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Acute Migraine in a Woman of 30

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Dr. Parth Aphale presents a brief case of acute migraine.

A female patient of 30 came to my clinic three days back complaining of headache. Initially the headache was mild, but went on increasing.

Chief Complaint-

Headache since 3 days.

Origin, Duration and Progress of chief complaint-

Patient was apparently alright until three days ago when she started complaining of headache. Initially the headache was mild, but went on increasing. Pain is not continuous, comes and goes. When it comes it is a severe, blinding headache++, pulsating++, throbbing pain in forehead and temples. Pain <light, noise >tight bandaging, pressure.Sensation as if beaten by a hammer.

No Associated Complaints

No history of any major illness or operation in the past.

Family History-

Father- Hypertension

No other major illness in the family.

Personal History-

           AversionNothing specific
           PerspirationScanty, no staining, no odor

(wants fan++, < hot weather, >cold)

           SleepGood, refreshing, 7 hours
           DreamsNothing specific
           Menstrual historyRegular, painful, clots+, 4/28
           Obstetric history1 son, FTND


General Examination-

General ExaminationVital Data
Lean, thin, fair complexion.Temperature- Afebrile
Nails- ridgedB.P- 130/90 mm. Hg.
Palms- rough, warmPulse- 77/min
R.R- 17/min

Clinical Diagnosis-


Acute Totality-

Pulsating pain in forehead <noise

Pulsating pain in forehead <light

Pulsating pain in temples <noise, light

Pulsating headache >tight bandaging

Pulsating headache >pressure

Hammering pain in forehead and temples

Reportorial Totality-

Head- pain- forehead in- pulsating

Head- pain- forehead in- pulsating- bandage amel

Head- forehead in- noise

Head- pain- forehead in- light agg

Head- pain- forehead in- pressure amel

Head- pain- temples- pulsating- noise from

Head- pain- temples- pulsating- light agg

Head- pain- temples- pulsating- pressure- amel

Repertorisation –

 Acute Migraine in a Woman of 30 1

Probable Remedies-

Belladonna, Glonoine, Lac Def

Indicated Remedy-



Belladonna 1M, 2 pills, Q.I.D x 2days

Follow up chart-

Follow upSymptomsAssessmentRemedy
18.10.15Pain in forehead 80% better

Slight dull pain in forehead, intermittent

No pain in temples

Grade IIIBelladonna 1M, T.D.S x 1day
21.10.15Pain in forehead 60% better

Pain in temples 60% better

Can bear light and noise

Grade IIIBelladonna 1M, T.D.S x 2 days
24.10.15No pain in forehead

No pain in temples

Can bear light and noise

Grade IS.L, T.D.S x 3 days
28.10.15No headacheGrade IS.L T.D.S, x 3 days
 1.11.15No headacheGrade IS.L T.D.S, x 3 days
 5.11.15No headacheGrade IStop treatment

Grade-III: Presence of symptoms

Grade -1: Disappearance of present pathology

Belladonna was prescribed in high potency (1M) after considering the acute totality of headache. Within 24 hours, there was marked improvement and by the 3rd day there was no headache. There was neither any aggravation nor any recurrence. Patient was advised long term treatment for migraine. When a simillimum is given in high potency with required repetition in acutes, it does wonders. The main important aspect in such cases is posology and repetition of doses.

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Parth Aphale

Parth Aphale

Dr. Parth Aphale, M.D.(Hom.), is a homeopathic physician in Pune, and Assistant Professor, Department of Homoeopathic Pharmacy at Dr. D.Y. Patil Homoeopathic Medical College and Research Centre, Pune.

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