels do their big hit from 1958, “Maybe”…

…possibly the greatest record ever made!  I’m sure James Taylor and Mick Jagger agree with me!

And Bon Jovi too?  Since you say his song “She Don’t Know Me” is a knock-off of the Ronettes’ “Be My Baby”?  Doesn’t that make him a closet R & B fan?  Plus which, I just saw a video of him performing with Sam Moore of Sam and Dave; so, I guess that settles it!

One more reason I’m forced to like him!

Oh look, here it is now!  Sam Moore and Bon Jovi  doing Bobby Womack’s “Lookin’ For A Love”!

Alright, Shana, alright!  You’re killing me!

I guess that’s it for my announcements.  What’s the case this month?

It’s Susan.  She’s gotten into a state.

Which state, New York?  Montana?  Delaware?

I’ll let her explain it:


Elaine, so, here’s the story: The fact is, I had an interaction with someone, got the sense that they were lying, they lie to me a lot and it wears me out and brings me down, and my emotional response after the fact put me into a _______________ state.

Maybe it was an issue of not eating much since breakfast, or “absorbing” what is both tiresome and discouraging, this constantly being lied to (you know when someone is lying and they are over-explaining?) — but I felt my chest get a little tight, and I felt anxiety.  I thought at first maybe it was hormonal; I haven’t felt anxiety in a long time.  I assumed my heart was probably a little faster than normal, because of the way the anxiety felt, but when I checked my pulse it was super slow (around 60 beats per minute).  But for some reason it “felt” too slow or the sensation was as if it was too slow or getting slower and slower.

At the same time, this anxiety, and my over-concern/attention to my pulse was adding to the anxiety, and having anxiety and a slower than normal pulse feels contradictory and strange.

I took Nat-mur and the chest tension went away; tried some flower essences and then a dose of Aconite for the anxiety, but it wasn’t until I took a dose of _________________ 30c that the anxiety and the over-attention to my heartbeat went away.

I can’t tell if my pulse is much different but I think my perception was off or something, and the ________________ eased it.  I know in the past, after something that was obviously emotionally draining, I fell into a ________________ state.  So I wonder if that was what happened. I feel ok now, like “myself”; previously, I was dreading going to sleep, like my heart would stop!

I don’t know what my pulse usually is — maybe it’s always around 60-65 — it was more the sensation of a lethargic pulse, concurrent with emotional anxiety and anxiety felt as tension in my chest — that was a strange (and distressing) assortment of symptoms!

I wasn’t sure if I could find a rubric where you have anxiety plus a slow pulse — anyway, I thought this would make a good quiz for you.


So what do you think, everybody?  If you know the remedy, write to me at [email protected], the answer will be in next month’s ezine.  To play us out, I found a very rare video of “Maybe” from 1958.  This is possibly the ONLY such film in existence so I apologize for the awful quality of it; but, you have to understand something, there is almost NO VIDEO of black entertainers from the ’50’s, as insane as that sounds!  Any video that exists at all is mostly due to one of two people: Dick Clark and his show American Bandstand, or Alan Freed and his shows at the Brooklyn Paramount Theater or the few movies he produced.  It’s hard to think of Bandstand as some sort of revolutionary force for change; but, Dick Clark really stuck his neck out for black acts!  Perhaps this background information will help you tolerate this well-worn video clip of a classic song from a classic group Shana and I will be seeing January 23rd: The Chantels (“The Sweethearts of Rock ‘n’ Roll”) and my favorite song; I mean, just imagine; this song is, how old?  57 years old?  And the Chantels are still touring behind it?  Amazing!  Here are the Chantels on Bandstand from 1958 with Maybe!

See ya next year!

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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  • Hello! I love reading your quizzes! I’m a amateur and love to play along since finding your articles two days ago. So for the slow pulse plus anxiety I came up with digitalis. It was my first guess, just based on the pulse, weak heart symptom and I found anxiety in its picture too – this was my source:

    Hope I’m right!

  • Leah, welcome to the quiz family! The January ezine will be out very soon. When it comes out, check for “Revisiting: Susan Goes Into a State” to see if you have the right answer. I can tell you that you are not the only one who voted for Digitalis. Thanks again for voting!

  • Hello Elaine!
    I’m going to go with Arsenicum – here are the rubrics that fit:
    Anxiety about health and heart
    Ailments from deception
    Thinking of complaints aggravates
    Chest constriction with anxiety
    Sensation as if heart would cease
    Anxiety on going to bed
    Pulse abnormal
    Pulse, slow

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