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Polycystic Ovarian Disease in a Woman of 29

Written by Chanda Shah

Dr. Chanda Shah shares a case of PCOS in a Woman of 29. Motion sickness, feels forsaken, obstinate and cannot support injustice were a among the rubrics that led to the simillimum.

A woman of 29 came to me for polycystic ovarian disease on 28-5-19.  She had her first menses at the age of 15, after which it was regular for 5 yrs. Thereafter it became irregular—every 30-45-50-55 days. She would bleed heavily for 3 days. Also, she had bloating of abdomen and flatulence from eating pulses. Also, she had pain in her knees, feet, shoulder and back. She had to bend and walk.

She has one brother who is younger than her by 4 yrs. She said:

“I’m stubborn, angry and get hurt easily. My brother was put in English medium school and I was put in Kannada medium (language spoken by people in one of the states in India). All my friends could speak in English, I couldn’t. My parents were partial. There were lots of outbursts. I would shout, speak contrary— I would tell parents, you all love my brother more. My brother was sent for private tuitions, not me. He was given chicken to eat, not me”.

She was so angry that she didn’t talk to her parents and brother for 3 months. She would get beaten up by her dad and she would cry alone.

She came 1st in 9th grade but got 48% in 10th grade. She failed in 11th grade as her English was weak. She got Tuberculosis in 12th grade. She did 12th grade in private school but failed, so her father stopped giving her money. She started working, went to college in the evening. Her mother supported her. Then she developed confidence as she was earning and studying. She did her (degree in commerce) and IATA (diploma related to travel and tourism). She got a better job. Then her mother died. She had to stop working for one year as her brother was in 12th grade. Afterwards she again started a new job where she did very well.

She had problems with her colleagues. She said one man in her office doesn’t work much and no one tells him anything. “I’m working like a donkey but get scolding when I take a sick day. I fought for one girl with a colleague, but later that girl got friendly with that same colleague. I got so angry, I wanted to slap her. They started commenting about me and taunting me. I feel bad, mother is not there to support me”.

She said, “I need a lot of people; I like to mingle. In the office I’m on one side, others are together. I feel lonely. Whoever I get attached to — I feel all will leave me and go far away. I fought with my parents, I hurt them, so I got punished. I need loyal friends, they should talk to my face, not behind my back”.

“My best friend left me and started talking to others. They all became friendly but I was ostracized. They all said I started a fight, that I have an attitude and that I’m selfish. I thought it’s better to be part of a group— they help, you don’t feel alone, no one will taunt you. There is lot of jealousy in the office”.

“I’m very touchy, get attached to people very easily. I buy gifts for them etc. But when they need me, they talk nicely to me, care for me. Once their work is over, they ignore me. They use me”.

She gets pain in her breasts 15 days before menses.

Dream—I went to mother’s house and all welcomed me.
Dream— A ghost with black hair, white eyes is there at home.

Craves-spicy, sweet.
< pulses, potato

Analysis: Throughout the case we see lot of jealousy and comparison. She has problems with her parents, mother in law, colleagues and friends. She feels like a victim. So, this all goes in favour of the animal kingdom.

She needs a remedy from the mammal sub-kingdom as:

She has a lot of issues with her family.

She said “I’m on one side, others are together.”
She has very strong forsaken feelings.
She wants to be part of her office group. She gets attached very easily and is very nurturing by nature.
She has pain in breasts before menses.

I repertorised her case.

I saw Lac equinum coming up in the repertory chart, so, I read it from Reference Works. According to Massimo, Lac Equinum has a “Strong, sense of dignity. This is someone who wants to show “I am a person and I have to carry on a difficult life”. It is like they have the idea that life is a burden.

“Sacrifice means ‘holy’ and this is the concept of these people. They give  themselves up for someone else. It seems they wish to find the moment in life to please themselves, but they are always under the power of someone who constantly deserves their sacrifice”.

She is very duty bound. She gave up her job for one year when her brother was in 12th grade. She tended to her father- in-law when he had a stroke. She was very diligent in the office and rarely took leave. She wanted loyal friends. She had digestion issues. All this was in favour of Lac equinum.

I gave her Lac equinum 200, single dose on 30/5/19. Her last menstrual period was on 21/4/19. She got her menses on 2/6/19, then 5/7/19, 5/8/19, 8/9/19, 10/10/19, 7/11/19 and 11/12/19.

After that she conveyed to me that she is well and is getting her menses regularly. I didn’t need to repeat Lac equinum at all after the first dose.  In between on 20/9/19 she fell down and had a toe nail injury for which I gave her hypericum for 2 days. Then on 29/10/19 after fasting for 9 days she developed constipation and painful fissure, for which I had to give her Ratanhia 200 for 2 days. In spite of this, there was no need to repeat Lac equinum!

I asked her how things were in the office now. She said she had no issue with anyone in the office! In fact, she went for an office picnic and enjoyed herself. Now two girls from her office are my patients.

About the author

Chanda Shah

Dr Chanda Shah has done L.C.E.H from CMP Homoeopathic Medical College, Mumbai, India in 1985. In 2004, she did a Certificate course in Food and Nutrition from Sophia College in Mumbai. Thereafter she was teaching “Basics in Human Physiology” at Sophia College for five years. Later in 2006, she did her M.D. in Homoeopathy. She has her private practice near Grant road (west) in Mumbai.


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