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Allergic Dermatitis

June  Jitesh Sharma
Written by Dr.Jitesh Sharma

Dr. Jitesh Sharma presents a case of allergic dermatitis.

29 yrs old Female


My mother also suffers from allergy – she has neurodermia. She told me that she used to have major skin rashes as a result of stress, allergies rhinitis. My brother has penicillin allergy. For a period of time we used to visit the same allergologist. Now she has no skin rash, but her skin is very dry. I have examined my medical card. Allergic dermatitis was diagnosed since my birth. I had skin rash on different parts of body: cheeks, arms, legs, hands. At first doctor diagnosed milk, strawberry and nut allergy. Later another allergologist carried out tests and diagnosed lemon, orange, mandarin allergy. Then dust, tree pollen and weed was added. My skin was dry with skin rash, fissures, sometimes I suffered from oozing lesions. Nearly 5 years ago I started suffering from major skin rash, and nothing could help – antihistamines, skin creams have only temporary action. The last allergologist that treated me carried out skin tests and the last test took place nearly 3 years ago. I have gone through 3 courses of treatment (injections of allergens to lower the sensibility). The last course was carried out 3 years ago. But 2 years ago the skin rash has appeared again. I have periods of remission, but I cannot clean up my skin completely. The situation gets worse durng blossom periods.

Speaking about my nutrition, I don’t eat nuts, pork and beef as I feel heaviness in stomach. My perspiration is normal, almost does not smell.

The neurologist diagnosed  osteochondrosis of the cervical and thoracic spine,  but I guess it has nothing to do with my allergy.


Graphites 200 for 7 days


Oozing lesions, fissures , constipation , dryness of the skin, heaviness of stomach.

Follow up:

Slight improvement but itching returned after 10 days

20th July 2014 Retaking the case :

June 2016 Jitesh Sharma1

June 2016 Jitesh Sharma2

June 2016 Jitesh Sharma3

D –  When is the itching worse?

P- Itching is more in the evening

D-  Do you feel hot more or cold more ?

P- Hot more

D- Can you describe your mental state like being happy, sad angry etc ?

P- Light depression and I feel very nervous

D- Nervous about?

P – About things which are not important

D- Any other complains apart from this ?

P- I always feel sleepy, always feel exhausted

D-  When you get angry, do you express it?

P- I engulf it, then I explode

D- Menses regular?

P- Coming back to regularity after giving birth 16 month ago. Mostly 2 weeks delay

D- Is this only on your legs?

P- The rest of body is less but hands are worse too. I cannot deny housework completely  I have to work

D- When do you feel sleepy or exhausted ?

P – Morning and evenings

D-  What about the depression you mentioned ?

P – Depression because I feel locked in home with kid and cannot go out. Before I did dancing three days a week with friends.
June 2016 Jitesh Sharma4


20th July 2014

Nat mur 200   TDS for 15 days

Followup :

4 August  2014

No rash

June 2016 Jitesh Sharma6

June 2016 Jitesh Sharma5

Followup :

21 September 2014

No rash and no itching.

Follow up: 10 Nov 2014


Small spots appeared but not like earlier. Mentally feeling better

I’m worried it may get worse.


Nat mur 200 TDS again for 15 days

Follow up: 10 December 2014

Patient :

I’m doing fine no itching no rash

Sac Lac was given

Follow up :  5Th February  2015

Patient:   I m much better.  Still no recurrence of eruptions.  Mentally feeling okay and that anxiety is no more. I’m feeling good. Thanks

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