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Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Woman of 64

Written by Vismay Prajapati

Dr. Vismay Prajapati shares a case of arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome in a woman of 64. Forearm pain ameliorated by pressure, delusion she is alone in the world and peacemaker, were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

On 8/6/2020, A lady of 64 presented with right sided carpal tunnel syndrome (diagnosed by a neurologist on 1/2/2016) and arthritis, for which she got physiotherapy and steroids. which alleviated temporarily. Then she was advised for surgery for both of her ailments.

When asked to describe her troubles in as much detail as possible, she mentioned pain, tingling, numbness, formication. But she emphasized the most her ‘forearm pain’ which was day and night, and ‘acute/extreme pain in finger tips like a current’.

The forearm pain is the worst at night and doesn’t let her sleep. She feels better by pressure so much that she sleeps on that part or asks her husband to press her forearm at night.

She has been taking Neurobion and a multivitamin since 2015. Occasionally her hand or forearm swells with pain. She also mentioned a history of left thumb dislocation and pain when she would lift heavy items, for which she took a steroid injection.

She didn’t want to go for surgery preferring a gentler way, and so turned towards homoeopathy. She also mentioned that she had back trouble in 2014 and she went for acupressure that time.

She mentioned left foot surgery in 8th std. (doesn’t know for what exactly, hospitalised for 3,4 months). Fractures, both extremities (time not remembered). 2 FTND.

Worked as a teacher for 36 years, retired as principal. No stress at work or home. Life is smooth in all ways. “I don’t hold onto matters or take it on my mind.”

Back trouble/pain was there in 2010 or 2012, not remembered.

About her nature, she said:

“I am an Introvert. I never like to whine or go on about my problems. I am satisfied with everything. I keep myself busy, so I don’t get wrong thoughts. So, I also kept giving tuitions after retirement. My life is smooth, I have no complaints. I keep busy with my son or granddaughter; can’t be alone, now, a habit of being with my husband.”

Worst incidences?
“2004,05, issue with elder brother and sister in law.  Earlier, he looked after me as a daughter but now they couldn’t understand me (weeping). I lost my affection for them. I felt hurt. It was my fault that I expected. They didn’t care, or even consider me, as if it wasn’t my home”. Now I don’t talk to them like before and keep it all to herself.

What happened before 2015? (as the symptoms appeared in 2015)
“In 2012,13,14, my friends expired. One of those was my best friend. I was so attached, we were even called together by one name (like Sita, Gita).

I lost my own, feel alone, no one is there left for me in the world, as if a door was closed (weeping), no meaning of weeping or sharing, lost my shoulder.”

Never expresses emotions and limits showing affection. Sensitive to hurt and suffering of others especially mother /son relationship., “If son doesn’t understand, I feel pity; cannot see quarrels, why not adjust and live in peace!”

Desires sweet, fruits. Thermally hot. No dreams. No other significant generals.

I asked if ever she got very angry. Once she got furious and kicked his son.

Understanding of the case 

Most important Symptoms: ‘Forearm pain > pressure’, ‘pain in finger tips’
Mind: She cannot bear quarrels in relations and loss/separation of loved ones.

Losing such an individual is as if she lost her own body part and a door of a home is closed on her. She feels alone in the world, hurt, pitiful. She keeps silent and repressed, not showing emotions and tries to avoid all conflicts and keep harmony.

It is a textbook picture of Mag mur if one reads Soul of Remedies or Essence of Materia Medica; and Boger mentions it for nerves and better by hard pressure, which was the main feature of her physical troubles.

Rx  8/6/2020
1. Mag, m 200 bd for 2 days.
2. SL tds for 15 days.

Follow up  29/06/2020
“I’m so much better and I can sleep well now. Tingling, numbness, pain are also negligible. It happens once a day instead of 10 times. Within four days I could see significant change. Occasionally I feel unrefreshed. Approximately 95% relief. Pain intensity was 9 out of 10 before, now it’s 1.”  Also better in left hand and thumb. Have a good grip and power now.”

SL tds for a month.

Occasional pain, tingling and numbness have returned.

Mag,m 200 bd for a day
SL tds for a month

No issues at all, no tingling, numbness, pain or swelling. No sleep issue. No issue in left hand and thumb at all. Feeling fit and 99% well, so she wanted to stop the medicine. Still I convinced her to come for monthly follow ups.
No medicine given.

Much lower back pain, right side, she thought it to be posture related. Exercise not helping. <walking, stretching. Also pain in shoulders/arms, feels stiff, raising arms is painful.

Again Mag mur was covering the picture, so it was repeated.

1.Mag,m 200 2 doses bd for 2 days.
2.SL tds for 15 days.

Another confirmation of her improvement was that she brought her whole family to take homeopathy. She is regularly in touch monthly, for 9 months since she started her treatment. Lastly, she had hay fever (24/12/2020), ‘Allium Cepa 30 tds for 3 days’ helped her. She is doing very well with her health.

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Vismay Prajapati

Dr Vismay Prajapati graduated from CNK Homoeopathic Medical College, Vyara. He completed his MD in Homoeopathy in the subject Organon of Medicine from Ahmedabad Homoeopathic Medical College, Ahmedabad. He has done a Masters’ Program in Advanced Homoeopathy from The Other Song, International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy. He trained under various homeopaths from Ahmedabad and Surat and has been practising in Surat. His love of homeopathy and desire to spread it led to his association with CDP Homoeopathic College, Surat.


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