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A Case of Molluscum Contagiosum in an HIV Patient

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The author presents a good case of Molluscum Contagiosum in an HIV positive child

A   five year old girl presented with a cystic swelling and fungating growth in and around the right upper eye lid. The right eye was closed and covered with the growth. The left eye, naso labial fold and corners of the mouth also presented a few papules.

The lesions were infected, painful, itching, discharging a bloody sticky secretion.  A few lesions were matted together and discharge was highly offensive and excoriating.  The regional lymph nodes in the upper cervical area were swollen. The child was greatly debilitated as she was unable to eat food on account of pain. Complaints < night.  She had itching all over her body.  She was trembling and shivering, sensitive and emotional.


Past History

She had recurrent cold and cough. She had been treated for pulmonary tuberculosis and was under conventional medicine for six months.

Refer Plate I

Family History

Her parents passed away following  HIV  and  she is  under the care of the Centre for HIV Patients  This child also has shown positive study for serological Examination. Refer Plate II and Plate III



Physical Generals

Appetite:   Loss

Thirst:       Less

Sweat:      on forehead.

Stool: Regular 2 times watery

Urine: Burning micturation.

Thermal: Chilly

Sleep: Disturbed due to pain.

Mental Generals

Mild, yielding, frightened easily.


General Examination:

Weight: 10 kgs

Pulse: 100/min


Abdomen: distended.

Chest: looks emaciated.  Emaciation of lower limbs also.

Totality of Symptoms


  • Molluscum Contagiosum (Homeopathy Treatment for Molluscum Contagiosum).
  • Cauliflower like growth in and around the right upper eyelid.
  • The lesions were infected, painful, itching, discharging blood sticky secretion.
  • The Discharge was highly offensive and excoriating.
  • Complaints & pain < night. Night aggravations.
  • Chilly Patient.
  • Cervical lymph node swollen.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Thirstless.
  • Frightens easily.
  • No weakness in anything.
  • Weak and  debilitated.
  • Trembling and shivering


First Prescription: 18/05/2009


Rx    Nitric acid 200 3 pill tds on empty stomach

  • Placebo for 15  days

Follow Up 1                                                                                  24/05/2009

  • Appetite good.
  • The lesions around both eyes started discharging.
  • Left eyes slightly opened.
  • Eruption started breaking up & oozing.
  • Improvement in general.

Rx   Nitric acid 200 3 pill tds on empty stomach

  • Placebo for 15  days

Follow Up 2 08/06/2009


  • Infected molluscum on face are bursting and decreasing in size.
  • Eruption is drying up.
  • Swelling around both eyes comparatively decreased.
  • Now right eye slightly opened & left eye fully opened.

Rx   Nitric acid 200 3 pill tds on empty stomach

  • Placebo for 15  days

Follow Up 3


  • Molluscum below & around eyes decreased.
  • No Swelling. NO Pain in eyes. No Discharge.
  • Appetite: improved. Both Eyes are opened now.
  • Patient can see properly from both eyes.
  • Swelling of cervical lymph node decreased.

Rx  Nitric acid 200 3 pill tds on empty stomach

  • Placebo for 15  days

The patient is on treatment for further HIV studies


The remedy, selected on the totality and prescribed on sycotic, syphilitic plethora has benefited the patient. Since the outward manifestations are better, the deep seated miasmatic tendency expressed as AIDS is also  expected to give positive serological study. The treatment is on with a ray of hope.

About the author

Pawan S. Chandak

Dr. Pawan S. Chandak is a clinician and social worker , dedicated to the propagation of the homoeopathic community. He is a graduate of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences Nashik. He is the author of 'Gems of Modern Homoeopathy.' He was sworn in as the National Secretary of the Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association. His articles have been published in many journals and he is a managing editions of an educational website


  • Dear Pawan,

    Thank you for a very moving and informative case. I pray that you continue to meet with success with this poor little girl.

    At a time when here in the UK, homoeopaths are under such attack, I wish more people could see the effects of our wonderful discipline.

    Very west wishes,

    Kevin Morris

    • Dear Kevin Morris

      Thanks for your compliments. With the grace of God & Dr Hahnemann we shall continue our work in Homoeopathy for HIV infection in children.
      We have more than 20 molluscum cases responding well with homoeopathy.


  • Dear Dr. Pawan

    I thank you very much for your valuable and informative article and for your great services to your suffering patients with your thorough knowledge of homoeopathy and your great services to humanbeings are commendable. God bless you.

  • Dear Dr. Pawan
    I am suffering from molluscum from last 5 months.I want to tell you my story about this….

    I am 29 year old unmarried male from India.I am really worried about HIV. I got some small pimples beside my lips i didn’t care and keep continue my shaving after a two months it had been increase a lot in my beard area. Then I consult to a dermatologist he told me that is Molluscum and recommend me to HIV test I am not sexually active . Here is my all test report till today (18-07-2011)

    My life first relation(sex) with a girl with condom i don’t know about her HIV history :- 18 Feb,2011

    1) My First HIV Test result 08/04/2011 :- HIV (I & II) ( Tridot) – Negative ( after 7 week of Sexual relation)

    2 ) My 2nd HIV Test result 15/04/2011 :- HIV 1 & 2 antibodies,Western Blot (after 8 week of sexual relation)

    HIV 1

    Envelope Antigen GAG/Core Antigens POL Antigens

    gp 41: Negative P17: Negative P31: Negative

    gp 120: Negative p24 : Negatvie P51: Negative

    gp160: Negative p 39: Negative P 66: Negative

    p55: Negative

    HIV -2 Antibodies Against

    Antigen Result

    gp 36: Negative

    3) My third HIV Test result 16/05/2011 :- HIV (I & II) ( Tridot) – Negative ( after 12 week of sexual relation)

    4 ) My Forth HIV Test result 20/06/2011 :- HIV (I & II) ( Tridot) – Negative (after 17 week of sexual relation)

    5) My Fifth HIV Test result 18/07/2011 :- HIV (I & II) ( after 21 week of sexual relation)

    HIV 1 / 2 & P 24 COMBO TEST


    Index Value 0.15

    Result: Non Reactive

    The reason for worrying:-

    I read in lot of article that if you have molluscum in beard area and eyelids that’s means you are HIV infected. I have lot’s of small molluscum in my beard area as well as in my eyelids. I am under depression about HIV. Every week I got small molluscum over my face . These all ( more then 200 hundred ) are very small like pinhead , but you can see if u look very close .I talk to my dermatologist about this. He is using TCA 25% to burn molluscum and prescribed some of medicine to antibiotic medicine to increase my immune system from mid April,2011. I just come to show my HIV result to my dermatologist. He told me that you are 100% HIV free,But again another side he told me that if you continue your HIV test till Nov. that will be 200 % what that mean. Every time he make me more restless.I have already lost my job due this tense. Every day i am feeling like a year Whenever i am going to search on internet about molluscum on face then only one response i am getting that is only for HIV.

    I have just change my dermatologist from last 2 week but molluscum is still on .

    Have you ever been seen any person without HIV on face molluscum ?

    What is the chances of HIV after 6 month after sexual relationship ( specially me because I have suffering from molluscum ) ?


  • Dear Maddy,
    Antibiotics actually decrease your natural immunity levels, they actually fight AGAINST your body’s own immunity system as well as any germs. So if I were you, I would first come out of “anti-life”s (meaning of anti-biotic), as I too have some precious life, do not want to neutralize it. Instead go for homeopathy and boost my life and my God-given immune system.
    this is just my 2c interference.

  • I have been greatly touched by the story of this little girl and by the extraordinary result you have obtained. My best compliments.

  • God bless you a million times, Dr. Chandak! That beautiful little girl must be so thankful that she can play and have fun like other children. Give her a hug from me!

  • This is outrageous. You have no principles. I cannot believe you have published this girls name, date of birth and personal details. You clearly have no formal training at all in any medical-ethics-legal principles. You should be ashamed. I hope your families medical files are published on the internet with their names and DOBs!

  • Dear Dr Chandak,
    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful case!I would like to know whether this case has been published in any peer-reviewed journal. If it is,please do let me know. I would like to use it as a reference.
    Kind regards
    Dr. Runali Kelwalkar

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