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A Case of Leukemia in a Woman of 68

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Written by Viveca Wilhelmsson

Homeopath Viveca Wilhelmsson presents a case of Leukemia in a Woman of 68

On 1st Nov 2012 the patient was diagnosed with “Chronic  Lymphatic Leukemia of non Hodgkin type.”  According to her Medical Doctor it was a very aggressive type with poor prognosis. As her sister also had malignant leukemia, there was also a hereditary component in the case. The patient was a nurse specialist. She said she had seen so many patients with similar diagnoses dying soon after the allopathic treatment was prescribed, so she preferred to die without all the side effects. As she decided to cut all the contacts with the doctors, I could not get hold of any medical tests in the case.

First visit was 19th Dec 2012

At the first visit she was extremely weak, thin, and very cold. She had a big and hard nodule on the left side of the neck. In general extremely cold and icy cold feet, but does not like the sun, especially the head < sun.  < draft, especially neck and shoulders, Like the rain and prefer 10-15 degrees Celsius. < before thunder or storm. Nausea before thunder.  Sleep is bad at the moment, always sleepless from full moon. Always < morning on waking.  Generally  < lying left side, palpitation of heart on lying on left side.

She is a very passionate woman with many thoughts and ideas she wants to share. She is loquacious and talks about many things at the same time, changing subjects. She had been very idealistic and ambitious about her work as a nurse.
She had a divorce 20 years ago.  She has one daughter and one grandchild.
I was very surprised to see such a clear picture of Lach in a patient that was so  sick and low in vitality.

LACH D30 one dose – As the patient has low vitality, I don’t want to go higher than d30.  She does not take any other medications, so we can start with one dose. As it is a very severe disease, I informed the patient that she could reach me at any time during the treatment. Then I could be sure that every new dose was administered at exactly the right time.

Repertorisation:                                                                      Symptom Degree

MIND ARDENT                                                                                       2

MIND ENVY                                                                                            3

MIND LOQUACITY                                                                                2

MIND LOQUACITY, changing, quickly from one subject to another    2

STOMACH THIRSTLESS                                                                        1

EXTREMITIES COLDNESS, Foot, icy cold                                            3

SLEEP POSITION, side, on left, impossible                                             2

SLEEP SLEEPLESSNESS, moon, full                                                      1

GENERALITIES MORNING, waking, on                                                2

GENERALITIES AIR, draft, agg.                                                             2

GENERALITIES CANCEROUS, affections                                            3

GENERALITIES LEUKAEMIA                                                              3

GENERALITIES FOOD and DRINKS,  water aversion                          2

GENERALITIES HEAT, lack of vital                                                      2

GENERALITIES SUN from exposure to agg.                                          2

GENERALITIES WEAKNESS, exertion agg., slight exertion                 3
The Vithoulkas Compass result is clear – Lachesi


As a young girl she was healthy. As a teenager throat infections repeatedly.
30 y.o. sarkoidos, not treated. Severe menstrual pains. Migraine < during breastfeeding  and > after menopause. Bronchitis during many years.

Two years ago ileus (intestinal blockage) and stricture in the urethra
Her mother died, 94 y.o. in spring 2012.

Level of health: Group C. No fever for many years. Problems on all three levels: physical (aggressive leukemia), emotional (deep disappointment and envy) and mental (changing subjects, not finding words, bad concentration).
The patient seems to have been born in group A (Vithoulkas Levels of Health). As a teenager repeated infections showing a drop to group B. Sarkoidos at the age of 30 which shows a further weakening of the immune system.

Possible cause of disease: At age 48 her husband wanted a divorce. This together with envy because her daughter, according to the patient, chose her father and his new family, started a big trauma. A few months before the onset of the leukemia her mother died which was a hard time for the patient.

Follow up 1 – 17th Jan 2013
Tumor is reduced and cannot be seen but can be felt on palpation. Many things have been worse during the period: neuralgia behind the eye, headache, pain and stiffness in the neck, sleep has been bad, a very disturbing dry cough during the night, feet are icy cold and with bad pain in the feet, difficulties with concentration, could not find the words, confused. The first day after the dose she felt like something was pressing down her head so she could not think. But she said that psychological symptoms were better, she was more happy.
Rx: WAIT  – As we have an amelioration on the emotional side, many symptoms have been activated but lately the energy has increased a little bit, so we have to wait.
Follow up 2 – 14th feb
After the last consultation the patient had a profuse leucorrhoea for about two weeks.  Now she does not feel well and is extremely tired. For the last week she had no appetite and had nausea. The tumor in the lymph-node is a bit bigger and a new nodule has appeared on left side; since two weeks sleep is worse, feels very tense on wakening, a feeling in the head that stops her thoughts, she cannot think, worries a lot about her daughter.

She has to stop a study course that she was very interested in, because she does not have the energy and this make her sad.
LACH D30 one dose – Discharges – the leucorrhoea is a positive sign in the healing process, but lately her energy has gone down, plus physical, emotional and mentally she is getting worse. She needs a new dose.

Follow up 3 – 6th March
Two old symptoms returned one day after the dose: double vision with nausea which she has had before with the migraines and cramps in legs. Now she is tired, pains here and there and pains in back dorsal region where she earlier had an injury on her rib. Wakes up with headache and tension in neck almost every morning; perspires at night (Lach 3). Has had very bad cramping in lower limbs, some pains behind eyes, burping a lot.

The emotional side is very stressful. She suffers a lot from her relationship with her daughter and from worry about her, but also feels like her daughter does not want her there. This is a very big trauma for the patient and she mentions it and I can see that she keeps the emotions inside.
LACH D200 one doseIt is clear that the patient need a repetition. The former dose d30 lasted only for 20 days, so I raised the potency. The grief, jealousy, envy – all is kept inside.

Follow up 4 – 21st March
Still tired but can relax more. No appetite but feels she has to eat. Before she didn’t eat much and had lost many kg. Recently felt she had more energy. Has had some beautiful experiences when she felt she was surrounded by lots of love.

Follow up 5 – 4th  April
Starting having a cold after being with the grandchild who was sick. Coldness. Cough at night, pain in the joints, respiration is a bit heavy, palpitation on lying on the left side. As she is in group C it would be an improvement if she could produce an acute, so I don’t want to interfere too early. I tell her to wait and call me any time if things get worse. She has Lach D200 at home if needed.

9th April, telephone
She has not taken any remedy. Lymph nodes are larger! However, sleep is much better, energy is better, she actually feels energetic and she is warmer.

This was a difficult decision as it was worrying that the lymph nodes are larger. However professor Vithoulkas has taught us, “don’t go by chance, go by law”. Sleep is better and energy is better; this means that we have an improvement in general and should not interfere with the healing process.

Follow up 6 – 17th  April
In general better. Lymph nodes are a little bit smaller. Had bleeding hemorrhoids for some days with heavy bleeding. This is an old symptom she had 20 years ago. Sleep is good. Dreams a lot (this is the first time I hear this). Thirsty but doesn’t want to drink, dry mouth on waking. Cough, not dry anymore but with mucus. More sensitive to draft but warmer. Patient is right in the middle of a big conflict with her daughter. Before she had kept all the negative emotions inside and now for the first time she expressed to the daughter, how she actually felt.
WAIT – Old symptoms appear which is a good sign; expressing the emotions instead of keeping it inside is also a good sign, and the fact that the patient started having dreams is also a way of the organism to express.

Follow up 7 – 2nd May
Easily offended. Has a slight cold with burning feeling in the respiratory system. < warmth, > cold weather, < morning on waking, sleeps the whole night through, more thirst and the patient say’s she can enjoy it more. Before she had thirst with aversion to drinking.


Follow up 8 – 29th May
After last time the patient had cough and had to lie in bed with a temperature of 37,6 celsius and headache. Palpitations < lying left side, sciatica right sided (lach 2), general < on waking, < warmth and < sun. Tumors in lymph-nodes are painful and swollen; pain from the tumors radiates down the arm; cold sweat and dyspnea if doing something strenuous,  < sun, nausea instead of hunger, aversion water and no thirst (the symptoms for Lach have been there all the time, but now they are more clear.

LACH D200 one dose

We can see how the organism struggles with acutes, without being able to produce a fever higher than 37,6.  It’s amazing that even though the patient is low down regarding the levels of health, the remedy picture is not changing and it is becoming even clearer.  I have not presented the repertorisation each time, but the keynotes for Lach are there all the time.

Follow up 9 – 13th June
Felt good after the last dose. Right after the dose she had a very nice dream about a man. It was like healing some wounds after the divorce.  A week after the dose she had a strong pain in sternum, radiating up to the jaw. It reminded her of a heart infarct but as she recognized it as something she had 30 years ago, she waited for it to pass and it did. In general energy is good.


Follow up 10 – 5th July
Feels good, sleep is deep, expectoration of mucus and offensive lumps. Two days ago a very strong headache from occiput and up over the head, extremely strong pain which came in the night and next morning it was all gone.


Follow up 11 – 21st August
We have been in contact over the phone since last time but no need to repeat the remedy. In general energy and sleep have been good. Appetite has increased and she has gained some kg.  What is remarkable, is that the patient has been able to make a journey abroad, something she wanted to do since many years. She is so happy she had the energy to do this and that she was not exhausted after the journey.
She has had two dramatic dreams and felt weak after this. One dream was about three persons, one is evil, one is naive and one is the victim going to be killed. The naïve one is a mirror of the evil one. It is a long detailed dream and it ends with the naïve one taking the gun from the evil one and shooting him in the throat so that the lymph nodes empty themselves. In the dream the patient herself is terrified but she has to go up to see that the evil one is really dead.
The next dream is about the patient fighting with a shadow. It is a real nightmare but after some time the patient realizes that she has to find more powerful methods in fighting this long, emaciated, very scary shadow. She finds the way to fight it off.

She feels weak after the dreams, like it took all the energy. Feet are colder even though it is summer and warm weather, more palpitation from heart and patient has the feeling that the heart is weak, not pain but a fluttering in the heart. The lymph nodules are increasing and becoming larger and the biggest nodule is painful.
LACH D200  – We can see that the organism is struggling and it is clear that we need to repeat the remedy. As long as the last dose worked well we never change the potency.

Follow up 12 – 17th Sept
Tired, sleep is anxious with nightmares. Heart is affected, palpitations when lying on back,  < on waking, diarrhea, the lymph node is larger, patient feels like she’s in a hurry regarding her health, that it is deteriorating, nausea, unrefreshed sleep, blood pressure is 140/80 and pulse is normal, not irregular.

LACH 1M  – The energy is going down, sleep is worse, the main complaint is worse and the last dose did not act more than some weeks so we raise the potency.

Follow up 13 – 16th October
After the dose she was tired for several days, nausea, pain in a foot that was injured 20 years ago, pain in chest, cough, headache. This lasted for about a week. Now: feet are warmer, cough is not so dry, lymph nodes still the same, very sad about relationships but expresses her emotions much more.


Follow Up 14 – 30th October
23rd Oct , pain in throat, difficult to swallow, feels like she’s suffocating even though the throat is not swollen. Temperature 37,1
24th Oct 36, Felt like suffocation on waking and got very scared. In evening fever 38,2.   Had fever between 38-38,5 for 5 days, lot of mucus came out with the cough. No feeling of suffocation after the fever started, throat was red but not swollen.  Now she has some pain in the abdomen which feels tense on palpation and also a pain on percussion over left kidney. However stool and urine is normal and she slept deep and well the last two nights.

WAIT  – With the instruction to get in touch with me or repeating LACH 1M if things get worse.  The reason for waiting now is that she did not have fever for many years, so it is a very good sign. The immune-system is being activated. And the organism has managed to cope with the infection.

Follow up 15 – 12th November
Still has some low fever, just over 37 and at the most 37,8. Has had nightmares about crashing with a plane and about cancer having metastasis in the lungs. Pains in the back. Deep sadness.
LACH 1M  –  Fever is low which shows that the organism is not strong enough to fight off the infection. The dreams mirror the trauma going on in the organism.

Follow Up 16 – 19th December
During the first week after the remedy the patient had dreams about someone trying to dance her into a destruction machine, another about a cupboard with many drawers and scorpions in them and in one dream a lady was shouting “this is the last trial” and something in the form of a snake but very sharp was thrown at her. Patient has many symptoms that come and go, pain in neck to head, nausea, pain behind the eyes, dullness, pain in left ear for one day, skin is sensitive, pain in back, rumbling in abdomen, tumors in the lymph nodes are still there but not painful.


Follow up 17 – 14th January 2014
Since beginning of January the patient has been feeling well. It’s easy to breathe, no pains in back, no cough, no pain in chest, no pains in abdomen, a few times palpitation in heart but not much. Lymph nodes are the same but no pain. She has had a lot of time with her grandchild and daughter and very happy about this


Telephone 25nd January
Pain from the lymp nodes which are bigger and  bluish red.


Telephone 28th January
Lymph node is smaller and normal in color. Felt depressed right after the dose, had some cramping in stomach for a few hours, headache for one day, felt like a cold coming on but it went away. Wait

Follow Up 18 – 11th February
Patient looks really healthy, feels well, radiant, happy about her daughter and grandchild and they have nice time together. Sleeps well, rest is deeper, she is warmer, tumor is not felt on palpation.
WAIT  – This time I saw straight away that a deep change has taken place. From the first glimpse when meeting the patient in the waiting room I knew that her whole energy is different.

Follow Up 19 – 25th February
The improvement continues and she looks so happy and radiating health. She has some aches and pains but nothing serious. She can do many things that she like, she reads, goes to cultural events and does not feel tired from it.


11th march Phone call from the sister of the patient.
She told me the patient died 5 days ago. They did not know the reason but she had died very suddenly. The sister called me again after the autopsy. She died from an aneurysm in the brain and there was no cancer in the body, nothing.

For me it was a very special case. I learnt a lot from it. One thing is that we might not save everyone. We are all going to die, but if we can help someone to heal the wounds that life created so they can die in peace it is valuable. Also it was interesting to see that such a deep pathology could show a clear picture of one and the same remedy all along. This can happen only if the patient was born in a high level of health from the beginning.


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Viveca Wilhelmsson

Viveca Wilhelmsson has been practicing classical homeopathy since 1987. She graduated as a psychologist from the University of Stockholm in 1978. From 1983 she studied homeopathy and basic medicine in Sweden, and received her diplomas 1989 and 1990. She took the four year course at International Academy of Classical Homeopathy from, grsaduating in 2000. Viveca has been conducting the program from IACH with e-learning groups in Sweden since 2002.


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