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Covid-19 in a Man of 46

Dr. Valaki Ramkrushna shares a case of Covid-19 in a man of 46. Trembling with anger, 1-6 pm aggravation and desires tobacco were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

This is a 46-year old male patient, a businessman, who had tested positive for covid-19. His Sp02 was 92.

  • Chief complaints:
Ø Cough

Ø Fever with rigor for the last week.

Ø Intermittent fever temporarily subsides with paracetamol

Ø Fever especially in afternoon

Ø Severe heat flushes from head (severe headache) & nose. Because of severe pain in head, desire to strike the head against a wall. Pain better on massage.

Ø Soles feel cold

Ø Coughing ++

Ø Took allopathic medication with mild improvement but all complaints reappeared

  • Physical generals
  1. Thirst – 5-6 glass/day, bitter taste in mouth
  2. Perspiration – profuse all over body
  3. Appetite – alternatively increases or decreases
  4. Desire – fried food, spicy, potato, South Indian food
  5. Habit – tobacco chewing – 4-5/day
  6. Obesity
  • History                                                                                          “I am very anxious about business. As I did so much hard work and established full-fledged business, so who will handle it if I die? My son and daughter will not be capable to handle it. My parents died in my childhood and once in a while I am on the road (poor). And I am so much attached to my daughter and son (emotional).” (Weeping) I have to settle down all things.” “I used to weep when I am alone.” “We don’t live without each other.” My son gives so much respect to me. ”In present world no one gives respect to his parents. But my son will never do it.” Respect is most important in life.”
  • Hobby – “I like travelling. I love to eat food in a group with my friend circle. Because in family we are only four members. So, I invite all friends and we enjoy all. This is what I like the most. I feel very happy in doing that.”
  • Past history – “If someone says/does something wrong I feel very angry. Before the birth of my daughter I use to fight a lot. I beat anyone/anywhere. In business if anyone says that you are lying, I feel very angry. I shout on him. My limbs tremble. Now I stopped beating people. I am an angry young man. I get angry very easily. In that state I am shaking. I lose my control. But now I can control it. Now I avoid talking in that state.”
  • Analysis
  • His anger is most clear.

ANGER- with trembling

Anger with loud shouting

Anger with violence

  • I have to select the remedy which has this anger quality, with afternoon aggravation, with need for respect in society and in the family.
  • “Respect is most important in life” indicates egotism and supremacy in family.


3D illustration flu coronavirus floating in fluid microscopic view, a pathogen that attacks the respiratory tract. Pandemic of Covid19 virus infection concept.

(Note: The mental aspects of the case were very clear, and there were no really peculiar physical symptoms)

Treatment starting date – 15th July, 2020

Bp 160/90

Spo2 93

Remedy: Staphysagria 200 every four hours for seven days

Follow up -17th July

Bp 120/90

SPO2 98

29th July COVID report negative  – all parameters are normal

  • After two days patient stated “I have no fear now. Earlier I used to weep and was anxious about my business. But now I am totally fine. No fear. Homeopathy worked very well. Now I can sleep very well. My cough is decreased now. No headache, mild heat flushed and body ache, no fever.
  • After four days patient reported that he is totally fine. No symptoms. His blood pressure also is under control. SpO2 is normal. No heat flushes. No fever. No anxiety. Sleep is very refreshing. Mood is good.
  • After seven days the covid-19 report was negative. He was totally fine and went home.

About the author

Ramkrishna Valaki

Dr. Ramkrishna Valaki (B.H.M.S.) has been practicing for the last four years at Dhara Homoeopathic Clinic Bhavnagar, State – Gujarat. India, working as Medical Officer at Swami Vivekanand Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital.

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