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An Acute Case of Respiratory Troubles In a Child

Dr. Swati Goyal presents an acute case of respiratory troubles in a nine month old child.

Chief Complaints

• A child 9 months old came with complaints of cold with running nose & transparent watery discharge.
Cough in paroxysms of 2-3. Intermittent episodes of cough < night & > eating.
• Breathlessness. He had to take nebulisation once a day. He had wheezing sound in the chest.

Associated complaints

• Constipation with hard stools
• Gas
• Passed motions in the evening.
• Occasionally nose blocks with congestion in chest.


• Child is very hyperactive
• Restless
• Cannot sit in one place
• He has a habit of sucking the thumb & puts toys in his mouth.
• He is very curious by nature.
• Wants to touch everything around

Mother’s history during pregnancy

• During pregnancy the mother was on complete bed rest for the first 3 months.
• She has lots of vomiting .
• She suffered from attacks of gastritis with much acidity.


• Appetite decreased
• Craving for sweets
•  Perspiration hot, more at night & more on the forehead & face.

• Hot patient. He likes cold weather
• Sleeps good but wakes up in night & cries
• Oversensitive to light and wants darkness.


• Restless cannot sit in one place
• Hyperactive
• Fond of music & dance
• Likes to play with different flash cards.
• Stubborn & impatient. Cries & throws things when refused anything. He bites on toys.


• Restless
• Active
• Touch things, is impelled to
• Inquisitive
• Content


• Cough paroxysmal 2-3 in quick succession
• Generalities warmth <
• Mouth, fingers in mouth, children put in
• Touch things, impelled to
• Active hyperactive
• Inquisitive


• SULPH 6/8
• PHOS 5/8
• MED 4/6
• VERAT 4/6
• CARC 4/5


• SULPH 30

Follow up:   Within a week the child was much better. The cold and cough had totally gone. Breathlessness and wheezing was not there. The child felt very energetic. The mom was very happy with the result.

About the author

Swati Goyal

Dr Swati Goyal M.D. Hom is the founder, director of ‘Care Homeo’ Centre for Advanced Homeopathic Treatment in Holistic Healing. She has been practicing Homeopathy for the last 15 years and has had clinics at Mumbai , Delhi, Udaipur, Allahabad and in the U.S. at Los Angeles. She is associated with Dr Rajan Sankaran’s sensation method and also heads the courses at The Other Song International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy. Currently she practices in Juhu.


  • Sulphur is a wonderful homeo drug and rightly chosen by the dr. With her experience she has dealt the case very succesfully.

  • Sulphur is one of the remedies most ‘important for respiratory diseases in children.I’m agree with the excellent choice .

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