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A Case of Severe Palpitation in a Woman of 30


Homeopath Vicky Zora proves that some cases can be solved simply, if you perceive them correctly.

The case is a chronic case and relates to a married woman aged 30 years old. She visited me, having first visited her cardiologist for palpitations and heart arrhythmias. The first time she went to her doctor he assured her that there wasn’t any pathology and that the palpitations were due to stress and anxiety. The second time the doctor was obliged to prescribe medications for the palpitations, because the patient suffered palpitations intensely from the time she woke up till late at night.

The lady learned about me and came for consult. I took her medical history and insisted on learning details about the period when the palpitations had started. I was focusing on a possible cause. She confessed that four years earlier she and her husband had been the owners of a small family business but were obliged to shut it down due to the severe economic crisis in Greece. From that point in time she said, her health problems began.

arnica-30After taking her case, her constitutional remedy turned out to be Pulsatilla, which I didn’t prescribe.  Instead I prescribed successively Arnica 30, 200 and1M and waited to hear the results. The result was the miracle of Homeopathy, as there were no more palpitations after the lady took that remedy. Almost a year has passed and still the lady is fine. And now if someone asks me why I have prescribed Arnica the answer is because in Arnica we see ailments due to financial loss (Boericke).  Arnica – is a remedy indicated where the loss was perceived as a blow. Often this is a financial loss, such as a job or investment crash. Also, Arnica is a muscular tonic. (Mind; sadness; loss, after; financial: (ARN AUR MEZ PSOR ars. )

About the author

Vicky(Vasiliki) Zora

Vicky Zora (D.Hom) became passionate about homeopathy after being cured of a chronic illness at a homeopathic clinic in Athens. She is a graduate of The School of Natural Health Sciences and is accredited by the International College of Holistic Medicine, UK. She studies every day and plans to attend George Vithoulkas’ IACH. She hopes to study in India also. Vicky lives in Skiathos Greece.


  • how do I find out which remedy might work for my atrial fibrillation episodes that originally started when a doctor overdosed my thyroid meds (for low thyroid).

  • Doctor has to regulate the medications he has prescribed, reducing the dose otherwise you will have serious arrhythias.Your medication causes these arrhythmias.

  • thank you appreciate your help. I am on Levothyroxine which is of course a T4 and doctor said I was not converting enough to T3 (according to lab test) so he added a compounded T3. I have already lowered the dose and requested blood work to be done next month.

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