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A Case of PCOD in a Woman of 18

Written by Rahul Singh

Dr. Rahul Singh presents a case of PCOD in a woman of 18.

This is a case of an 18 year old woman who came to me on February, 5th, 2016 with the complaint of amenorrhea (Homeopathy for Amenorrhea) that started six months before. She had pain in the right side of her abdomen. Her mother is a regular patient of mine.

Associated problem:   Acne on face, Weight was increasing

Past h/o: Nothing specific

Family H/o:  

Father: Hypertension, Renal calculi, drinks alcohol regularly

Mother: Pain in Legs

Personal H/o: –

Appetite normal

Craving: Pickles

Thirst: Below average

Perspiration: only on exertion

Thermal: Hot, can’t remain in a closed room

Stool: Regular. Disturbed by oily and fast food

Urine: normal

Sleep: normal

Fear: Of ghosts, Dark, Height


Gets irritable from minor causes, weeping mood.  According to her mother she is very sweet by nature and obeys her instructions most of the time.

Menstrual H/o:

Menarche: at age of 14

Much pain in abdomen before and on first day of menses

Amenorrhea for last 6 months


I advised her to get an Ultrasonography of the lower abdomen.  According to her USG report, she had Poly Cystic Ovarian disease in her right ovary.

Treatment:  After analyzing her symptoms, she was given PULSATILLA 0/1 BD.

After two months she had her menses with less pain. Now mentally she is calm and her acne is also disappearing.

Follow -up: PULSATILLA 0/1 refill.

After about six months, she was normal with regular menses. Her USG report confirmed it was normal.

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Rahul Singh

Dr. Rahul Singh (BHMS, HMD, CNCC) has been running a homoeopathic clinic since 2005. He also works as a Medical Advisor for Bhargava Phytolab Pvt. Ltd., which is the oldest manufacturer of homoeopathic medicines, in India, and one of the largest exporters of homoeopathic medicines. He is the recipient of the Hahnemann Award 2016, Safe Hand Award - Dr. Lal Foundation 2016, and Appreciation Momento - Homoeo Friends - 2013. Dr. Singh is a life member of the Homoeopathic Medical Association of India, Delhi Branch


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