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A Case of Depression with Anorexia

Written by Jhalak Khatri

Dr. Jhalak Khatri Nagrani presents a case of depression with anorexia.

This is a case of depression and anorexia which has given this patient a new ray of hope with homeopathy in some of the most despairing conditions of life.  It is a story of a normal Indian housewife who had survived many difficulties and ultimately landing to a state of mental block.

Name: Mrs. V.K., age 56 years

Patient: Doctor, I am not able to eat since so many months. I have lost around 6-7 kgs of weight in last 4-5 months with all my medical reports showing normal results. Doctors have told me that I have caught myself in Depression and that I need to do positive thinking and meditation and all. But with a life of housewife all that is not getting practicable and I don’t even think that it can help. I know I am not going to be able to continue it regularly so better to treat it with medicines. The other day I thought of going to psychiatrist but for the thought of taking allopathic medicines with so many side effects.

Ok tell me what happens exactly and describe everything .

Patient: See doctor the fact is that whenever I see that cooked food inside my kitchen when I am serving, I feel satiated only with the sight of food. After serving my husband and others in family when I sit on dining table 1-2 morsels make me full and I literally get up from dining table.  Then I feel very gloomy that this is happening to me and start weeping and go into my bedroom.

Another thing is that I feel gloomy and weak all the day. The people with whom I used to talk for hours together, I have started avoiding. My children when they call me, I don’t feel like picking up the call. I don’t know why but this keeps nagging me the whole day.  I don’t even feel thirsty. I forget to drink water also.

Since when all this has started?

Patient: All this started after seeing all financial setbacks in my family since last few years. I was a youngest child of my family (before marriage) and was always given lot of importance in making all the decisions of family. I was always looked upon by everyone and that’s why maybe when I used to get even little contradiction here I used to get upset. I was very social and very much loving and would always like to keep everyone together. But after marriage the life was socially disturbing with lot of responsibilities and yet comparatively less credibility. Then business loss to my husband was a setback for us and at the same time my son was just completing his studies and his career was on a verge of starting. Financial anxieties thus poured in. In short all social and financial setbacks have made me like that. Sometimes I feel I have not done enough for the future of my son.

Physical Generals:

Appetite: Easy satiety

Thirst: much reduced

No specific cravings or aversion

Bowels: regular

Urine: normal

Sleep: disturbed at times

Menstrual history: Normal

Obs History: Normal

Repertorial totality:

As per her past history and emotional state I selected Ignatia

Rx.:  Ignatia 1m single dose was given with kali phos 6x, bd for 1 month

Second month: Very much satisfied. Started eating everything and all symptoms are better. Social involvement has improved much.

Rx. Sac lac was given

Third month: Thirst and appetite were completely normal . No symptoms as such. Patient cured.

About the author

Jhalak Khatri

Dr. Jhalak Khatri Nagrani is a Homoeopathic Physician practicing in Vadodara, India. She passed her B.H.M.S. in 2009 from S.M.M.H.M.C, Vadodara. She has been awarded with Gold Medal from Dr. Wilmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd. for standing first in graduation. In her past experience of working with Dr. Batra’s Clinic for 4 years she has been awarded several ‘Wow Certificates’ and ‘Successful Treatment awards’ . She is presently running her own clinic Holistic Homoeopathy where she treats various acute and chronic ailments.

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