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Allergic Rhinitis in a Boy of 14

Written by Chanda Shah

Dr. Chanda Shah presents a case of allergic rhinitis in a boy of 14. Her patient was a mineral remedy from row 5, column 7 of the periodic table, which she arrived at by an astute analysis of the case.

A 14-year old boy spoke to me via Skype from Hong Kong on 24-5-2011.

He had asthma from 2-10 years of age. Allergic rhinitis from age 4. Worse from change in weather and humidity. Associated with itching and redness of eyes. Gets lots of greenish yellow sticky phlegm which lessens his appetite. Sneezing stops him from doing work as he can’t focus. It interferes in getting ready to go to school. Because of the sneezing, he has to rush through presentations at school, and then gets low marks.

Skin allergies—feel hot and itchy on back and joints.

Angry and impatient when hungry.

Craves meat, paneer. Aversion to veg.

“I am proud of my academic excellence and my ability to play sports. I like things to be kept where they are supposed to be or I get irritated. My dream is to be famous—eg a sports star.

Dreams: I am superman, saving the world.

I want to create a super PC which can do everything.

According to mother he is very balanced, organised and diplomatic. He diffuses the situation when we parents fight. He is very responsible and independent. He is fond of learning new techniques and has an inquisitive mind. At age of 8, he could fix his PC. He is so systematic that the school teacher takes his notes. He doesn’t care for competition as he says it enhances his knowledge if he explains and shares his notes. He shakes one leg continuously if he is doing an important project. He has been talking confidently on stage since the age of 5. He is very helpful to all.

He said he gives equal importance to academics and sports. “I play sensibly by the rule book.”

He got a very interesting dream: “I am hosting a conference in front of technological leaders of the world. I have designed a product which can clean houses, iron clothes, cook etc. It’s a new invention which is 50 years ahead of time. I am very happy and proud of my innovation. I would not only make a lot of money but I would become famous all over the world.

“I never fight, like peace and harmony. “


In 2011, I hadn’t evolved in homeopathy. I had just repertorised the case and had posted the medicine to him twice. I had given him Phos, Caust, Kali Bi etc but there was no change. He stopped the treatment after 5 months. I was very happy to receive an email from him in June 2019. He wanted to have another go at homoeopathy. Now he is 22 yrs old. What follows is his current history.

“The cold symptoms are the same. I take anti-histamines 3-4 times per week. I have done a nasal turbinate surgery, but it didn’t help me much. I work in a finance company.”

“I am calm, meticulous, data oriented. I don’t get emotional. I do lot of hiking and sports. I am not into parties but I like to go out with friends. I have had a typical Asian upbringing, my parents are over protective. I am very disciplined; I keep my stuff neat and clean. I did intense courses at the university for 4 years.”

“Now into finance—I do data analysis, prepare financial projections for my company. My personality is better suited to quantitative and numeric job. I investigate data and do lot of research. I identify default customers, investigate finance trends. I don’t like marketing job as there are lot of stories with it, which are not backed up by statistics. It is a time crunch environment, there is lot of pressure to deliver a solution. There is pressure to succeed, you have to get promoted every 2 yrs. I enjoy the competition and stress—which is good as it is very transparent—I know what I am doing and where I need to improve. I do a lot better when there is competition. I have an innate desire to win. I am calm, I don’t drift from planning, I am determined to do better. It is a reality check for me—when I get feedback—then I know I am on right track. For me winning is a form of measurement, that I am excelling in my work. “

“For me the most stressful was job hunting. It’s a super competitive field, they hire only 1-2 people. I don’t speak Mandarin, so its not an equal battlefield. I did lot of preparations for interviews, made a structured time table, learnt time management tricks. All this made me more confident, I didn’t get nervous.”

I get dreams of becoming famous, rescuing someone, helping someone. I want to be respected in my field. It is important to win but not at the cost of other people. My current goal is to give my parents a comfortable retirement. I want to buy property in Hongkong.”

“With this sneezing problem, it is hard to have a conversation, as it bothers other people. I can’t attend meetings. “

“I strive for perfection. Sure, there are errors, but I take consensus from people. I am happy to work alone or with others. But I like to work where I am not constantly supervised. I should have freedom and the manager should trust me.”

“I get bored easily, I can’t do same work. I need to be intellectually and mentally stimulated. I need challenges. If work changes every 2 months, then I will find new ways to do it—I will view it from a different angle, I will try to innovate. I will do it quickly as it keeps me focussed and stimulated. It is important to have my own personal imprint, have my own identity. I won’t follow what previous person has done. I like to show little bit of my own creativity and identity. I like to be unique, I put myself under pressure to innovate. Then people will remember me and I will leave a good impression. “

“I prefer to work alone as I can start work early at 6 am without any distractions. I am very comfortable with new tasks and challenges. I double check my work. I ask pro-actively for feedback. I keep asking my manager—how am I doing, how can I improvise? I deal well with constructive criticism. I am an original problem solver. But I need assistance in tapping my creativity and to bring projects to completion. I sometimes avoid high risk solutions. I always ask for feedback. I welcome opposition because then the end product is better. “

Now in 2019 I knew what to give him, thanks to Dr Sankaran’s Sensation method.  So, here is my analysis.


Patient said the sneezing stops him from doing work, attending meetings at work, finishing projects well in school. So, there is a problem in function. This gives a strong hint of mineral kingdom. Other things in favour of mineral kingdom are:

He is very organised and meticulous. He plans well.

He is very competitive—but to increase his own knowledge. He doesn’t want to do it at the cost of other people. This rules out an animal remedy.

He is not emotional. So, we can rule out plants.

He constantly wants to improve. For him winning is a measurement of his excelling at his job. He wants to have his own identity. So, he is wanting to increase his abilities—wanting to add to his Structure. So, this is definitely a mineral case.

In minerals the main theme is structure, so their main concern is about lacking, forming, maintaining or losing structure.

  • Dr Sankaran and Dr Ian Scholten have done a detailed study of all the elements and have concluded that the periodic table is a replica of the development of a person, starting from conception to foetal life, to birth, infancy, childhood, teenage years, adulthood and then finally old age and death.
  • We can identify the row by knowing in which stage of development is an individual stuck in.
  • For each row, how relatively developed or undeveloped they are in that particular issue, will decide the column.
  • The important issues of the rows are as follows:
  • Row 1- Conception and Existence
  • Row 2- Foetal life and the birth process
  • Row 3- Identity and Nourishment
  • Row 4- Security and Task
  • Row 5- Creativity and Performance
  • Row 6- Responsibility
  • Row 7- Letting go (Disintegration)

Our patient is from Row 5

  • In the 5th row the issue is about facing the new, creativity and performance. They need to process information and come to conclusions, analyse, improvise, research, invent, conceive, solve etc. The feeling is, “I am safe but I need to explore the new”. Here they need to be creative, perform, be appreciated and also defend themselves.
  • Remedies in this row are Rubidium, strontium, yttrium, zirconium, niobium, molybdenum, technetium, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, argentum, cadmium, indium, stannum, antimonium, tellurium, iodum and xenon.

Now we need to decide his column. As he is still forming his structure, he is on the left side of the periodic table. I find this chart below very helpful in deciding the column.

As you can see column 7 echoes the patient’s feelings.

Column 7

The structure is adequate under normal conditions but it needs support in tough conditions. One does have the capacity but doubts about the adequacy of the structure in difficult conditions. One doesn’t need to prove oneself anymore. There is a need to refine, improve, reinforce, bolster and fine-tune. “Is my structure adequate in difficult situations?” Or “How much more can I do?”

Keywords of column 7








Sharpen up

How far one can grow

How much more can one do

Upgrading, Feedbacks

Test my skills, Teamwork, Cooperation.

Now I was very confident of my prescription. I sent him Technetium 200. Initially I told him to take it every 15 days. I told him to take it less often once he felt better.

The first dose of technetium 200 he took on Nov. 5th 2019. Initially he took it once a week, later once in a month. Now the last dose he took in April 2020.

For the first couple of weeks there was lot of sneezing. Then slowly he got better. He reduced the Technetium to once a month, then once in 2-3 months. He was able to stop the anti-histamines. He got skin rashes for which I told him to apply just coconut oil. He is doing fine now as of July 2020 (90% better). He just has occasional sneezing.  I happened to message him today. He said he is all right and working from home because of the corona virus.

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Chanda Shah

Dr Chanda Shah has done L.C.E.H from CMP Homoeopathic Medical College, Mumbai, India in 1985. In 2004, she did a Certificate course in Food and Nutrition from Sophia College in Mumbai. Thereafter she was teaching “Basics in Human Physiology” at Sophia College for five years. Later in 2006, she did her M.D. in Homoeopathy. She has her private practice near Grant road (west) in Mumbai.

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  • Excellent case dr Chanda, the step by step understanding of the row and column do not leave any doubt about the remedy.

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