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A Case of Painful Leg Cramps and Heartburn

Last modified on March 2nd, 2018

My feet were always hot, I would stick them out of the blanket.  Over the last 2 years they were always cold.  With this remedy I have to stick my feet outside the blanket again.

I thought the remedy affected my legs.  The pain has reduced in the legs and joints.

The crying bit has not stopped completely.  The other day watching tv I cried.

This remedy is a good one.

I asked him if this remedy was as good as nux-v and he said, “much better”.

The patient told me that he was moving the next week.


Arg-nit LM1

The patient moved to another city. He has emailed me since to let me know that he settled and was well and the remedy was holding. I have not heard from him again.

* Organon of the Medical Art by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Edited and Annotated by Wenda Brewster O’Reilly PhD, the sixth edition of Dr. Samuel Hanemann’s work of genius based on a translation by Steven Decker. Birdcage Books, second printing 1997.

[1] Gemmotherapy is a form of herbal remedies made from the embryonic material of plants and shrubs, prepared in 1DH (1X) potency.  Oligotherapy is a therapeutic use of trace minerals.

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