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Multiple Ailments in a Woman of 68 – A Life Transformed

Written by Kathrine Dehn

Homeopath Kathrine Dehn presents the case of a woman of 68 with multiple health issues, including gall bladder problems, asthma, inability to assert herself and much more. Never well since became an important perspective on this case.

First appointment 26.2.2015

Woman 68 years of age.

Presenting symptom:

“My daughters sent me as they think my life is full of hardships and my health is declining – they think my life could improve.”

I have asthma and bronchitis. Difficulty breathing out. 2-3 years ago, I was on strong medication for osteoporosis. My bone density is appropriate to my age now.

I have gallstones and a very irritable bowel. I get stressed very easily.  A lot of pain in my abdomen. They cannot do anything about it. It started this summer. When it is bad, I need to go to the toilet 7-8 times a day. If it is very bad it can be at night, but generally it is from morning until afternoon. Actually < around 3-3.30 PM. I prefer not to have the gallstones removed.

I had a hysterectomy in my early forties. I had a huge fibroid. Also had my appendix removed.

As a child I became allergic after the second time of measles. I had ulcers all over my face. After a fungal attack on the skin when 17, my legs turned violet from the feet upwards to the knees and further up to the eyes. Started on the left side. I was treated with Lamisil oil.

I have arthritis. I have always worked. I guess I had ADD as a child. Blisters all the way to my knees. Then I had violet baths, I guess they are what made my skin purple. Then everything dried out.

I was under a lot of stress then as my mother was in hospital. I had to look after my siblings and do the housework.

Pain in my feet when I went in the plowed field. The more I had to bend my feet the worse it became. That was how it started with my feet.

I am happy being here. I am interested in all aspects of life, but it is difficult for me to accept the fact that I cannot do all the things I used to do. I am not as strong as I used to be.

I live in constant fear of losing the people I love. I have always worried about my siblings. I try to wave away the Devil with all the bad thoughts. Worried about others.

Operated for cataract on both eyes on Dec 17th and Jan 8th respectively. It has been fantastic. Before my eyesight was down to 30%, now suddenly I see everything clearly.

My breathing is worse in damp weather and when people smoke or smoke in general.

I used to work in an old people’s home where I had night shifts. It has completely destroyed my sleep the last 10 years of my working life. I usually only sleep 6 hours a night now. Sometimes I can only sleep 1.5 hours.

Before I had the measles the second time when I was 9 years old, I had never been ill. After that I had eczema in hamstrings and bend of elbows.

I felt everything started with the measles.

Broken a lot of bones until they found out I had osteoporosis.

Period was irregular. When I was skipping with the kids it was as if my uterus was terribly heavy and it was as if it jumped up and down. I used to have a lot of headaches before menses, but that stopped when they removed my uterus.

I Love food, but stomach upset by smoked and fatty foods, beef and duck. Desire salt and crisps. Can get a real craving. During both my pregnancies I craved pork scratching with loads of salt.

A lot of my symptoms are worse in the morning. I do have mornings where I do not feel like getting out of bed: “A new day looms.” I ought to say: “A new day begins.” This started probably around 2-3 years ago. Never used to have problems getting out of bed.

Difficulty breathing in the morning.  Taking my asthma medication.

Arthritis of both knees. It is because I have lived. This is the price for being granted such a long life.

I find it difficult to accept the fact that I cannot do the things I used to.  Perhaps by being here I can become a little better generally. Both physically and mentally. Everything is connected. But also a bit scary being here as I know what I have – not what I get.

Difficult for me to say “no“ to people. I have to say “yes” to care for other people. It is a debt.  I am affected by everything very easily.

I perspire a lot in my face. I have done since I had measles.

Used to suffer a lot from boils. Used to come out with green pus. The boils were greenish yellow on my arms, legs and back. Stopped after my second pregnancy.

I have never been vaccinated.

Family history:  My sister has cancer of the breast. My mother died of cancer when 90. It started as a tumor on sternum and then it spread. She also had asthma and bronchitis.

Dad silicatosis because of his work. My mother´s sister also died of cancer when very old. My grandmother and my aunts were bi polar as is my daughter.  We all have mood swings.

I have mood swings, but not so much that I need help. I used to make barriers when I had been with my mum so as to look after myself. I look after myself by withdrawing from the situation if I do not agree with it, for instance at work. Probably the wisest thing to do.

I get worked up if animals, old people and children are not treated properly. There is no excuse. But I’ll rather withdraw from it then.

My knees swell up. When they are swollen, I can feel all the cold and damp. Everything worse on the left side.

Pain in back until they treated me for osteoporosis. They found out I had a compression fracture in the back.

Remedies looked at: Nat-Sulph., Merc., Lach., Carc., Nat-Mur., Thuja, Sep. And Morbillinum.

All the remedies seemed to only partially cover the case. I was tempted to give Nat-sulph., as the main problems at the moment seemed to be the gallbladder, the asthma from damp and the general worsening of symptoms from damp and cold. There were of course symptoms that seemed to fit Nat-Mur., Lach and Carc very well and also a lot of Sepia symptoms.

I recalled a Morblilinum case Dorothy Shepard had described in which a woman in her late fifties who had had a severe attack of measles at the age of 5 had been greatly helped by the nosode and I decided to give Morbillinum a go. Also, it might, like other nosodes where there is only a partial cover of remedies and a history of never been well since the disease itself, put a bit of order in the picture. My hope was that afterwards the indicated remedy would become clearer and work better.

I did actually still foresee that I would have to unravel the case step by step with the use of several different remedies over time. As I was not entirely sure of the remedy, I had indeed never prescribed Morbillinum before, and the woman suffered a lot from her physical symptoms I did not want to start with too high a potency.

 Morbillinum 30 C given 27.2.2015

Follow up 10.4.2015

It is much easier for me to adapt. I became ill for a fortnight. I was on holiday. I got the flu with pains in my joints. If I had been at home I should have still done everything and taken care of my husband. Now I had everything done for me and could relax. It is also new for me to look at it like that. Normally I would have thought my holiday had been ruined.

It was easier for me to travel. Had packed my suitcase the day before. Usually I would do it in the night. Went to bed and slept. It is easier for me to breathe. My asthma is better. Easier for me to breathe out and to breathe when going up hill. My stomach is better.

I have been able to say “no” to my children if I did not feel I could help.

I feel calm inside.

My palms itch and eczema breaking out on my left foot. It got worse a while ago, but has become better.

My left eye is itching. It is a symptom I had several years ago.

I sleep a lot better. I have done that all the way through. My body is more calm at night as well. Normally I have been tossing and turning. I am not doing that anymore.

I am not so short fused anymore. Not so irritable. Even relaxed when driving which is probably for the best for road safety and for me. I used to want to.

There are definitely quite a few changes.

It is easier for me to handle if my children become sad or angry with me. I have more to give.

My knees have not become swollen even though I walked a lot in Madeira.

I have not felt my gallbladder at all.

No blisters even when I had a cold. Very unusual.

I accept my looks and age more. It is OK to get old.

I have thought to myself I should wind down a bit, become a bit more laid back and relax a bit more. I am in my right to do that. I have to admit that I think a bit more about things than I have done for years. I have become better at listening both to others and to myself.

Spring has never been so beautiful before – and that cannot be right!  I enjoy and appreciate things more.

It is the first time for a very long that I have not had a pain in my gallbladder for such a long period of time. No pain in abdomen.

It is completely difficult for me to refer all these things back to a tiny white pill that is no bigger than a speck.

During the following years this woman received infrequent doses of Morbilinum in the following potencies: 30C, 31C, 50C, 1M, 10M and back down again to 30C.

She found out that when she needed a repeat, she became more irritable, short fused in the traffic, increasingly restless, sleep became affected and it was more difficult for her to say “no” to others if she did not have the energy and to generally care for herself.

But with time and each Morbilinum the symptoms lessened. She has come off her asthma drugs and has only occasionally felt slight pain in her gallbladder. She had a horse she had stopped riding as she could not mount or dismount the horse due to her knees, but at the age of 69 she could take up riding again as her knees were much improved and she could even jump off the horse.

She has been riding well into her seventies until a couple of years ago when unfortunately, she had an accident with the horse that ran wild. Since then, she has decided not to ride anymore. Her quality of life generally improved and she has enjoyed time with her daughters and grandchild without having to compromise her own wishes.

This case is an example of how important the homeopathic remedies are for the quality of life in general. It is very seldom today to see someone who has never been well since measles as most people under forty certainly in Denmark have been vaccinated against measles. It has been intriguing to see how the nosode has been able to clear up all the symptoms that have gradually come on from measles such a long time ago.

Reference:  Shepherd, D. (Reprint 1980) Magic of the Minimum Dose, Hillman Printers, Frome, Great Britain

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Kathrine Dehn

Kathrine Dehn has worked as a homoeopath since 1992 when she qualified from The British School of Homeopathy. Part of her practice has been from her home, in Denmark. She has also been given the opportunity to practise at a school in Copenhagen for several years due to collaboration with the Principal. From 1993-1998 she studied medicine at the University of Copenhagen and in 2010 completed an MSc in Homeopathy from UCLAN in the UK.


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