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Allergy Case of 32 Year-Old Woman

Written by Sara Kabariti

Homeopath Sara Kabariti presents a case of allergy which required differentiating between various snake remedies.

First Consultation – April 14, 2014:

We have a lot of migraine in the family.  I used to have it when I was younger. The allergy started last year. I took antibiotic. It gets better then worse. I hate medicine, it makes me fat. My voice went. Took an allergy test, worse thing is olives. Bothered from the inside (HG fists clenched). My ears itch from the outside, more the right ear. Feel ears close and pain in my throat.  Can’t swallow, as though cotton wool in my throat.  It makes it harder to breathe. Swallow but can’t swallow; pain when I swallow with food or without; hot drinks>.  Pain is prickling inside.  Then starts in my nose; discharge coming out helps. Then becomes like a cold; my voice goes. Worse outdoors. Then goes down to chest; cough.  Stays all night.  Suffocates.  No breath.

Do you have sneezing?

Yes but not all day long; 3 times a day continuous 10 sneezes. Every now and again I get dizzy. Started vomiting.  Couldn’t open my eyes or move my head. I feel…not spinning.  Like on boat?  Yes.  Even when sleeping felt dizzy. Aura then (migraine) attack.Eyes with the allergy itch.  Lower lids become swollen. I’m hypothyroid; not very high but on medication. At night the cough is dry. Catarrh is green.


Last time I died.  Got up with pain; took Voltfast on an empty stomach; nausea and my blood pressure went down.  Went to bathroom four times. Like something pressing it in one area below belly button.  Usually can control the pain. Can’t take a breath.  I have to lift my legs. I got up to go to bathroom, got dizzy and fell.   It was the first time I fainted.  Happening a lot.  Anything upsetting that I can’t hear <.  I woke up and found myself on the floor.  I have freezing toes they become blue. At night they itch; kills me. Better when it first rains. I like to see snow coming down, but when it holds, feel suffocated.  Worry about slipping.  Cold but sunny >.  All my life I don’t eat much but don’t lose weight. Like Jellybeans; their colours.  Colours entice me.  I like greens, browns. I have constipation.  Started from thyroid.  In one year gained 10 kg.  I don’t go to the bathroom.  I press. Use glycerine suppositories. My hands are always cold.  I get cold more than most.

Two events destroyed me. I became aware my father was ill (tearful) he passed away last year.  Since I was young he was ill so it caused me a lot of worry and anxiety. Always worrying that something will happen. I got engaged at 27. I left him. I used to be very shy, stubborn, irritable very difficult (as child). I don’t like animals, but not afraid of anything. I hate the dark, it suffocates me. Dream; like a big dress all colours, as if going into each other then I wake up.  Before a migraine I always feel dizzy but I’m sleeping.  Feel nauseous then I wake up. Used to happen every month or two. When I got older, I would sleep, dream, vomit.  They’d put me on drip because I would get dehydrated. As though things coming into each other, pressure on my head and wake up. A lot of my dreams become real. I dream of snakes. Always the snake is going to come to me; comes up then stops. It was blonde; like Pharaoh’s snake. Sometimes feel like there’s something on me; on my back.  When I wake it slides off. One thing that really upsets me is if I argue with my mother.  It destroys me that she’s upset.  My mother lived in hard times so it affects us all. If anything upsets me, I stay quiet until I know the person very well. Engagement? He wronged me. He was a person then after we signed the marriage contract he became another person; acting.  His family started pressuring me that he wants to get married quickly. I was upset; how they took advantage of us.

What would you love to do in your life given all the chances?

To do something humanitarian for the young; street children.  Why shouldn’t they have a chance in life? I have an illness from being wronged.  I’ll speak the truth even if I upset you.  No you are wrong. I can’t see someone being taken advantage of. I like what’s rightful.  I like boxing; brings out the pressure inside me; you get out what’s inside. I hated the boxing movie boxing Million Dollar Baby. Stabbed me.


The core susceptibility revolves around feeling wronged. The vital force responds by feeling suffocated, dreams of snakes, allergy and dizziness. The exciting causes include the father’s death and the broken engagement.  The maintaining cause includes the mother’s state;  destroys me that she’s upset. The analysis brought out Lachesis.  However I find that when this Rx is highly indicated I sometimes need to look further at other members of this group.

Sarafeb2015img01 Rx: Naja 30c one dry dose

Follow Up – May 13, 2014:

Now no allergy; nothing! Remember I told you I had flutter in my heart but didn’t have it for long time (returning old Sx). Used to get it every day. It used to bother me. I had this before, not much, maybe 4 times since the Rx. I can’t tell you how many things happened in this period.  In the first week after taking the Rx, all day felt I want to go to the bathroom, very bothersome.  Went six times. Stool very little but kept feeling I want to go. Second day got pain in the stomach.  Went to bathroom then ok. The following week, ulcer in my mouth like bites; 3 on inner left cheek and 2 on inner right cheek then got one outside on upper right lip.  Had a strong headache (back of the head on sides of occiput).  Then it went.  Dream of blonde light brown cockroaches.  Saw them in our old house and one was dead the other I kept following it till I killed it.  How did you kill it?  With something in my hand, hit it.

Then felt depression; just need to sleep.  Want to suffocate.  Upset.  Want to get out of myself.  Get up and don’t want to go to work.  When go to boxing class, want to leave; don’t want to talk to anyone. No energy.  Swelling, or gaining weight. I used to get this especially when I travel. Can’t stand myself, upset.  I used to feel it once a month but now it’s continuous.  Old memories returning; the memories are there but they never came out. It’s much better with my mother.  Surprised with myself behaving right despite all I feel. I’m not used to crying.  I stand like a wall. Now my tears just kept coming down. I know I passed through things that I know have to come out.  They destroyed my life. It all came back…I feel very happy and relaxed and then few hours later feel I will go crazy.  Dreamt of someone following me.  Running down stairs, can hear his breath. He has a knife and puts it on a lady’s neck but his and her eyes are scary.  She wasn’t afraid.  They both looked at me with contempt.  He tells me come.  Both are scary; hatred and malice.

Plan: WAIT (Allergy Sxs disappeared & return of old Sxs).

Follow Up – May 27, 2014:

Today I got my period.  Feel I’m going to die. After came to you my emotional state improved.  Didn’t feel suffocation.  Everything more normal, started to laugh. I became more thirsty and had to go to the bathroom more.  Lost 2 kg between Wednesday and Friday; oedema started to go down. I hope it resolved the issue.  Started to get itch on shoulders. As if skin swelled (urticarial; new Sx).  Sleep better.  Didn’t get nightmares but had 2 dreams.  Dreamt I was in a very big garden full of ladybugs; some dead some alive. Woke up rested.  Dreamt of 2 snakes.  Told you before it was a big snake.  These were normal snakes.  One red and one yellow & black. Woke up really upset.  Now regaining (old self) but still don’t feel I’m me.  Still don’t feel comfortable with myself.  I watch what I’m saying. Maybe I was acting. People are telling me “you’re mood is better.”  So slowly coming back but everything better from when I saw you on May 13.


Nothing. Constipation amazing.  Not at all there, softer stool.  Now I can go out.  Before I just wanted to sleep. Another strange thing; 10 years ago I twisted (right) ankle and every time I get tired, it feels painful because it’s weak.  Few days ago, woke up, it was hurting.  By night it went.  It went!  I was surprised that this might be due to the remedy.  I am more patient.  Much better than before.  Now 8/10 before zero (laughs).

How are you feeling in general?

Optimistic with all that happened I feel because of it I will feel better.  I’m convinced.  The remedy proved to me its powers so I have to believe.  But now I have an issue.  I want to lose weight! My body is very stubborn!  I don’t lose weight.

Plan: WAIT

Follow Up – June 18, 2014: Allergy Sxs returned so repeated Naja 30c in water.

Follow Up – July 17, 2014:

Took 4 spoons, I got itchiness in legs after 3rd dose; itchiness with burning from knee to ankle both legs.  Not normal.  Still get it.  Now happens but less then got it on inner wrists.  Stayed 1-2 hours then went.  Was itchy, red (urticaria). My ears killed me.  Itchy and as if peeling.  All new Sxs?  Yes never had this. My temper is not normal.  How like before I used to lose temper and if I talk to someone shout, lose temper.  Don’t feel like talking.  Wake up bad tempered. This hasn’t happened in a long time. Feel my hands and feet lose control.  Want something to relax them.  As if blood moves very quickly.  Want something to hold me.  Used to happen in my hands.  But to feel in all my body, no.  I’m very Irritable. I wake up and fight. They (family) know I’m crazy.  I could have spoken in a nicer way.  It’s not new at all.  All my life, outside the house nothing, inside house crazy.  Why? Because no one needs to accept my dirt. I want to lose weight.  Feel I’m burning from the inside.  30 mins then control myself.  Heart problem went. Used to feel pain, palpitation.  Now nothing. Allergy?Nothing at all.  Constipation?After first Rx was excellent. Swelling?Some days feel bloated.  Next day, go to bathroom 2-3 times.  Don’t drink so much; feel I deflated.

Plan: WAIT

Follow Up – September 10, 2014:

  • Knives in my throat. Even without swallowing, kills.
  • At night my face and eyes swell up.
  • Feel palpitation came back; this time feel as if hard to breathe.
  • Urticaria, feel I’m living with it.
  • Green congestion. Mostly water (clear) but green comes down (nose).
  • Can’t carry my head, morning (New Sx). Can’t get up.  (Occiput extends to ears). Itch inside ears.  Heaviness and pain like half a circle.  Pressure not throbbing.
  • If eat feel will vomit. Feel have to eat just to take medicine. Cold drinks <.
  • Pain on left side (left hypochondriac region). Feel like ball inside (new Sx).
  • Last week strange thing; burning and goes down. It Stings (sternum, new Sx).  Lasted 2 days.
  • When get tired get dizzy.
  • Please stay away from the emotional. I’ll commit suicide.  I can’t go back to that period.  Leave it inside. I’d rather stay like this.  Feel thyroid much better because lost 5 kg. I feel the Rx made it better. Felt some things that I didn’t come to you to heal were healed. I feel I’m a better person and physically better because I took this Rx.  I feel it helped me a lot.
  • Not emotional please Sara. Can’t let this stuff come out that I lived through.  These 2 weeks were destruction.

Sarafeb2015img02Rx: Crot-h 30c in water (in 8 oz of water; ½ tsp)

  • Follow Up – October 28, 2014:Everything became better.Urticaria? Now comes in small spots but not at all like before; 90% better.Ball sensation? Do you know I forgot about it?!Burning that goes down? No nothing. Feel my eyes swollen these last 3 days.  (I also noticed this; lower lids)

    Body swelling? No everything was good.

    Constipation? No very good.  No problems.  Not at all bothering me.

    New complaints to report? No.

    How are you feeling in general? Before few days I was 9/10 not joking but now 4/10.

    Emotional state? Before last week, emotionally was very good.  Nothing bothering me. I was happy, relaxed. Then something happened that bothered me, then lots of things come out when I get upset.  My mum tires us a lot so everything got mixed up.

    How did the last Rx help? A lot.  Let me feel like nothing is wrong with me.  Didn’t think of any illness.  Everything, physical and emotional better.  Compared to first Rx?  First one destroyed me.  No this one didn’t do this. I felt this period moving on, I’m carrying on, happy, relaxed and didn’t think of anything. BeforeI would express and express wrong.  Now no.  I’m calmer now and can hold myself more but feel I’m more tired.  Broken inside more. With broken but relaxed.  Not letting it out. Controlling it with calmness but not with temper.I’m happy what I achieved towards of my mother.  I’d hate how I responded but now this is me, this is how I like to be.

    Maybe I was 60% became 80%.  The first Rx was also good but the best one was this one.  Feel I’m a normal human being. Was comfortable with self, happy; internal peace.  Happy, behave appropriately.  Me.  Normal person. Not mixed up.  Usually I’m mixed up like now.


    Crot-h seems to address her state more.  According to Sankaran, “The patients that need a remedy from the Crotalinae subfamily will take on violence and harm for a long time.  They will not react fearing it would produce disastrous consequences – the repercussions would be bad…Here it’s not only them, but their entire family / clan will be attacked and destroyed.  Hence they remain silent and hold back their anger.” Moreover, he says, “Compared to Elapidae “Long & slender” Viperidae “Short, stout, stocky/fat”Hering adds, “Very similar are Lachesis, Naja and Elaps.; distinctions, therefore, are mainly relative.”Thakkar says “It is surprisingly mild tempered, calm and would prefer to escape rather than face an opponentthe Crot-h subject has a more developed awareness of home, family and society, although the polar opposite state may emerge [Mind; FAMILY, aversion to].”Finally Nash says, “Unlike Lachesis, this remedy is predominantly right-sided.”  The patient is much better overall.  The urticaria is 90% better and her mental state is much improved although she is still expressing the Crot-h state as she says, “I’m calmer now and can hold myself more”.

    Rx: Crot-h 30c (in 8 oz of water; ½ tsp)

    Another interesting anecdote to add to this case; when the patient took her first dose of Crot-h 30c, I asked her to put the Rx in 8 oz water, expecting her to take 1 tsp as she did when she took Naja in water.  She ended up drinking the whole glass! I took a deep breath and hoped for the best!  She phoned me a few days later complaining of a severe headache that started in the neck and extended up the back of the head and down to her shoulders.  She also developed a pulsing sensation in her right arm (new Sx).  Taking Dr. Will Taylor’s advice on managing aggravations, I diluted a dose of Crot-h 30c in a cup of water and then put ½ tsp of the solution into another cup of water and asked her to take ½ tsp from the second cup.  It worked beautifully.  After this she was much better as we see in the last follow up.

About the author

Sara Kabariti

Sara Kabariti (PDHom, PCH, MARH) started her foundation studies with the School of Homeopathy in 2006. She then studied with Rajan Sankaran through his Wednesdays with Rajan course. She graduated from The Dynamis School for Advanced Homœopathic Studies in 2013. She continues to deepen her understanding of Homœopathy and studied with Dr. Will Taylor, another very inspiring teacher. Sara lives in Amman, Jordan.

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  • Sara,
    Thanks for sharing the case. You have given a nice and brief analysis. I noticed that your client feels better when her nasal discharges set in, and from her sleep, she wakes into aggravation (vomiting) both these are also indicative of remedies from snakes. The best part is that you thought of going beyond Lachesis that happens to come up first in your repertorization and looking further into other snake remedies.

    Naja! And your follow up shows that you were quite on the mark.
    Congratulations on a case solved well. Thanks and all the best.

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