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A Noteworthy Elaps Case


Guy Beckley Stearns, M. D. presents a case of diabetes in a woman of 62, which improved greatly on Elaps. All the enlarged joints on her fingers  reduced to normal size as an additional effect of the remedy.  

Guy Beckley Stearns, M. D.  (1870-1947)

From:  The Homoeopathic Recorder Volume XXVII  – 191 2

The following case is presented as a verification of Elaps:

The patient, a woman of 62, is of medium complexion and very stout. She gives a history of normal health until about six years ago, when she was treated for diabetes and heart trouble.  After prolonged treatment she was improved so that on a strict diet she remained fairly well until about two years ago, when sugar again appeared in her urine. Appropriate remedies and a readjustment of her diet cleared up her symptoms until a little more than seven months ago, when she first came under my care. The physical examination revealed nothing abnormal excepting extreme obesity and a blood pressure of 180. She had gained 30 pounds in the last year.

The urinary examination was as follows: Total amount in 24 hours, 64 oz. High acidity. Sp. gr. 1,032. Albumin nega tive. Sugar, 1.47%. Very large amount of uric acid crystals. This last feature was the most marked that I have ever seen m any specimen of urine.

Her symptoms were as follows :

Ill feeling and tired, with a tired back all the time. Constantly drowsy and forgetful, with inability to concentrate her mind. Waking in the morning with dry throat and tongue, and tongue so stiff could hardly swallow. Throat sensitive to the collar. Difficulty in taking a deep breath. Very easy perspiration, though used to perspire none at all. In the morning, because of the dryness of the throat, gargled with Listerine, and at first expelled lumps of black mucus. Constant desire to hawk, with hoarseness. The right side of the throat most affected.  Appetite poor and inability to find any food which was appetizing. Much fermentation with some eructation. Aversion to meat and occasional great craving for candy. Flashes of heat from below upward, followed by perspiration on the forehead.  Urine retained with difficulty. Craving for air and discomfort in a close room. General aggravation after sleep and in damp weather.

There was nothing particularly suggestive for a remedy in the pathology of the case, nor could I make any further reasonable change of diet.  A study of the subjective symptoms suggested the snake poisons, and comparisons with the aid of the repertory, showed Elaps to most nearly cover the case.

The 30th was given four times a day for three days and then placebo was substituted.  Improvement commenced at once and in six weeks the last trace of sugar had disappeared. The same was true of the uric acid crystals. The blood pressure gradually reduced to 160.

Four months later she reported a return of many of her symptoms and her urine showed 1% of sugar and a large amount of uric acid crystals. One dose of Elaps 30th was given, and this was followed by immediate and steady improvement, the sugar disappearing in three weeks. A few days after the prescription she had a severe attack of diarrhoea, which was relieved by elaterium, and she has had no medicine since.

During the first three months she lost sixteen pounds, but gained eight pounds during the fourth month. Since then she has lost eight pounds. The only difference she has made in her former regime has been in eating more fruit, which she has craved and which, for a long time, she denied herself. The uric acid crystals have not entirely ceased to deposit and during the last few weeks much oxalate of lime has appeared, but she complains of none of her former symptoms and is kept under observation for further developments.

Note. — January 1st. Since sending the above to the editor the patient has reported and called my attention to the fact that during the last few weeks all the enlarged joints on her fingers have become reduced to normal size. These nodes have deformed her fingers for several years.  This reduction has taken place during the time that the uric acid deposit in the urine has been replaced by Calcium oxalate.

She also reports never having felt better in her life.

About the author

Guy Beckley Stearns

Guy Beckley Stearns MD (September 16, 1870 – 1947) was an American Physician Homeopath and the developer of autonomic reflex testing in the study of homeopathic preparations. He also was the founder of the Foundation for Homeopathic Research. Stearns conducted early research with very highly potentized remedies first with fruit flies and later with the Emanometer, a tuning device made by Dr. William E. Boyd of Glasgow, Scotland. He was Associate Professor of Materia Medica for the Department of Materia Medica, New York Homeopathic Medical College.


  • PLEASE in future can you put the name of the remedy you prescribed at the END of the article as I (and I am sure many other people) enjoy trying to work out the correct remedy. For me this completely spoilt your article.

  • snakes there is blood disorganised with tongue black or dark red,fear of fall of position business is acidity generator,normal can be handled by natphos but if ear wax is black go to a top qualified homeopath,do not play with snake remedies yourself.ear wax probably is the cream of circulation including lymphatic,getting culture test no harm.

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