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A Case of Shingles

Written by Glenda Malone

Homeopath Glenda Malone treats a case of shingles in a sixty year old man.

A man in his early 60’s was referred to me with a severe case of shingles.  The shingles (Homeopathy Treatment for Shingles) first appeared along the right side of his abdomen, and the first sensation he experienced was a throbbing, burning, pulsating pain. He had tried several allopathic medications to no avail. Nothing seemed to be working, and shingles was only the beginning with “Mr. H.” As I began working with him, further health issues were revealed and I was tempted to run out the back door; however, if I had I would not have grown as a practitioner, and I would have missed out on a great professional friendship.

The thing I remember most about Mr. H was the dull gray hue of his skin along with his other symptoms. For several weeks he had been experiencing throbbing pain with some eruptions, but most of the skin symptoms had gone away. He was emotionally irritable and exhausted from lack of sleep and the stress of trying to deal with the problem. The only thing that made him feel better was movement. Finally I had something from which I could work.

There are not a lot of remedies that target these symptoms, so the first treatment I gave him was Rhus Tox for skin symptoms and body pain with Hypericum for nerve pain. The third was Sulphur to further address the skin and overall condition. Mr. H was a typical Sulphur constitution, and Sulphur also addresses skin sensitivity issues.  This triad of remedies proved to be a very effective treatment.

I instructed Mr. H to take RhusTox and Hypericum three times per day at two-hour intervals, and one dose of Sulphur three times per week for the first week. After the first week, he was to take RhusTox and Hypericum once daily and one dose of Sulphur per week.

When Mr. H returned two weeks later for a scheduled follow-up appointment, he reported the symptoms had completely cleared up after the first 7 or 8 days. Homeopathy had his full attention, and at that point he wanted to know more about this method of treatment. He agreed to some constitutional prescribing, and things went along very well for a time.

When it came time for his annual physical, he did not pass. Mr. H had about seven blockages in or around his heart and his physician wanted to perform open-heart surgery. He would not agree to surgery, so instead the doctor performed angioplasty and inserted stents.

The procedure was successful and has worked very well for Mr. H. This is not to say he hasn’t experienced other health issues, but he has changed most of his lifestyle and diet, and has stayed close to homeopathic treatment. Fifteen years later, Mr. H is still fully committed to homeopathy and a healthier way of life.

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Glenda Malone

Glenda Malone has been a certified homeopathic practitioner for more than 30 years and began her training under the supervision of Jared Zeff, the Dean of Medicine at the Naturepathic College in Oregon. Glenda received her certification from the Homeopathics Internationalist under the director Jacque Imbecht. Her practice is located in Dallas, Texas, and she can be reached at 972-889-1010 or visit


  • its wonderful to see such great results using Homeopathics for shingles. Many people suffer for months with ongoing pain & debility – if only they knew about Homeopathy !

  • I’ve been using homeopathy since 2008. Recently I developed Shingles and worked with a homeopath to resolve the issues. Going into the 6th week of my symptoms I still do not have full relief. My homeopath seems frustrated and tired of my case so I feel I’m on my own now.

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